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The title almost says it all. I'm a little insane, like all folks, and I'm just putting down what I think about. Maybe some of it is funny, maybe some of it isn't. Just come read and find out for yourself.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Money, Money, Money

Man, not having money sucks. Can you say snowball? For a while, we were paying our bills, no problem, some even left over. A few bad events and we are spiraling toward credit suckiness. We won't be homeless, but our house COULD get repo'ed. I wish I could just either start over, or win a huge amount of money. If anyone wants to give a brother a dollar, I wouldn't object, but unless a couple thousand of you are reading this or a generous feeling Bill Gates, my situation will still suck. Sorry for venting, but since no one reads this anyway, I hope that no one minds. Thanks for not listening.


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Thursday, May 20, 2004

I work with the worst freaking people on the planet.

Its not everyone, my team of developers is great. The business people that are our customers are very appreciative of our work. BUT, the group that is supposed to be our partner in handling the business is lead by a fookstick who doesn't know how to do his job.

He constantly tries to take credit for our work, but place blame on us for his failings. He is the Mngr. of an MIS department and he doesn't know a phone line from a french fry or a database schema from a PB & J sandwich.

His manager is the VP of his department and he is so petty that everything he does seems more about making our VP (his rival) look bad rather than making the company look good.

Now the two of them are taking more and more potshots at us and our work (which is holding up nicely, thank you) and working less and less on even doing their day to day jobs correctly. It is a vicious cycle. The MIS director spends a portion of his day trying to make us look bad, doesn't do his job, looks like a jerk himself, and tries to blame that on us. That, in turn, makes him look worse because everyone can see it.

Sometimes, I wish it were easier to fire people from large companies. Then my goal of having the fookstick fired would just become easier. Its either them or us.

Root for us.


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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I hate Michael Moore

Man I hate that piece of crap. His new 9/11 movie is going to drive me freaking nuts. If a movie came out like that about Clinton, the media would have crucified it. That Primary Colors with John Travolta doesn't count. That glossed over him, made him lovable. I mean a movie where Clinton is the baddie, and all of the scandals (not sex related) are brought out. His attachments to China, Whitewater, File Gate, the pardons, his military problems... You know what? Every President is not perfect. But if someone dares to attack King Democrat, they would get no run outside of the conservative press. But, Michael Moore and his half truths and leftist slant are embraced by the mainstream press. Lets give lots of run to anyone who opposes the "evil dictator" Bush. BURNS ME UP!

I had a discussion with a co-worker the other day and brought it up again today. America, by and large, is stupid and lazy. If people footnote something, no one checks. They take all as fact without a single critical thought whether or not an argument might exist to the contrary. Or, worse yet, whether the facts are really true, or if the story lies half told. Read 9/11 movie or M.M.'s M.O.

I am a conservative. I was more moderate as a teen, but that was as far left as I have been. I never took anything at face value, I have always examined both sides. I just like conservative policy. I am for smaller government (Bush IS pushing a little too big on that for my tastes) and for traditional family values. Many Americans agree with me. Many don't. But I am sick of Television making my position seem like one that uneducated folks hold.

I don't actually Hate Michael Moore, but I hate what he and the liberal media do to America's perception of my beliefs.


UPDATE: Didn't realize that so many people had sites out there showing how his "documenaries" are filled with lies. Here is one that is scarce on rhetoric and long on facts. Truth About Bowling


At 5/21/2004 10:21 PM, Blogger LeftyLefterton said...

Fascist! You need to open your mind. Just the other day I was asking my live in gay lover how we could somehow help promote this movie while still contributing to the local free abortion clinic to help those poor welfare single mothers get rid of their unwanted fetuses.


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Monday, May 17, 2004


The ubiquitous "Welcome to MY Blog/Site/Whatever" post. I always read other people's blogs and know that I would post more often and be AS interesting or MORE interesting than they are. Here is my chance.



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