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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Exercise Plans

No, not mine, though I'm sure I could use some. My 8 and half year old daughter's. She came home Friday and announced that twice a week, she and her friend were going to jog during their 15 minute break at school, swing during the 30 minute break, and jog during the other 15 minute break.

Yesterday was to be the day that they got started, and my daughter did say that they jogged during the first break. They couldn't do it for the second break because my daughter had to stay in for the first part and finish some work, but I applaud their efforts anyway.

My daughter definitely isn't overweight; She is really quite thin. She said that she wants to jog, though, just for fun. I don't think it is too bad of an idea, especially since she hasn't been able to get out as much in the winter.

I think most of the impetus, though, has come from her science class. They are in a health unit right now and she loves it. I don't know that I've ever seen her more interested in a subject. She comes home all the time and tells us things that she learned in health class, without being asked - a first.

She even made a card to give to her health teacher that I'll have to try to snag and scan in so that you can see it. She is a pretty good artist and it is actually a pretty neat card. It is very nice to see her this excited about a school subject.


At 1/31/2006 8:59 AM, Blogger loelsh said...

My little future doctor!

At 1/31/2006 8:49 PM, Blogger nicole said...

Wow, that's awesome. With so many kids today suffering from obesity, it's great to see a kid who's actually INTO being healthy. Great job, Guru! ;)


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The Jewish Samurai

There once was a powerful Japanese emperor who needed a new chief samurai. So he sent out a declaration throughout the entire known world that he was searching for a chief.

A year passed, and only three people applied for the very demanding position: a Japanese samurai, a Chinese samurai, and a Jewish samurai.

The emperor asked the Japanese samurai to come in and demonstrate why he should be the chief samurai. The Japanese samurai opened a matchbox, and out popped a bumblebee. Whoosh! went his sword. The bumblebee dropped dead, chopped in half.

The emperor exclaimed, "That is very impressive!" The emperor then issued the same challenge to the Chinese samurai, to come in and demonstrate why he should be chosen. The Chinese samurai also opened a matchbox and out buzzed a fly. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh! The fly dropped dead, chopped into four small pieces.

The emperor exclaimed, "That is very impressive!"

Now the emperor turned to the Jewish samurai, and asked him to demonstrate why he should be the chief samurai. The Jewish Samurai opened a matchbox, and out flew a gnat. His flashing sword went Whoosh! But the gnat was still alive and flying around.

The emperor, obviously disappointed, said, "Very ambitious, but why is that gnat not dead?"

The Jewish Samurai just smiled and said, "Circumcision is not meant to kill."


At 1/31/2006 8:48 PM, Blogger nicole said...

HA! That one got a laugh out of me... ;)

At 2/01/2006 9:08 PM, Blogger Guru said...

Yeah. Those Jewish Samurai are BADA$$!


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Monday, January 30, 2006

Funny Dilbert Cartoon

My boss has this cartoon cut out of the Sunday Newspaper and hanging on his door.

Free Image Hosting at

I thought that it was so funny that I went to and got it up here for all of you to enjoy.


At 1/30/2006 1:37 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...


At 1/30/2006 10:16 PM, Blogger nicole said...

I get the feeling that you can really relate to this. ;)


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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Finished, Sort Of

Well, I posted last night about my work assignments. If you note the time, it is 2:20am and I am just finishing. I actually have one assignment left to go, but I have done much of the preliminary work on it and I should be able to complete it in less than two hours tomorrow. I might even stay up a bit more and work on it.

I wrote 2 of my 3 papers, then found an assignment that I had forgotten about. So, I had to read 2 essays and then make a bulletin board post answering a ton of questions about them and citing examples of concrete and abstract language used in both of them.

I swear this writing crap is going to kill me. I HATE writing. Yet, I love doing this blog, hmmmmmmm... a paradox! Let me make this amendment, then. I hate writing to answer stupid questions and being forced to cite stuff. Can't I just make absurd assertions? It works in the real world! :-)

Good night. I am off to do as much as I can on the last assignment. It is for environmental science, which is probably my second least favorite thing to do, behind writing.

'Twill kill me, I say!


At 1/29/2006 10:58 PM, Blogger nicole said...

You like to write. Just not for a grade. ;)

At 1/30/2006 12:40 PM, Blogger Guru said...

Yeah. I don't like people critiquing my steez.


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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Let the Sucktitude Begin

I hate writing papers. Essays stink, but I can work my way through them. Papers with references and citations on the other hand are just crap. I hate doing them.

Here is where the suckiness begins. By tomorrow night, I have to complete and submit a paper for all three of my online courses. I cannot wait until I get past these stupid courses and into courses for my major. I would much rather submit a program and code than a research paper.

