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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Computers in the Year 2004

This is kind of funny. It is what people thought that computers would look like in 2004 in 1954. I like how that even with that computer they are assuming technology that they "hope" will be created. Man, no faith in science.

Having a job programming computers, I am glad that I don't have to deal with that monstrosity OR program in FORTRAN, which the caption assumes will make life so easy.

Go Science!

Free Image Hosting at
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At 11/30/2004 7:18 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Wow! Who would have room for something like that?


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Fantasy Football - Two in a Row

But going the wrong way! I've now lost two games in a row and have given up my playoff spot. I still have a chance, though. I have 3 weeks of the season left and I feel that going 2-1 the rest of the way will give me a good shot of making the playoffs. We'll have to see.

Practically none of my players performed this weekend. Most had the worst weeks of this season, I kid you not.

I just want to make my $10.00 back! Is that so wrong?


At 11/30/2004 9:33 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 11/30/2004 9:34 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

It's not wrong! You can do it!


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Monday, November 29, 2004


This is long, but funny.

Stereotypes Are A Real Time-Saver
by Wallace Rickard (privileged white male) • Friday August 16, 2002 at
12:04 AM


I'm a busy guy. And, while I'd love to, I don't have the time to get to know every person I encounter in the course of my daily life. So thank goodness I have a handy little device at my disposal that helps me know how to deal with just about anyone I come across: stereotypes. Yes, stereotypes are a real time-saver!

You have no idea how much this streamlines my day. For example, before I started using stereotypes, if I were trying to choose a podiatrist to treat my foot pain, I would be clueless. I would've tried tons of podiatrists of all different races before finding a really good one. But, armed with the stereotype that Asians are all really smart and studious, all I have to do is scan the yellow pages for podiatrists under the name "Chang"!

Stereotypes also work when I'm trying to decide on a place for lunch. I steer clear of any place that employs Arabs—not because Arabs are all terrorists, but because they tend to be filthy and have poor hygiene. By sticking to Caucasian-run establishments, I can avoid wasting weeks lying in bed with a debilitating food-borne illness. If I'm in a rush and have to eat fast, I'll definitely avoid going to a place run by Jamaicans. They are sooo slow. Ever been to Jamaica? It takes, like, two hours to order a Coke down there.

Gender and age stereotypes can be just as useful as the racial ones. Let's say you need to ask directions. I'd never ask a woman, because her answer could be unreliable. With a woman, you can never tell if "Aunt Flow" is in town, so she could be going through a mood swing and send you to Timbuktu. And women over 50 are completely out of the question because of their hot flashes. I won't even ask a man over 60, because you never know when the ravages of Alzheimer's could be setting in. That's why the only people I trust to get me where I need to go are men under 60. White men, that is.

Stereotypes aren't just a trick for leisure time. You can really speed through your work day with them, too. Right now, the firm I manage is looking to hire an accountant. Without stereotypes, I'd have to read every resume and interview dozens of candidates. Make no mistake, there's still a lot of culling involved, because resumes rarely include photographs. But the first thing I do when a big stack of resumes shows up is throw out the Hispanic last names. This saves me hours right off the top.

After that, I make an "A-List" pile out of the Jewish-sounding names. According to the old stereotype, Jews are great with money, so those are the people I'm primarily interested in interviewing. In the interest of fairness, though, I'd like to interview a few Christians, too. Only problem is, some Christians are black, and who ever heard of a black accountant? I want to screen out the blacks, but unfortunately, not every black person is named Tyrone or Laquisha, so I sometimes wind up accidentally calling one in for an interview.

To fix this problem, I've turned to—what else?—stereotypes. I've come up with this plan where I phone everyone in the Christian pile and ask whether they'd be interested in participating in a menthol-cigarettes-and-malt-liquor taste-test (free, naturally). Boo-yah! An hour of phone calls later, and I've got my two master lists, Jews and white Christians. My competitors can flush all their free time down the crapper searching hither and yon for the actual best-qualified applicant, but Fast-Track Wally's got Yankees tickets!

Yes, even a Polack can see that stereotypes are the busy man's best friend!


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Sunday, November 28, 2004

I Understand Business Dress, But.....

This is a bit over the edge. I have removed traces of the name of the consulting firm, but the rest of the text is what is expected of their consultants. I'll say one thing, this guy has an image in mind and expects his people to follow it. It is his company, so it is his call. What do you all think?

First impressions count. A professional consultant who doesn't take the time to maintain a professional appearance often doesn't have the wherewithal to perform adequately on the job. Consultants who are sloppy in appearance and manners will not be tolerated and a professional appearance and demeanor is required at all times for on-site engagements.

I require all Consultants to dress to the highest standards as typified by legal, banking and financial institutions.

If you look and behave like a highly-trained professional you will win the respect and honor of our valued clients.

A fresh haircut, spit-shined shoes and a crisp suit go a long way in establishing a professional demeanor.

If this is not clear, watch the lawyers on an episode of Law & Order on television.

Dress Requirements for Male Consultants:

Have you ever gone to church on Sunday and instantly noted the people who normally do not wear a suit? You know, the ones with striped shirts and plaid ties and lime green sport coats?

Below is the default dress code. If the client wants you to wear tattered cut-offs, fine, just make-sure that you check with the client first to ensure that you are not dressed inappropriately.

* Suit - Not a sport coat and slacks, but a well-tailored suit. The suit must be dark blue, gray or charcoal. People can spot a cheap suit at 300 yards, and so can our clients. Invest in a good suit.

* Shirt - A crisp white shirt is always required. French cuffs are optional. I have seen consultants turned-away at the door of banks because of their hot pink dress shirt.

* Tie - Must be conservative, nothing George Bush wouldn't wear.

* Shoes - High-quality black lace-up shoes are required, polished to a high shine. You would be surprised at how many people judge you by your shoes.

* Accessories - No phony Rolexes, body piercing or earrings.

* Grooming - All hair, moustaches and beards must be neatly groomed and cologne must be used sparingly. Protruding nasal hair is prohibited and all tattoos must be fully hidden.

* Cologne - Cologne and after-shave is optional, but if it is used it must not be too strong as to call attention to yourself in a closed elevator.

No Neanderthal-style single eyebrows are allowed, and you should shave any loose hair on your forehead or the palms of your hands. All ear hair must be shaved, and no "Admiral Zumwalt" giant eyebrows. If you must wear a toupee, have it custom fit and glued-on securely. No Trump-style comb-overs, please.

Dress Requirements for Female Consultants:

I'm not trying to be a Chauvinist here, but many of our client organizations have standards for professional appearance, and it's better to be safe than to be embarrassed.

* Skirt Suit - No pants allowed, ever. The suit must be dark blue, gray or charcoal.

* Blouse - A crisp white blouse is great, and you may have ruffles and other decorations.

* Tie - Optional, but it must be conservative.

* Shoes - High-quality black or brown shoes are required, polished to a high shine.

* Jewelry - Ostentatious jewelry, multiple ear rings on each ear, and multiple chain necklaces are prohibited. Leave the Zircons at home; most people can recognize them instantly.

* Cosmetics - Do not use the ski-slope approach to cosmetics (that's 3-inches of powder on top of a 6-inch base). Use no "cheap" perfumes and make sure that you do not offend allergic people with too much perfume odor.

* Grooming - All hair must be neatly groomed. Females with facial hair are required to shave before any on-site engagements. You should always shave legs (if wearing skirts) and exposed armpits.

* Perfume - Too much perfume is considered especially heinous when the stench is so strong as to cause allergic reactions or when the odor can be detected from more than 3 feet away. Remember, the quality of perfume is inversely proportional to the price, and many female executives can quickly tell if you are wearing a cheap, "stink pretty" perfume.

While this may seem overstated, a professional appearance is an absolute requirement for Consulting.

Casual Dress Requirements

The only exception to this requirement is when you are specifically asked to dress down. In these cases, the following requirements are in-force:

* Crisp, pressed button-down shirt

* Slacks with leather belt

* Leather shoes (no sneakers, ever, even on a casual-dress day)

Inappropriate Attire

Any of the following might be cause for immediate withdrawal from any client site:

* Non-white shirts - All male consultants MUST wear a pressed white shirt.

* Loafers, Boots, sneakers and sandals - Don't even think about it. They call them loafers for a reason.

* Sport Coats - These are considered cheesy by many Fortune 500 companies.

Like it or not, you are immediately judged on your appearance. Spit-shined, high quality shoes and a professionally tailored suit are immediately apparent to anyone who must wear a suit every day.

However, all on-site engagements require absolute professional quality dress and demeanor.

Again, these are the MINIMUM standards for acceptable dress and I reserve the right to refine these rules as required.


At 11/28/2004 9:34 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

I love the hair requirments for men! They need to have no ear, palm, or nose hair and no uni-brow. Very funny!


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What Number Are You?

You Are the Achiever


You're confident and competent - with a lot of energy.
Eager to reach your goals, you are aambitious and competitive.
You are good at movtivating yourself and motivating others.
You're also a charmer, with a great sense of humor.


At 11/28/2004 1:30 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

It only took me a half hour to take this quiz, but guess what my number is? That's right, it's also 3.

At 11/29/2004 3:39 PM, Blogger A Woman From Illinois said...

This was a hard one for me. All questions had more then one answer. But I was number 9 and that sorta fits me. Except the emotionally stable part!!!


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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Tough Day

Today is Saturday. And for only the second time since September, there is no Buckeye game for me to watch on T.V. This is a very tough time for me. At least I have the NFL to tide me over until the bowl game.

It was so cute last week that my kids were singing "Across the Field" all day long. I am so proud of my little Buckeye fans. We are still singing it every day, but it only makes me miss Buckeye Saturdays all the more.

I wish I had the money to go to San Antonio to see the Alamo Bowl. That would be awesome. If any anonymous benefactor (Bill Gates, I know you read this!) wants to give me tickets, you can leave a comment and we can be in touch. I'll make sure that I thank you in my book. :-> !

Okay, dream sequence over. I wish that I could afford season tickets to the Buckeyes. When I get lightweight successful (if ever), I want to get season tickets to the Bucks. Going to the game this season was such a great experience.

Enough rambling. I'm going to get out of here. Later.


At 11/28/2004 12:08 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

A book, huh. Will I be in it?

At 11/28/2004 8:05 AM, Blogger Guru said...

Sure you will be. I have just the part.......


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Math Test and TI-82

Well, I took my Math Skills Assessment for Ohio State that I had been studying for. Based on my high school grades and standardized test scores, they gave me the "D" test, which is the harder of the two they give but the one that allows you to test in to the highest course.

I got an "L" course code from it, which in short means that I KICKED BUTT! I couldn't have gotten a better score if I had gotten them all right. That means that I can start in Calculus level courses, which is right where I am supposed so start, if I were to pick right up from high school. I'm very excited.

Something else got me excited. When I was preparing for the test, I wished that I had a graphing calculator. Then, I thought that I remembered that there were TI-82 emulators on the web for your puter. I found and downloaded one. Man, it brings the memories back!

I only had to use it for 1 problem on the test. Even then, I'm sure that I should have known the answer to the problem by heart. Graphing calculators were legal to use, so no problem there, but I still think that I should have known this. The question was something like "Which of the values below is not valid for f(x) = tan X?". I knew it was referring to the asymptotes, but I didn't remember where they were. So I graphed the following....

... and was able to figure out which answer that they gave was actually an asymptote. Total geek stuff, I know. But, as I said before, I love math!

Orientation is Dec 1, so I get to register for my classes then. Yahoo!


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Friday, November 26, 2004

Memory Lane

We found this picture in my wife's van. A little story behind it for those who don't know.

My middle daughter was 11 months old and while my wife turned her back for a second, my daughter crawled up the steps as fast as she could. My wife came over to the stairs and saw her near the top, said her name, startled the baby, and my daughter fell down the steps, fracturing her leg.

We were worried at first that the combination of the fall and the cast would discourage her from her new-found activity of walking. But, on Day 1 of having the cast, she just took off around the house, happy to be able to move pain free.

It was definitely a miracle that she recovered so well and that she turned out totally okay.

One thing though... isn't she so cute?


At 11/27/2004 11:07 PM, Blogger A Woman From Illinois said...

She is beautiful!!


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Yesterday's Meal

I had one of the best Thanksgiving Day meals, ever. The turkey was very flavorful and moist. The stuffing that was prepared, get this, WITH the bird, was moist and had excellent flavor. The potatoes were good, but they needed lots of seasoning. Why do old people need everything so bland?

Oh, oh. The bonus part? Turkey gravy. Real turkey gravy had been seriously lacking from the table in the past. Trinity made about 2 quarts (I know because she brought it in a pitcher :->) of the gravy and it was AWESOME. My wife's cousin did come and she brought a TON of baked goodies, of which I had almost none. I don't know what happened there. I went upstairs with the baby, came down an hour later and it was all gone. Packed up and taken home I guess. I didn't get ONE SLICE of pie. I had a pumpkin bar and some pecan thing, but got no other desert-type item.

Oh, well. Good news is that I got so full that I didn't eat again on Thursday, even though we had our meal at 2pm.

Seeing as how we all ate too much, I am posting this picture as a suggestion of the new way that we should all weigh ourselves until the holidays are over. Ya with me?


At 11/26/2004 9:59 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Yes! Right there with ya!


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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Turkey Day!

Okay. Today is the day. Let me put this out here right now. I love turkey. I love it. I love turkey gravy. I love properly prepared stuffing. I love it all. Trinity is preparing the bird for our family this year, and expectations are high.

In previous years, dryness has been an issue. I don't like dryness in many areas of my life (wink, wink) and certainly not in some turkey.

I think that my wife's cousin the baker is coming and if she is, that means lots of yummy deserts and stuff. I LOVE IT. Maybe tomorrow or later this evening, I will give you a post-meal breakdown as only I can.

It looks like chow time will be going down around 1:30 or 2:00, so I have to mentally prepare for the eating that will occur.


Oh, yeah. And I'm thankful and stuff, too.


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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Today is going to be a blast at work. I go in, not too many mofos are going to be there, and we get to leave early. How great is that? Then, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and Chase gives us Friday off too. It will be the first time in my adult life that I have gotten a 4 day weekend over Thanksgiving. Then, I'll come back for next week, then have another week off.

Good for me!


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The Comedy Club

Well, I went out last night with loelsh, trinity, ghraper, drifter, and one of drifter's friends to the comedy club. There was a bit of a mix up as to who we were going to see, so I was a little disappointed at first that I had myself all set up to see one set of people and got presented another. But, they were pretty funny. One thing, though. We sat as up front as you could possibly be and I felt like I had to laugh at some jokes that weren't funny so that the guy wouldn't feel bad, or pick on me.

The first guy, Dennis Piper, was funny, but when he wasn't talking and looked to the side, he looked like my dad. His deal was that he handed out money to the people in front who laughed at his jokes. Drifter got a dollar and so did his friend, if I'm not mistaken. Dennis was my least favorite guy of the night.

The second guy, Keith McGill, was pretty funny. He was probably my second favorite comic of the night. When he came out and started talking, though, I thought that he was going to try to be Chris Rock or somebody the way he was talking, but he changed that, went about his business, and did a good job.

The third guy, John Richardson, looked like this was one of the first times he had ever done stand up. His hands were shaking like crazy and he kept one in his pocket as much as he could. I hope it wasn't because he had Parkinson's or something. He was good, my third favorite of the night.

The fourth guy, Troy Davis, was my favorite. He told a few jokes that required you to follow him some, and I like those kind the best. I had something against him from the start, since I don't usually like people named Troy, but he won me over.

One of the funniest parts of the night was when one of the comedians was making fun of serious karaoke singers who go up there with props and look all serious. Then, out of the blue, he asked if ghraper was "that guy". Our whole table busted out laughing, because as my wife and I talked about later, G is that guy.

Also, last night drifter got a nickname. He became the "aaaaooooo" guy. He was famous. He definitely came to have a good time and I think he did. It looked like we all did.

Good times.


At 11/24/2004 7:43 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

I also liked Keith McGill and I thought the host was funny too. Remember, it was the host who gave Drifter the nickname.

I only laughed at Denis to get some money, but I didn't get any for my trouble. Oh well.

At 11/24/2004 4:54 PM, Blogger ghraper said...

I thought it was funny because I'm not "that guy". Troy was my favorite as well. I think Big John would have been more memorable if he came out and opened up his act with the Wookie noise. I thought he looked like chewbacca the moment I saw him. My second favorite guy was the emcee.

At 11/26/2004 10:38 AM, Blogger Drifter said...

Oooouuuuuuh......Yes...what a great time we all had....
I need to go there much more often...anyone else feel the same?
I can't imagine that comediane's make that much money....let's do our part for the economy and go more often!!!
And the food was great too!!!!


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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Steelers vs. Bengals

Oh, yeah. The Steelers won again, this one another win against a divisional foe. Not one that we Steeler fans hate as much as the Browns, but a divisional foe, none the less.

Our defense was very good and definitely kept us in the game. They scored a TD off of an interception, had 3 sacks, and if I remember from the graphic shown on the game, like 11 hurries and 6 knockdowns. They definitely controlled Carson Palmer and Rudi Johnson only had 62 yards rushing. PLUS, we scored a safety. PWN3D!

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Jerome Bettis had another great game, his 3rd 100 yard performance since taking over for the injured Duce Staley. He finished the day with 129 yards on 29 attempts, a 4.4 ypc average. Since Bettis is one of my favorite Steelers, I am glad that he is doing so well this year. I'm also glad that the offensive line is making such good holes for him to get up a head of steam and smash the crap out of mofos. I love to watch that. (The photo below may look bad for Bettis, but the play is going right to left and he is actually falling for extra yards after having blasted through that pile of Bengals on the right.)

Free Image Hosting at

Now about the play of Ben Roethlisberger. Whenever you read a recap of this week's game, people keep mentioning how he finally looked like a rookie out there because he was sacked so many times. I could not disagree with that more. He was 15/21 (71%) for 138 yards and a TD. And lets talk about that TD. It came on a play where he avoided a tackler in the backfield, rolled out and hit the fullback for the TD. It was nuyyycce. He was sacked 7 times, but it wasn't his fault that he couldn't avoid it. The pocket collapsed around him, not just to one side, so he had no choice but to take the sack. Throwing the ball away from where he was would be intentional grounding and he didn't want to make a bad throw and get an INT. I think his play Sunday was just fine and befitting a veteran NFL QB.

Free Image Hosting at

Redskins next week. I'll have to go to Damons or something if I want to see the game. Wonder if the wifey will let me out. (Hint, hint. I don't have an OSU game this week, so I could just move my traditional 4 hours from Sat to Sun, what do you think?)


At 11/23/2004 7:16 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Sounds fair to me, but I don't count since I am not your wife.

At 11/23/2004 9:02 AM, Blogger Guru said...

Oh, your vote might count for something. I think I am going to ask Gerrad to go with me. I'm sure even if he wanted to go (which I don't know), he wouldn't go without your approval.

At 11/23/2004 11:16 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

I will let him out for four hours only! Any more time spent out of the house is not approved and he will reap the consequences!

Just kidding!!!

G's a big boy and if he wants to spend some time out of the house with a friend, why would I care? He gives me time to myself and in turn he deserves time to himself. When I don't see him very much, it makes the time I do spend with him that much more enjoyable and valuable to both of us.

So yes, G has my blessing! Enjoy the game and the great Damon's food.

At 11/23/2004 11:58 AM, Blogger loelsh said...

It is totally your decision if you go or not. I don't mind if you go. I will find something else for the kids and I to do Sunday.


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My Win Streak is Over

My fantasy football team's win streak is over at 6 games. My record is now 6-5. I AM still in fourth place, though, but there are a lot of people at 5-6, so the pennant race is ON!

I HATE to lose! Ruined my perfect weekend of a Buckeye win and a Steeler win. Oh, well. Next week.


At 11/23/2004 7:18 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Take luck!


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Monday, November 22, 2004

How Do You Poop?

Find out here


At 11/22/2004 11:21 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Haahaa!! That's some funny sh...tuff! I love number #3-the whip sh*t.


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What Kind of Nerd are You?

take the nerd test.
and go to a nerd utopia.


At 11/22/2004 7:03 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

I am a computer nerd, but half the description isn't me. When I changed one answer on the quiz, I am a food nerd-i am a food nerd, i like to cook, i like to eat, yup, that's me. i can probably make things like gnocchi.

At 11/22/2004 8:16 AM, Blogger ghraper said...

I'm a music nerd. Who'da guessed?


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Sunday, November 21, 2004

My Thoughts on the Buckeye Win

Wow. How great was that game? Makes the 7-4 season a lot more bearable, doesn't it? Troy Smith played like a monster.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

13/23 (56.5%) 241 yards 2 TDs, no interceptions. In addition to that, he rushed 18 times for 145 yards (8.06 ypc) and a TD. Absolutely incredible. He was a huge part of our win. I salute him.

Ted Ginn, Jr. (5 catches, 87 yards and 4 returns for 123 yards with a TD) was also amazing. Every time he touches the ball, you think that something big is going to happen. I can't wait for next season.

Free Image Hosting at

Santonio Holmes also showed up for us in a big way. He caught 3 balls for 50 yards and a TD.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Our defense was nasty. We had two interceptions and held Mike Hart to 61 yards rushing. I couldn't have been prouder watching us just wail on the Wolverines.

Free Image Hosting at

Kudos also to Jim Tressel. He really set a good gameplan that worked beautifully against the 9th ranked team in the nation. It is a great day to be a Buckeye.

Free Image Hosting at

I can't wait for our Bowl Game. Pundits are suggesting that we should end up in the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio, Texas. It's not a Jan. 1 bowl game, but it is Dec. 29th, so that isn't too bad. The Alamo Bowl also is a lot better than the Motor City Bowl or some other crap that we might have ended up at if we had lost.

We will now get an extra month of practice as a team and are keyed up to enter the bowl and next season. I will miss Saturdays with the Buckeyes, but my anticipation of next season is growing with each day.

I wish we could play all year 'round. (I'm sure the players don't, though.) I'll leave you will a message from the "Block O" section of the stadium.

Image Hosted by



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My Prediction

Yesterday, I tried to think of a way to somehow announce my prediction, but not jinx the team. I decided to hide my prediction in a font color the same as the background of the post. If you go and highlight my post from yesterday, you can see the prediction there. It looks as though I short changed our offense, a tad though. I was only off by 1 point for Michigan, so props to me for that.

I will post my thoughts about the efforts in the game later, but here is a picture of what I am talking about with the hidden prediction if the above paragraph didn't make sense.

Free Image Hosting at



At 11/21/2004 12:18 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Sneaky, sneaky


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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Trapper Keeper

Anyone remember this shiznit?

I sure do. I only ever had one, I think, maybe two. They were pretty plain, no "Designer Series" for me. I did have a ton of other trapper accessories, though. I had lots of the folders and a few of the notebooks.

Check out this site devoted to the Trapper Keeper.

Apparently, there was also an episode of South Park that I found while searching that centered on the Trapper Keeper. Check out that link for a summary. It seems like a funny idea. The Trapper Keeper takes over the world in the future and someone (you'll have to click the link to find out who) comes back Terminator-style to destroy the Trapper Keeper before it ruins the world.

Ah, the Trapper Keeper, ah the memories.

Bit o' trivia. Did you know that Lori Laughlin of Full House fame once starred in a Trapper Keeper commercial in 1982?


At 11/20/2004 7:37 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

I remember the trapper keeper! I had a pink and purple colored one. I used it for years and even with it worn to pieces, I still used it. I was really bad about picking at it's plastic cover.

At 11/20/2004 9:54 PM, Blogger ghraper said...

I had a knock-off brand binder the last couple years of high school. It was black and I think I paid for it myself. Before that all my folks got me were paper folders with pockets on the inside.

I have some fond memories of my "Trapper Keeper". I remember I had my class schedule taped to the inside and the light grey interior had drawings all over the place in blue ink. It had three dividers to separate out my homework in and the flap fastened with velcro. I don't remember picking at it, but I know it had some holes put in the liner to hold my pens.


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Game Day!


I am so geeked! I always love Michigan week here in Columbus. Everyone is united against a common enemy, "The Team Up North". I will refrain from any kind of prediction because I don't want to jinx anything, but I am hoping for a Buckeye victory. We have ruined their seasons before and they have ruined ours. Records do not matter in this game.

I will, of course, break down the game afterward and then let you know if my game predictions were on or not. (Trust me, I won't change them after the game to look good. You know me better than that.)

So, until then, GO BUCKS!
Secret Prediction? OSU 23, Bad Guys 20


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Friday, November 19, 2004

Muck Fishigan Jokes

"The Game" is tomorrow and I am excited. I am refraining from talking any smack for fear of jinxing our chance to be a spoiler, but I will post some good, classic OSU v. Michigan jokes for you.

Lloyd Carr, clearly upset about the Michigan Wolverine's loss to Notre Dame, decides to find out from Jim Tressel what his winning secret is. Carr travels to an OSU practice and asks Tressel, "Coach, how is it that your team is so good? What's your secret?"

Tressel, trying to be helpful, responds by calling Troy Smith over and asks him, "Troy, who's your fathers brother's nephew? Smith answers, "Why coach, that's easy? it's me." Tressel turns to Carr and says, "See, that's the secret, Lloyd. A smart quarterback? You've got to have a smart quarterback!"

Thinking he's finally got all the tools he needs, Carr returns to Michigan and the Wolverine workout. He promptly calls over Chad Henne. "Hey, Henne! Who's your father's brother's nephew?"

Chad looks perplexed, thinks a bit and says, "Coach, I'll have to get back to you after practice on that, okay? Carr, disgusted, says okay.

During practice, Henne calls over Braylon Edwards. "Hey, Braylon, Coach just asked me the weirdest question? "Who's your father's brother's nephew?" Edwards answers, "Duh? That's pretty simple? It's me!"

After practice, Henne catches up with Carr and says, "Hey, Coach, I have the answer to your question! My father's brother's nephew is Braylon Edwards!"

Carr (very angry with Henne) says, "No, No, No! You idiot! It's Troy Smith!"

An Ohio State student and a Michigan student are walking down the road when the Ohio State student says, "How sad...A dead bird."

The Michigan student looks up and says, "Where, where?"

An old man inherited a little over $1 billion dollars. He had three sons. He told his sons that since he now had all this money, he would like to know what each of them would like to have. He stressed that money was no object.

His first son said that he had always wanted a Jaguar. His father went out, and since money was no object, bought him 7 Jaguars in different colors, so that he would have a different one to drive every day of the week.

His second son said that he always wanted a motorcycle. So his father went out, and again since money was no object, bought him 30 new motorcycles: 10 dirt bikes, 10 Harley Davidsons, and 10 sport bikes, so he would have a different bike to ride every day of the month.

His third and youngest son was only 8 years old, and the little guy said that he simply had wanted just a Mickey Mouse outfit. So, money being no object, his father went out and bought his son the University of Michigan.


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Math Quiz

Trinity had commented that she remembered most of the math from high school from my "Relief" post yesterday, and I'll bet that she was sorry I put the answers and work right on the front page. So, I'll put 2 new problems up here today and see if anyone can solve them. Points for the right answers and bonus points if you show your work (as best you can on a blog).

Here they are.

1. Difficulty Level: Easy
The zeroes for the function f(x) = x(x+1)2(x-2) are what?

2. Difficulty Level: Medium
Solve for X. 4x2+11x = -6

Post your answers and/or work in the comments.

Good luck.


At 11/19/2004 6:55 AM, Blogger Guru said...

I'll put the answers in here tomorrow if no one gives the correct answers.

At 11/19/2004 10:25 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Okay, first off I hate, and I mean HATE, f(x) equations! Know why, it was to do with graphing, which I hate, of course. So, sorry I refuse to waste my time trying to solve it even if it is an easy problem.

Question 2 was a breeze! I love solving for x, but I don't like showing my work.

I used the quadratic equation and imputed my numbers to figure out my answer of -2 and -3/4. The problem is that the -2 works when I put it in for x, but on the -3/4 doesn't. Maybe I am just adding wrong.

Do I really need to show my work-where I put my numbers in the quad. equation? Pretty self-explanatory.

At 11/20/2004 7:25 AM, Blogger Guru said...

Trinity's answer to the second problem is correct. She did state that she was having problems checking the -3/4 answer. Here it is plugged back in to the formula.

4(-3/4)^2 + 11(-3/4)= -6
36/16 - 132/16 = -6
-96/16 = -6
-6 = -6

Answer Checked.

As for the first problem. It is true that it is a function that can be graphed, but it is nothing more than solving for x, as well. You are just trying to figure out what values of x that make y zero. The function has 3 things multiplied together. They are x, (x+1)^2, and (x-2). You just solve each of those "mini-problems" for zero and you have your answers, because anything multiplied by zero is zero, so if you make any of those 3 parts multiplied together become zero, you have reached your objective.

First one. x = 0. No further wrangling there. If x=0, y = 0.

Second one. (x+1)^2. (x+1)^2 = 0. Take the square root of both sides to clear that up and since the square root of zero is zero, that just leaves (x+1) = 0. So x=-1.

Third one. (x-2) = 0. So x=2.

Therefore, the answer is (-1, 0, 2). Plug them in, check them out. All algebra, all the time. I wouldn't make you guys graph anything! That would be mean.


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Thursday, November 18, 2004


Worst people in the world. Those of you who know me know that traffic is one of my biggest pet peeves. Yesterday, as I drove home from picking my daughter up, traffic was slow. Come to find out, everyone was just slowing down to look at a policeman who had a driver pulled over.

Here is my problem. WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU SLOWING DOWN TO LOOK!?!?!?!?!???

Look. Here is what driving is. You travel at high speeds. On the freeway, that is 65 mph or so. You are required to process information coming at you at those high speeds. You need to make decisions based on all that you see, starting when it is far away, and continuing until you pass it at about 65 mph.

My point? Why can't mofos process whatever police activity or wreck is on the side of the road like they process everything else, at 65 mph? I can get a GREAT look at an accident flying by at 75 or more. There is no need to stare or gawk.

I HATE drivers. Bunch of stupie stupid heads, I say.


At 11/18/2004 8:25 AM, Blogger ghraper said...

Amen. They made me late to work today.

At 11/18/2004 10:33 AM, Blogger Guru said...

Even though I wrote this post this morning about yesterday, the same thing made me late getting my daughter to school today. As I was headed home, I saw the cause of my lateness. It was a tour bus that had wrecked in to an SUV or something. Backed traffic on I-70 Westbound up for 7 miles.

And, it was off to the SIDE OF THE ROAD. Not blocking any traffic or anything.

Just stupid.


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Man. I'll tell you what. I was starting to think I was an idiot. As I have stated in an earlier post, I am going to college this January. To do so, I have to take a Math Placement Test. No problem, I thought. I took high level math in high school and got A's. Should be no problem.

There was a problem.

When I looked at the sample math placement tests, it looked like a foreign language. I had forgotten how to do almost all of it. My solution? I went to the library and got some How-To College Level Algebra and Triginometry stuff.

The result? I remember all this old shiznit now. Every chapter I read gives me a quick refresher and my memory is flooded back with how to do all of this crap.

Here are some sample problems from the test, with my step by step working of the problems. Don't worry, I have checked these answers with the practice test key, so you can be assured of correctness. You know what sucks? It would be nice if the test key didn't just list the answer as simply as possible. They give no explanation whatsoever. I wonder if they are in cahoots with the helper book publishers.


A. x2-3x=x+5

1. Simplify to solve for 0. x2-4x-5=0
2. Factorize. (x-5)(x+1)=0
3. Solve each. x-5 = 0, X=5 ... x+1 = 0, X=-1
4. X=5,-1

B. -3|7x+4|-4<-13

1. First simplify to isolate the absolute value expression. -3|7x+4|< -9 THEN Divide by -3 on both sides. This will flip the sign as well. |7x+4| > 3. Now we are cooking.

2. Because it is an absolute value, you have to answer both
possibilities of the answer. It could be negative or positive.

Our 2 new problems are 7x+4 > 3 and 7x+4 < -3. 1. First one first. Simplify. 7x > -1.
2. Divide by 7 to isolate x. x > -1/7

Second Problem

1. Simplify. 7x < -7. 2. Isolate x. x < -1. So x is less than negative one and greater than negative one-seventh. It is written like this (-"infinity",-1) U (-1/7, "infinity")

The "infinity" should be written in there as the infinity loop which looks something like an 8 on its side, but I don't know how to make that symbol on my computer.

Pretty good stuff, huh?


At 11/18/2004 7:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 11/18/2004 7:30 AM, Blogger Guru said...

P.S. Yes, I am a DORK!

At 11/18/2004 7:31 AM, Blogger Guru said...

Just so you know, that first anonymous comment was me, I just messed up. I'm not trying to stifle anyone's free speech.

At 11/18/2004 8:32 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

I love math! I remember most of this from high school.

At 11/18/2004 11:07 AM, Blogger loelsh said...

I hate math. Math can bite me!


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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Pedophiles Suck At Life

I am home sick today and I was watching this episode of Dr. Phil with some families affected by pedophiles.

Let me just say this....

I wish that pedophiles would die slow painful deaths for the harm that they perpetrate on kids. While I know that God will ultimately deal out all justice, my very human self says that I am glad that they get picked on, beaten, and generally mistreated in the prison system. I wish as part of the punishment that the parents of these kids could get 10 minutes to beat them senseless!

Rant Off.



At 11/18/2004 8:53 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Hey, I hope you get to feeling better.

Did you get to take a nap? You need to sleep as much as possbile so that you feel better. I personally would rather sleep with a cold than have to be up and awake with a cold.

Btw, ditto on the pedophiles.


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Guru Has Been Shizzolated!

Check it out. (it does take a minute to come up)

A sample shizzolation from Loelsh's Blog.

Oh my! This is just crazy. Check out this ebay auction and let me know what you think of it.


Oh my! This is just crazy, know what I'm sayin'? Check out this ebay auction 'n let me know what yo' ass think of that shiznit n' sh*t.


At 11/17/2004 1:45 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Very funny shiznit!!!

Here's a sample from one of my posts:
You want it Drifter, you got it. Here's a lovely post to make you laugh.
Btw, I think David down there has a hard "on".

Turns into:
Yo' ass want that shiznit Drifter, yo' ass gots that shiznit, know what I'm sayin'? Here's a lovely post make yo' ass laugh.
Btw, I think David down there has a hard "on" n' shit.

At 11/17/2004 7:36 PM, Blogger Guru said...

OMG, Trin... Yours is hilarious! I love it. If anyone else finds some really funny examples, post them here as well.

At 11/18/2004 8:34 AM, Blogger ghraper said...

Worst muthas in da world, know what I'm sayin'? Those of yo' ass who know me know that traffic is one of my biggest pet peeves n' shit. Yesterday, as I drove crib from picking my daughter up, traffic wuz slow, know what I'm sayin'? Come find out, everyone wuz just slowing down look at a policeman who had a driver pulled over n' shit.

Here is my problem." WHY IN THA WORLD ARE YOU SLOWING DOWN TO LOOK!?!?!?!?!???

Look." Here is what driving is, know what I'm sayin'? Yo' ass travel at high speeds, know what I'm sayin'? On da freeway, that is 65 mph or so." Yo' ass are required process information coming at yo' ass at those high speeds, know what I'm sayin'? Yo' ass need make decisions based on izzall that yo' ass see, starting when that shiznit is far away, 'n continuing until yo' ass pass that shiznit at 'bout 65 mph, know what I'm sayin'?

My point? Why can't mofos process whatever fuzz activity or wreck is on da siiiiide of da road like they process everything else, at 65 mph? I can get a GREAT look at an accident flying by at 75 or mo', know what I'm sayin'? There is no need stare or gawk."

I HATE drivers n' shit. Bunch of stupie stupid heads, I be like."


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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Fantasy Football - Six in a Row

I know that none of you care how my fantasy football team is doing, but I do and this is my blog, so I am putting a blurb about it up here.

Just as my Steelers beat the Browns in real life, so my Stillers beat the Brownies in fantasy life.

Six wins in a row! I am still in 4th place, but all three 1st place teams lost this weekend (including the one that I beat), so I am one game away from moving up a spot. I play another one of those teams this weekend, so I control my own destiny. We'll have to see what happens.

Wish me luck.


At 11/16/2004 9:24 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Hey!!! I care thank you very much. Blog away.

At 11/16/2004 1:32 PM, Blogger loelsh said...

Go team go! Gimme a "G"! Gimme an "O"! What's that spell? "GO"!


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The Taco Bell Incident

Okay, so I went to The Bell yesterday with my co-worker, Chris. We were excited because we both had cash, so running for the border was now an option. Bad omens from the start when we find out that this location has just started taking debit and credit cards. DANG IT! We could have been going there all along!

Then we get inside and get ready to order. As we do, some jerk beside us says, "Good luck getting your food. I've been waiting for 20 minutes." Our thoughts were, "Have you even BEEN to a Taco Bell before. They are ALL a little slow."

So we order and get our drinks and sit down and wait. No problem, we are hanging out and having a good time. But "Angry Guy" is up there every few minutes insulting the workers purposely loud enough for them to hear. Then he gets his food, it is wrong, they fix it, and he starts berating the "stupid Taco Bell workers". He goes on and on about how stupid they are and how there is a problem. He then leaves in a blaze of profanity, but not before having an in-your-face meeting with the manager, where he is told that he is banned from the Bell.

Okay. What could this a-hole have done differently? First of all, his wait wasn't as long as he had said. I admit that we waited for 12 minutes for our food, but he was at the beginning of the lunch rush and probably waited no more than 12 minutes. Secondly, if the service wasn't going as he would have liked, he could have requested a manager refund his money and left. If he had done that calmly, no one in the restaurant would have been laughing at him as he went on and on.

I wonder if people realize how stupid they look when they are being jerk-offs? I felt a little sorry for the taco line girl for taking the brunt of that, but Chris and I had amusement for the next hour or more.

Life is grand! (Wait. That's not my line.)



At 11/16/2004 9:21 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

What is your line?

At 11/16/2004 9:34 AM, Blogger Guru said...

I don't have one. What should mines be?

At 11/16/2004 9:40 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

F' off you mother f'ers

At 11/16/2004 9:44 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Or how about:

Because Mr Blogaholic says so

At 11/16/2004 9:56 AM, Blogger Guru said...

I like the one with as much F bombs as possible.

How about....

...and F you you F'ing F's!


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Monday, November 15, 2004

Naughty Quiz

Your sex scenes are pure porn, you dirty thing.
What kind of sex scene do you write?

brought to you by Quizilla


At 11/15/2004 7:42 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Like Guru, I also would write porn.

Girls just wanna have fun-hun, girls just wanna have fun!


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Rally the Troops!

Let's start an online petition. I want Trinity to start posting again. Go comment here or on her blog to encourage her to get started up again. Root her on to pass me up. I know that Drifter and I aren't the only ones who like to read her blog, so get moving Blog Nation!

I also should admit that I am Guru, and I am a Blogaholic. I need fresh content. There are like 10 blogs that I frequent daily, and Trin was the only one who updated daily. Now I have no fresh content to read and I am rotting!


At 11/15/2004 12:04 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Why would you want me to pass you up, Mr Blogaholic?

At 11/15/2004 12:13 PM, Blogger Guru said...

That's easy. It takes some of the pressure off of me.

At 11/15/2004 3:21 PM, Blogger ghraper said...

Pressure? What Pressure? You mean the smart-butt comments that are suddenly being posted here instead of Trin's blog?

At 11/15/2004 3:37 PM, Blogger Guru said...

Absolutely not. I don't care about the pressure of smart-butt comments, I can out insult just about anyone.

I'm talking about the pressure of having to come up with multiple posts daily to keep Trinity at bay.

Please. Do you know me? I can take you and she knocking the layout, especially with the positive comments that I have received on the blog and here at work.


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Superman Fans, Take Note

This is some of the funniest crap ever.

A Sample?

Free Image Hosting at

Tons of things even more wrong to be had. Go, now!


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Sunday, November 14, 2004

New Look for Memoirs

I updated my look a little bit. I got bored with having the same template that every other mofo had, so I went a-huntin' for some different ones. I had found this Spiderman one a long time ago free from Sony's website, but it required a TON of customization to get it to function just like the old template.

For instance, it didn't take comments. It had the wrong profile information. I had to change the path for all of the graphics. I had to add back all of my old things. And the trickiest part was that I was unfamiliar with exactly which little blogger tag (the $blahblah things) did exactly what. It was a good experience and probably just put me a long way to developing my own template, built from scratch by little old me.

Like I said in an earlier post, I develop web and database applications for a living, yet I was living with a weak template. I'm going to need my own. I can see that now. And now, I am well on my way.

The good news is that I haven't seen anyone else with this template. That could be good or bad. Maybe I am King Dork for even thinking about putting it up. Oh well, I still have a few things to tweak out, but leave a comment and let me know what you think.


At 11/14/2004 9:41 AM, Blogger Guru said...

Okay, I think I am done tinkering. I had to fix my Profile information in the upper left hand corner and now it is more to my liking. Enough from me... let's hear from you.

At 11/14/2004 11:06 AM, Blogger loelsh said...

Looks good, honey! I'm sure the one you make from scratch will be even nicer!

At 11/14/2004 11:32 AM, Blogger A Woman From Illinois said...

Like the new look!!

At 11/14/2004 5:02 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

I don't like change, so I hate the new look.

At 11/15/2004 8:00 AM, Blogger ghraper said...

As good as change is, changing back is better. Good for you that you're learning more about how blog code works, but I liked the style of your old template better myself.

At 11/15/2004 8:05 AM, Blogger ghraper said...

Isn't individuality a great thing?

I mean:

Resistance Is Futile! You Will Be Assimilated!

At 11/15/2004 9:17 AM, Blogger Guru said...

[quote] Isn't individuality a great thing? [/quote]

That is why I have this template rather than the other one. I can list for you right now without trying 10 other blogs with my old template. I can list 10 people who have your template without trying.

I don't know another mofo on blogspot who has the template that I have now. That is why I have it, until I create my custom masterpiece.

At 11/15/2004 9:30 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Create soon! The look you have now is giving me a headache.

At 11/15/2004 2:40 PM, Blogger loelsh said...

Uh oh, don't get mad now, guru, because someone critisized how you did something. We all know how that can turn out!!

At 11/15/2004 3:15 PM, Blogger ghraper said...

You expounded upon my point. [sarcasm]Don't you know? You have to be like everyone else.[/sarcasm] I understand that its totally "Guru" to stand out and be different and better than everyone else. My assessment was that you had the "different" part down. I look forward to seeing your custom blog template. There's no doubt in my mind, it will be "better".

At 11/15/2004 3:16 PM, Blogger Guru said...

Well thank you Ghraper for your confidence in my templating ablitities.

Loelsh, play nicely in the sandbox.

At 11/15/2004 4:17 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Guru said, "leave a comment and let me know what you think."

So I left a comment(or two). Enough said.

At 11/15/2004 4:44 PM, Blogger Guru said...

... and I appreciate the comment(s). I don't just want butt kissing, I wanted honest opinion. I can take honesty.

Thank everyone for their opinions and I welcome any others.

At 11/15/2004 10:36 PM, Blogger loelsh said...

loelsh said...
"Uh oh, don't get mad now, guru, because someone critisized how you did something. We all know how that can turn out!!"

Alrighty then, I guess somebody doesn't know the meaning of sarcasm. How ironic. Seeing how that's their motto. I don't understand the attitude! ("enough said") I can't read that phrase in a way where it doesn't come across in a negative way. Nobody says "enough said" when they are being polite. I thought we were putting this behind us.

In my post, I was trying to poke a little fun about the incident we had on your blog.

At 11/15/2004 11:44 PM, Blogger ghraper said...

[Loelsh]I thought we were putting this behind us.

In my post, I was trying to poke a little fun about the incident we had on your blog.[/Loelsh]

If you've put it behind you, then why are you bringing it up again by poking fun? If that's "fun" then we've all had our fill. Enough said.

At 11/16/2004 6:08 AM, Blogger Guru said...

I think the point is, what is behind them? The fight is behind them and they are going to try to act civil. I think that was the point of her most recent comment. She was saying that there is no more hard feelings and she was just kidding around. It has been said that humor and grief are strange bedfellows.

What happened right after the Challenger explosion? People were telling jokes like "How do we know that Christa McAuliffe had dandruff? The found her head and shoulders."

Tasteless, I agree. But part of the acceptance of negative things is being able to joke and laugh about it. Whether or not you think it was wholly appropriate, I'm looking at it as her way of saying that she has accepted it and moved on.

Don't be so sensitive. That's how these things get started over again.

At 11/16/2004 8:26 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Guru said, "She was saying that there is no more hard feelings and she was just kidding around."

Why couldn't she say it that pleasently instead of mocking me personally?

At 11/16/2004 8:27 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

I acted civil. There was no negative feelings behind "enough said". When I commented about enough said I meant period, need I say more, end discussion, done talking about it. I said it because I am tired of talking about the fight, whether it is so called humorous or not. Besides the fact that your(loelsh) comment wasn't even funny, it is too raw in my mind to try to start joking about it.

You said that "I can't read that phrase in a way where it doesn't come across in a negative way". There was absolutely no negativity behind the phrase(see above) which leads me to believe that maybe you(loelsh) are the one with the "attitude". You are going to find fault with whatever I say because your attitude hasn't changed towards me.

Btw, sarcasm is a cutting, often ironic remark intended to wound. If you were "putting this behind us" why would you try to wound(An injury to the feelings)?

You know what? I'm am done commenting/defending myself to you loelsh. I am going to be silent because anything I say can and will be used against me in a loelsh comment on blogs.

At 11/16/2004 9:54 AM, Blogger loelsh said...

Ok, someone can't take a joke. This is exactly what I was talking about when I said we were too different to be friend. G and T are blowing this waaaaaay out of porportion. I really don't understand how this all got so heated in the first place. T posted, I commented on my view of the situation and she got pissed that I didn't see things her way. Well sorry for having my own opinion and expressing it, apparently she is not mature enough to take critisism. Look out blog world, if you don't agree with trin, then don't comment on her blogs!! She took it to the next level by getting so defensive about my disagreement and things got out of hand. True feelings were revealed. It is obvious that she is not over it since she got so upset about my poking fun. I think it proves that I am over it by the fact that I am able to joke about it. Since you aren't then you must not be over it. This needs to stop now if we are ever going to be able to get through the holidays in the same house without a killing each other. This whole thing, I repeat, has been stretched way out of context. And trin, you don't have to "defend yourself" to me as I wasn't attacking you. It must have come across that way because you are still sore about it. I on the other hand was not. Sorry you are holding a grudge here. Maybe some day you will be able to see past this. I will pray for you to be able to let this go. You too G. Who knows, if things go the way trin is looking, maybe this will be the last holiday season she has to share with our family.

At 11/16/2004 10:08 AM, Blogger loelsh said...

Oh, I almost forgot...ENOUGH SAID!!!


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Saturday, November 13, 2004

OSU v. Purdue

F'ing A! Now I am in a BAD mood. Purdue didn't deserve to win that game, we deserved to lose it. 4 turnovers. 2 of them inside the red zone, and somehow we still get to tie it up. Then they score and we get to drive again but, noooooooooooo, interception. Again. We dropped so many balls you'd think we were Polish whores. Troy Smith threw 3 interceptions, but 2 of them hit our guys first and were catchable. There is no excuse for that.

And Ted Ginn, Jr. reminded us that he is still a freshman with a few miscues. Don't get me wrong, he shined as well, but he has room to improve.

Oh, well. I need to get my mood right and get ready for Michigan week. If we lose to those f*ckers, I will have a VERY bad holiday season.

Muck Fichigan!!!!!!!!! Go BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


At 11/13/2004 9:17 PM, Blogger Drifter said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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Murder Mystery For You

Add your thoughts to the comments. The answer is available on the internet, but don't cheat. I want all of you Grissoms out there to figure it out on your own.

Detective Mick Mace was called to the scene of a beach murder. Two uniformed officers were already there, piecing together the chain of events that lead to the victim's death. "Her name is Jina Lange," the first officer tells Mace, "a 27 year old waitress from 'Jakes Palace.' She was running from someone, but they got her, all right. Knocked her to the ground hard, gashing her head open, and wrapped a belt around her neck. Tried to strangle her to death, but she didn't die when the perp thought she did. She must have crawled 20 feet or so, but she was going toward the water by mistake. When she realized this, she was probably fading in and out of consciousness, and knew she wasn't going to make it. Looks like she wrote the word "help" in the sand with her finger, but it has been partially washed away by the approaching tide. See there? The h is half gone already, and the p is missing the stem. We took some pictures for record, though." Mick Mace looked down at the woman who lay dead, shuddering as he thought of what it must be like to die at someone else's hand. What were her last thoughts? What did this woman have to say that someone didn't want the world to hear? Suddenly, more cops arrive, with three men in tow. One, they called Jersey, was throwing a fit, his loose pants practically down to his knees in the struggle. " I wasn't with her! I bought her a drink, but she left without even saying thanks!" The other, older gentlemen, was the club owner. "Name's Shelby, detective. She is a great lady. This is a tragedy, but I will do anything to help. I saw her leave the club with that guy right there, but that's all I have." He pointed to the third man. "Yeah, so? She left with me, but only for a sec, to get some smokes from my car. She came right back, honest!" At that moment, Mace thinks of a very important clue, and knows exactly who is responsible for Jina's death. What does he figure out?

Taken from, but DON'T CHEAT!!!


At 11/13/2004 5:13 AM, Blogger XeNia said...

You got it right Guru!! ^-^
Your blog's kewl too!! See ya!

At 11/13/2004 5:35 AM, Blogger ghraper said...

The belt thing is too obvious. If she was crawling towards the water, why would the stem of the "p" be washing away? I guess that the club owner did it. and tried to pin it on Jersey.

At 11/13/2004 9:15 PM, Blogger Drifter said...

sHEL(B)y did it....I barely read it...and as sone as I saw that lame help spelling...I just paned down looking for a name that would fit...these must get harder for me to do them and take any time...I'm a friggen detective genius!!!


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Friday, November 12, 2004

Sucky Jobs

I don't ever want to hear you folks out there complaining about your jobs after this.

Free Image Hosting at
Click image to
see it full-sized.


At 11/13/2004 5:40 AM, Blogger ghraper said...

I like elephant crap catcher, and target boy.


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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Classic Nintendo

Ghraper found an old Nintendo at his work, which got me thinking... What was your favorite old Nintendo game. Take my quiz.

Favorite old Nintendo Game?


Free polls from

Also, if you choose other on the poll, please comment and let me know which game was your favorite.


At 11/13/2004 8:01 AM, Blogger Drifter said...

My "Other" vote was for Kid Cool.


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Google Has Their Own Blog?

Check this out. I didn't know that Google had their own blog.

There is some interesting stuff on there, too. Good for them.

Something funny that lead me to find it. They were currently listing that they had indexed 4 billion pages. Microsoft came out and said that their new search, currently at is indexing 5 billion. Google then announced that they were actually at 8 billion, now. Slashdot linked to their blog to announce the story. There we are. And MSN...

In your FACE!


At 11/13/2004 5:56 AM, Blogger ghraper said...

Ya know what their google email address is to respond to their blog? I kid you not. It's!


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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Some Absolute Funniness For Ya

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by


At 11/10/2004 9:14 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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The Last Samurai

Free Image Hosting at

I watched "The Last Samurai" starring Tom Cruise last night. I actually bought it without having seen it before and only vaguely knowing what the storyline was about. Ghraper saw it, and said that it was slow in parts and not really all that great. Well, I would have to disagree with that entirely.

I loved the movie. I loved every second of the movie. I will watch it again. With the caveat that I love things related to feudal Japan, I loved the subject, the story, and the cinematography. The film itself was actually very beautiful. I enjoyed the acting, especially Tom Cruise, and as I said earlier, the storyline was riveting. Honestly, I did not lose interest or become bored for a single second watching the movie. Though, I realize that that may not be the consensus out in the blogsphere. Like I said, G was bored in parts, so you may be, too. But, if you have the same fascination with feudal Japanese culture, you MUST check out this movie.

On a side note... When I was looking this film up on the web after seeing it, I noticed a lot of people who complained about the lack of historical accuracy about samurai. Their point is that samurai have been romantically too much and were actually brutal to innocent people. Someone else corrected that person and talked about two different kinds of people, both called samurai in the broad sense, one was honorable and served a master, the other a rogue "sword for hire". See here for the arguments.

I see it like this. It is fiction. Fake. The story is romanticized, just like almost all medieval stories about nights and kings. Just like stories about cowboys. Samurai are folk heroes and the movie outlines what the characters are, what they stand for, and what they represent within the reality of the movie and then works outward from there. Just like every other movie. There is no foul in that.

I give this movie 3.5 out of 4 stars.


At 11/10/2004 7:22 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Back to Work

I have been on vacation since I got off of work on October 29th. Being off for 10 days, I'm a little nervous to go back. What, that is my responsibility, has gone wrong? I'm sure that there are lots of things. Especially my letter writing project. I checked my voicemails this morning and there are two people who want to meet with me about it to find out where it is.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, let's see. It started to be in production on Nov 1st. How's that for where it is?!?!?!? They didn't know I was on vacation. They called yesterday to try to set up a meeting for yesterday, not realizing that I wasn't there. Totally clueless. It is those two people who got me my original requirements for the project that turned out to be totally WRONG!!!!! Their original plans are what set me back so far, because they didn't know the right questions to ask the customer. To make matters worse, one of the people is the one who designed the solution that they used until now.

I guess that is what the problem was. I think that he thought that he knew what was best and what was needed without talking to the customer, because he was the expert. Turns out, he had no clue. And I was stuck going back and reworking a lot of my code because of it.

Oh, well. Wish me luck going back. I will remember that I have another vacation coming up Dec 6-10, so I'll try to be mellow.



At 11/09/2004 7:59 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Take luck! Don't have too much fun on your first day back at work.


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Five in a Row - Fantasy Football Update

I'm now in 4th place in the league. I've won 5 games in a row and now I'm starting to feel better about my chances. Much better than when I was 0-4, anyway, and vultures were trying to get me to trade some of my stud players.

Now, I am in a playoff spot, which is all I need because then, all bets are off. The top 4 teams are on a level playing field and the worst I can do is win back my $10.00.

Next week, though, I could suffer a setback. I play the #2 team, the Brownies. Although I have outscored her for the last few weeks, I fear what Priest Holmes could do on any given Sunday. And it IS a long season, but now I have HOPE!

Enough Fantasy Football for now, I guess. Enjoy the standings. I am.


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Monday, November 08, 2004

Don't Get Mad, Ladies

First the Lord made man in the Garden of Eden.
Then he said to himself, "There's something he's needing'."
After casting about for a suitable pearl,
He kept messing around and created a girl.
Two beautiful legs, so long and so slender,
Round, slim, and firm, and ever so tender.
Two lovely hips to increase his desire,
And rounded and firm to bring out the fire.
Two lovely breasts, so full and so proud,
Commanding his eyes, as he whispers aloud.
Two lovely arms, just aching to bless you,
And two loving hands, to soothe and caress you.
Soft, cascading hair hung down over her shoulder,
And two dreamy eyes, just to make him grow bolder.
'Twas made for a man, just to make his heart sing.
Then he added a mouth. Ruined the whole stinkin' thing.


At 11/09/2004 8:02 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Hey!!! That is funny! Heehee.


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Donovan Who?

Man, what a great weekend! My Buckeyes won and my Steelers absolutely smashed their opponent, the Eagles, 27-3. Now the Steelers are the first team in the history of the NFL to beat 2 undefeated teams (with 6 wins or better each) back to back. Of course, to show you how rare it is, a team hasn't even gotten the opportunity to try to do it in like 70 years. But, no matter, however I can get a bragging point in, I will do it.

The Steelers were a well oiled machine yesterday. They held one of the top offenses in the league to only 3 points. Donovan McNabb? No touchdown passes, 109 yards passing. Terrell Owens? 7 catches, 53 yards, no TDs. Time of possession? Steelers had the ball for almost 42 minutes, compared to the Eagles' 18 minutes. That is a rout.

Sunday was also the return of Jerome Bettis. With Duce Staley out, Bettis got his first start of 2004. He finished with 33 attempts for 149 yards. The offensive line blocked extremely well for him and he hit the holes with a vengence. Hines Ward called him "the Ultimate Steeler" yesterday, and I agree.

Free Image Hosting at

Speaking of Hines Ward, he put on a little clinic of his own yesterday with 2 touchdowns, one rushing and one receiving. Our receivers didn't have to work too much yesterday because of the effectiveness of the running game. But, Hines Ward got it jumping off with the first 2 touchdowns of the game. The first one was on a nice reverse that totally defeated Philly's blitz. That really set the tone for the game. That capped a 6 minute, 11 play, 80 yard drive that started knocking Philly back on their heels.

Free Image Hosting at

And who managed this victory? None other than Ben Roethlisberger. He was 11 for 18 (61%) with 183 yards passing and 2 TDs. Gotta love that crap. He is the first quarterback to start his career 6-0 in 30 years. I just can't explain here how much he does for the team. I love this guy. Christmas hint.... #7 Roethlisberger jersey for Christmas. Loelsh, are you listening?

Free Image Hosting at

Just listen to this from

You've seen, no doubt, the tell-tale signs: A player on his knee, sucking for air, maybe grabbing at his shirt, beaten physically and emotionally, ready to send up the white flag.

And so it was here Sunday, during a third-quarter timeout and with all four of the Philadelphia defensive linemen down on one knee and two of three linebackers also in the genuflection stance, that the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line unit knew that it had run another opponent out of Heinz Field.

With heavy emphasis on the run part of things.

"Oh, yeah, we noticed it," acknowledged Steelers standout left guard Alan Faneca when asked about the Eagles' unofficial surrender. "We were ready for the timeout to be over and I'm sure they were thinking, 'Can't we get another minute or two?' But we didn't want them to be able to catch their breath. Not at all. We wanted to keep pounding the ball at them as much as we could."



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Sunday, November 07, 2004

The Incredibles

Free Image Hosting at

Ghraper, Trinity, Loelsh, the kids, and I went to see The Incredibles last night. AND, it was not just to see the trailer for Episode III on the big screen. Though we did see it and it was cooler on the big screen than on my puter.

The movie was pretty good. In the story, superheroes are common. They save the day left and right. But, as society changes they decide that they have little use for superheroes. They cause too much $$$ worth of damage and sometimes help those who don't want to be helped (in the case of a suicide jumper). The government puts them in a relocation program and hides them away.

The problem is that the superheroes still want to fight evil and it is that desire that gets Mr. Incredible in some trouble. I don't want to give too much away, but my kids liked it and I would recommend it for families.

The thing is that this movie has gotten quite a cult following already among adults. See this below. People are already dressing up as characters from the movie at showings. (Note, that is not me in the picture. I wish I was that thin.)

Free Image Hosting at

3 out of 4 stars. The movie, not the picture ;-)


At 11/07/2004 9:46 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

I too would recommend the movie to families. Although the movie was a bit long, my two year old son sat quitely the entire time.

Btw, awesome SW trailer!

At 11/07/2004 2:11 PM, Blogger Drifter said...

"Can I get a ...whoop...whoop?"

At 11/08/2004 11:38 PM, Blogger ghraper said...

I really liked the movie, but those costumes in the pic are what's incredible. It must have taken a whole tub of butter to get them into their outfits. Or some "I can't believe it's not vaseline"


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Buckeye Victory Over the Spartans

Whew. 32-19 looks like the Buckeyes had it in control all game, doesn't it? They didn't. They scored 15 points in the last 3 minutes and intercepted the ball twice to seal the game.

Ted Ginn, Jr. was MONSTER in this game.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

His stats on the day?

Two rushes, 21 yards, one score.
Four catches, 77 yards, one score.
Two returns, 71 yards, one score.


The Buckeyes started off with a 17-0 lead. Then they gave up 19 unanswered points to make it 17-19. Then Ted Ginn, Jr. caught a pass and ran over 50 yards to the end zone. A two point conversion made it 25-19. The Spartans drove a little way up the field and then A.J. Hawk intercepted the ball to have us seal the deal. But, then Maurice Hall ran 51 yards off tackle for another touchdown, making it 32-19. Michigan State tried a desperation heave to the end zone, but we picked that off as well.

Troy Smith still looked pretty good. He over threw Santonio on one deep play, but the wind was at his back and the ball WAS catchable. He also almost threw an interception, but their guy couldn't hold on to it.

Lydell Ross, however, looked bad. He had 7 rushes for 21 yards. Antonio Pittman was injured and didn't make the trip, or I hope that he would be seeing all of the playing time. Lydell hasn't looked good all year and he fumbled again today. I don't know how many that is on the year, more than 3, and every time it kills a good drive and we don't ever recover those either. If he sat the bench the rest of the season, I wouldn't be sad a bit.

Next week is Purdue, then on to Michigan. We have to play Purdue away and if this was 4-6 weeks ago, I would have said that we were in serious trouble. But, Purdue has struggled of late and I think that we can take advantage. Then, we have Michigan at home. I would love to ruin their BCS chances!

Side Note: With yesterday's win, we are now bowl eligible, which means another month of practice for the team, and something for me to look forward to for the holiday season.

Go Bucks!


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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Windows NE (Nice Edition)


Yesterday it worked Today it is not working Windows is like that

A file that big? It might be very useful. But now it is gone.

The Web site you seek cannot be located but endless others exist

Chaos reigns within. Reflect, repent, and reboot. Order shall return.

ABORTED effort: Close all that you have. You ask way too much.

First snow, then silence. This thousand dollar screen dies so beautifully.

With searching comes loss and the presence of absence: "My Novel" not found.

The Tao that is seen Is not the true Tao, until you bring fresh toner.

Stay the patient course Of little worth is your ire The network is down

A crash reduces your expensive computer to a simple stone.

Three things are certain: Death, taxes, and lost data. Guess which has occurred.

You step in the stream, but the water has moved on. This page is not here.

Out of memory. We wish to hold the whole sky, but we never will.

Having been erased, the document you're seeking Must now be retyped.

Rather than a beep Or a rude error message, These words: "File not found."

Serious error. All shortcuts have disappeared. Screen. Mind. Both are blank.

Windows NT crashed. I am the Blue Screen of Death. No one hears your screams


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Episode 3 Trailer

As Trinity had posted about earler, the trailer for Star Wars Episode III is out. It is not yet available for proper downloading, but I hit up a few of my shadier sources and was able to download and watch it.

It was a pretty good trailer, but I worry about the quality of the movie. In the first trilogy, George Lucas gave up complete control over the story line for Episodes V and VI. Those were far superior to Episode IV, IMHO. Now Lucas has had control over Episodes I and II and they have severely disappointed the loyal fan base.

Even though I liked the trailer for Episode III, I like the trailers for Episodes I and II, also. So, I don't have terribly high hopes going in to this movie. Lucas has a lot of ground to cover in this movie and I hope he does it well. I will be there for the first showing, as is my custom, but if George Lucas screws up Anakin becoming Darth Vader, I might just pay him a personal visit to slap his F'ING ARROGANT FACE!

I feel better.

Finally, I hope that it is a marketing ploy (make the item rare) that is causing Lucasfilm to issue cease and desist orders to all sites offering the trailer for download early. If not, he is a Douche, and should be treated accordingly.


At 11/06/2004 11:31 AM, Blogger ghraper said...

I think they just want to force Hyperspace membership to view the stupid thing. At least until closer to the release date. It's all about the money.


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Friday, November 05, 2004

Joke Time, Again

Little Johnny came running into the house crying his eyes out and cradling his hand.

"Mommy, quick! Get me a glass of cider!" he wailed.

"Why do you want a glass of cider?" asked mom.

"I pricked my hand on a thorn, and I want the pain to go away," said Little Johnny.

Confused, but weary of the child's whining, the mother obliged and poured him a glass of cider. Little Johnny immediately dunked his hand in it.

"Ouch! It still hurts! This cider doesn't work!" whined Little Johnny.

"What are you talking about?" asked his increasingly perplexed parent.

"Well I overheard my big sister say that whenever she gets a prick in her hand, she can't wait to get it in cider!"


At 11/05/2004 11:41 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Terrible, just terrible.


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The Sopranos

I love the Sopranos. I don't have HBO, though. In fact, I only got cable this past year. But, I got to watch the first season a few years ago when my old boss, Leo, lent me his DVD set of the first season. Then, about 6 months ago, I borrowed the second season from the library. I also read the Episode Guide to keep up to date with the storyline.

Now, my co-worker Chris has lent me the 3rd season on DVD. Last night I stayed up until 3:15AM watching it. It is such a good time.

Another thing that I like to do is play Big Pussy's Poker Heaven on Here is a picture from one of the many times that I shut those mofos down.

Free Image Hosting at

If you haven't seen the Sopranos, I recommend checking out the first season from the library. You will not regret it.


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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France

This is outrageous! CNN is reporting that Lance Armstrong may be stripped of his 6th Tour de France title.

In a random check for banned substances, 3 were found in Armstrong's hotel room.

The 3 substances banned by the French, that were found in his hotel room were as follows:

(1) Toothpaste
(2) Deodorant
(3) Soap

The French officials also found several other items which they had never seen before including a backbone...


At 11/04/2004 1:11 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Ahhhhh, that's some funny shi...I mean stuff.


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Serena Williams

Have you seen this picture? It's not a fake, it came from Yahoo and about 10 other news sources. Serena Williams has finally crossed the line into showing off her goodies. She is obviously very muscular and has a pretty nice body, but with all of her working out, her face is starting to look sort of manly.

Don't take me for your average Serena-basher. I think that she is one of the most talented women on the tennis tour and I thought that she looked great in that catsuit thing that she wore. I just wonder why one of the best tennis players in the world has to do things like this for attention.

I know that she LOVES fashion. This is probably something that she made. And, maybe, she decided that she would be a little risque' that evening. Or, maybe, she decided that no-talent chicks like Anna Kournikova were getting attention, endorsements, and money that she should be getting.

How bad would THAT be? That really speaks to society today. Anna is an attractive blonde woman. She sucks at tennis. Yet, until she retired recently, she had plenty of endorsement deals. (Now that she is strictly doing modeling, she has even more.) Serena is an African-American woman. Her endorsement deals aren't quite so widespread. At least not through the mainstream media. So, because she doesn't conform to the accepted image of a tennis player or of a classic (read white) beauty, she is shunned.

God, I hope it was just weird fashion sense and not a perceived need to be 'more sexy' for the media that cause her to wear this. Because if it was, I feel that we have failed as a 21st century people.

Image Hosted by


At 11/04/2004 10:58 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

You're right, this is not sexy. She needs to cover up and leave a little to the imagination. She just lost the respect I had for her.

You know what? She has been on Sesame Street. How could she go from playing tennis with Elmo to being a skank at a movie premiere?


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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Introspective Du Jour

First best friend: Mike Smara
First car: 1991 Eagle Summit (wrong color, but here) Free Image Hosting at

First real kiss: Monica
First break-up: Monica
First self purchased album: Young M.C.'s first one
First funeral: Grandma Beter
First pets: Cats, Smurfette and Voltricia
First enemy: Ernie Leister, when I was nine. He then became my best friend. I have a history of that. See Mike Ream, Chad Thomas, et al.
First big trip: Going on a 3 day trip to Florida in 8th grade (no parents)
First music you remember hearing in your house: Puttin' on the Ritz by Taco

Last kiss: my two daughters goodnight
Last good cry: don't know. I do tear up from time to time, though. I was actually thinking of writing a blog about the strange things that make me tear up. Maybe this is a sign to do it.
Last library book checked out: The Art of War by Sun Tzu (have since bought my own copy)
Last movie seen: The Care Bears Movie II (By Osmosis. The kids have watched it at least ten times in the last few days on the computer right beside me.)
Last beverage drank: Diet Pepsi
Last food consumed: Cherry Starburst sitting on this desk
Last phone call: my co-worker, Chad (5 minutes ago)
Last time showered: This morning
Last annoyance: kids fighting about who was to sit where to watch a movie
Last time wanting to die: 1992.

Boy's names: Luke, Matthew, Andrew, Ryan
Girl's names: Emily, Megan, Rachel, Mariah
Subjects in school: Math, science
Animals: Cats

Given anyone a bath? my 3 kids
Smoked? Not even once
Bungee jumped? no
Made yourself throw up? no
Skinny dipped? yes
Been in love? yes
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? When I was like, 5.
Been rejected? Yes
Rejected someone? Yes

Understanding: sometimes
Open-minded: I am always open to new information. But, because we don't agree doesn't mean I haven't considered what you have said, and deemed you wrong.
Arrogant: Sure
Insecure: Sometimes, in new situations.
Moody: Sometimes
Organized: Not too much.
Bored easily: No. I make my own fun.
Obsessed: Yes. Computers.
Disappointed: Yes. People disappoint me. But I am optimistic and I expect everyone to give their best. Often, they don't.
Happy: Yes.

Kill: No one.
Slap: Stupid a** ignorant mother f'ing people.
Look like: Freddie Prinze, Jr.
Talk to offline: anyone who will have me
Talk to online: anyone who will have me

Coke or Pepsi: Coke (Diet)
Flowers or candy: Candy. Flowers taste funny.
Tall or short: Only relativity matters. The man should be taller than the lady.

Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: Sometimes, but then I remember that guys rule!
Wish you were younger: Nope.

Of guys I've kissed: Zero
Of girls I've kissed: Don't know. Who keeps track?


At 11/04/2004 9:09 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Girls rule and guys drool.

At 11/06/2004 2:30 PM, Blogger loelsh said...

When did you go skinnydipping?

At 11/06/2004 10:37 PM, Blogger Guru said...

In the tub.


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Didn't Get My Wish

I wanted the election to be over by the time I woke up this morning. That wasn't to be. I mean, I believe that Bush will prevail in Ohio and there really isn't a good reason to believe anything to the contrary. It is also nice that Bush won both the electorate and the popular vote, so that won't be an issue in the future.

Bush is up in Ohio by 136,221 votes with 100% of precincts reporting. There are supposedly like 140,000 provisional ballots to be counted, but it is pretty much a mathematical uncertainty that Kerry would get the 97.3% of those votes required to take Ohio.

Unfortunately, this could take 11 days to sort out. I just hope that that is all that it takes.

Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!

(or in Gerrad speak, that's For more years! For more years! For more years! For more years!)


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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Free Burritos!

I took full advantage of the Election Day deal that Chipotle advertised. They said that if you bought a burrito on Sunday and brought your receipt back, you would get a free one on Tuesday.

So, wifey and I had burritos for lunch on Sunday and dinner tonight. Free always tastes better.

Chipotle Rules!!!!!!


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I Got My Vote ON

I went today and voted. Of course, if you've read my blog, it should come as no surprise that I voted for Dubya for President. Man, I am loving seeing the voter turnout be what it is. Everywhere you go, there are lines and lines of people. I just hope that tomorrow morning the thing is settled, no matter what the outcome. I don't want a repeat of 2000. Hopefully, people can figure out how to use a f'ing punch card ballot (which we use here in my precinct) and the votes can be counted accurately. I checked my punch card for proper chads, did you?

Here's to democracy...


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My Fantasy? Four Wins in a Row!

I cannot believe it. My fantasy football team has now won 4 games in a row after starting out 0-4 on the season. I am currently tied for 5th place in the league. My team scored the most points for the week, and for that I am surprised. I thought that this week would be a strategic loss because both the Rams and Saints had a bye week. That knocked out my starting QB and one of my starting RBs. But Jake Plummer came through for me this week and propelled me toward victory. When I was 0-4, I had tried imagining a comeback, but after 4 close losses, I thought that I had drafted a weak team. Guess not.

My opponent has to be frustrated. He scored the 2nd most points in the league this week (can you say Peyton Manning?). Problem with that was that I scored the most. Turn about is fair play, though, since I had the same thing happen to me earlier in the season.

If I can move up just one more slot and stay there, I will be in the playoffs and have a shot at $80.00. Just being in the playoffs means I get my $10.00 back, but I want to win.

Plus, the money would be nice, too. $80.00 is $80.00.


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Monday, November 01, 2004

On Vacation

I am officially on vacation and am not due back until Tuesday, Nov 9th. I get 3 weeks through my work and since I (meaning my wife) had a baby this year, they gave me another week. So, I took 2 weeks when my son was born and have not taken any more vacation this year. Now, I am in a rush to schedule it. I took this week off and I took the first full week of December off.

I know you are thinking, "Why not sometime around Christmas?". Well, I could have. But, here is the deal. Nothing goes on at my work around Christmas. It is a great atmosphere. There is a ton of food around and tons of people are out on vacation. I loved it last year. So, now you know. (GI JOE!)

The stinky part is that I was working this weekend. In fact I stayed up until almost 2 AM to work on the big project that I have going on. More last minute stuff. I need to just say, "Failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part."

I DID tell them off on Thursday, and felt better for it. Alas, it didn't change anything. Hopefully last night's changes will hold them at bay so that I can enjoy my vacation.

I doubt it.


At 11/01/2004 9:20 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Have a wonderful vacation. Don't do to much! Make sure you get to sleep in atleast once this week. That's an order!


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The Streak is Over

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Man, it is hot and cold for Boston area fans, not that they really have a reason to complain now. Boston just won the World Series and New England is 6-1 on the season. That looks really good at first blush, but all of you real sports fans realize that the Patriots having a loss is a big deal. They had previously won their last 21 games, an all-time NFL record. But who stopped them? The mighty Steelers, with a defense that created turnovers and an offense that capitalized on them. Ben Roethlisberger again looked fantastic and showed that he plans on keeping his job.

After last season, this season is so much fun. Last season, we decided to ride Tommy Maddox's passing success in 2002 to a different, non-Steeler offense. Well, we went 6-10 and just SUCKED! This year, we acquired Duce Staley and are spelling him with The Bus, Jerome Bettis, and running the crap out of the ball. The difference is that we are mixing in a pass in non-traditional situations and running the game with a good quarterback. That is how last season's offense should have gone. Enough ranting for now. Go Steelers!

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Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (7) stiff arms New England Patriots linebacker Mike Vrabel (50) and gets off a first quarter pass.


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