But watch, I'll get some stupid research paper that says, "Write a 500 word paper, with sources, explaining why the C Complier revolutionized the world of procedural programming over punchcards" or some such crap.

Ah, life.


At 1/29/2006 10:50 PM, Blogger nicole said...

Ugh. Just READING about your paper-writing ordeal is making me all squeamish. I feel your pain, Guru. I feel your pain...

At 1/30/2006 12:41 PM, Blogger Guru said...

I appreciate it. I thought I felt some of my pain lift, it must have been you taking some of my burden.

I appreciate it!


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Friday, January 27, 2006

Steeler, PA

Story found here.

Just so there was no confusion, the town of Washington, PA has changed its name to Steeler, PA until the day after the Super Bowl.

"I know the folks in the state of Washington are rooting for the Seahawks, so we wanted to make sure everyone knows the city of Washington is fully in support of the Steelers," Mayor Kenneth J. Westcott told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Good fans.


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As I was getting ready to head off to work today, I gave my son his hug, kiss, and hair tousle and headed for the door. He followed behind me and grabbed his coat off of the back of a chair and started to put it on so that he could go with me.

How cute is that?


At 1/27/2006 4:08 PM, Blogger loelsh said...

He loves his daddy! He just wants to spend time with you!!!

At 1/28/2006 12:51 AM, Blogger nicole said...

It's MORE than cute. He's obviously got a great WORK ethic! That's admirable at such a young age... ;)

At 1/30/2006 12:41 PM, Blogger Guru said...

I tell my wife all the time that those kids need to start earning their keep!

Glad the little man is ready to do something about it.


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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Yummy Goodness

I came home tonight to a very nice surprise. My wife had chosen a dinner menu that absolutely made me overjoyed. What was it? Filet Mignon? Roast Duck? Nope. Cheeseburger Macaroni.

I LOVE Cheeseburger Macaroni. We don't eat it very often because Lo isn't a big fan, but she surprised me and made it tonight.

And it wasn't Hamburger Helper version or homemade with generic Mac and Cheese. She made Shells and Cheese and added the hamburger. It was awesome. I don't know how much everyone else ate, but I'm sure I had twice as much.

Thanks for the nice surprise, honey!


At 1/27/2006 9:46 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Hmmmmmm...cheeseburger macaroni.

At 1/28/2006 12:40 AM, Blogger nicole said...

You're definitely not alone in your cheesy mac love. When it's made just right...mmmMMPH!!!

At 1/30/2006 8:57 PM, Blogger Kristi said...

There is something nirvana-ish about shells and cheese and hamburger. MMMMMM! Thanks... a craving.


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Debt Paid

Well, my man Chad paid off his debt today. He bet me lunch that the Colts would beat the Steelers. I said otherwise and, as you all know now, I won. So today he rode down here and we went to lunch at the North Market. We ate here. Go ahead, follow the link. I had Indian food. For the first time!

I even ate an entire Vegetarian dish. I had Aloo Mutter, some rice and some other thing I can't remember or pronounce. It was pretty good. I ate it all, anyway. I could have gotten a meat dish, but decided to try and branch out as much as I could since I was doing the darn thing.

We had a really good lunch and talked programming (I love to do that) and he gave me lots of ideas and encouragement about some things that I can build myself up in.


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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Odd Complaint

I received a support e-mail for my application today. In it, the woman complained because she hit submit to sign up and received notification that she had an email from the application before her page had finished loading to tell the outcome of her request and that an email was on the way.

She suggested that we QA the process.

First, we spent over 2 months QAing the process. Second, the fact that you got an email (her account was internal, so it is instant) a few seconds before the page loads should not be confusing. The server processing (including emails being sent) needs to conclude before you see the page, hon. Most people don't have their email open and a stopwatch going to check the timing of everything. She is like the 590th unique person to sign up for this app since it launched 3 weeks ago and the first to complain about that.

Oh, well. At least she submitted the email stating that they were comments, not complaints, though she had a very nasty tone on the email.



At 1/25/2006 11:33 PM, Blogger nicole said...

Sounds like an ID10T error to me...

It kills me how people's ineptitude is supposed to be cause for you to drop everything YOU'RE doing to help smarten them up.

At 1/26/2006 8:29 AM, Blogger Guru said...

Definitely an ID10T with a little PEBKAC sprinkled in for good measure!


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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Cell Phones

Razr Phone

Last night, on the way to practice, my oldest daughter (8 and a half) asked me when she could get a cell phone. I told her that it wouldn't be for a long time and asked why she wanted one.

She said that she didn't want one now, but was curious when the age was that she would be allowed to have one, like being curious about voting or driving a car.

I wonder how many of her 3rd grade friends at her school already have a cell phone. She said that no one she knew at school had one, so I wonder if there is some other ulterior motive...


At 1/24/2006 7:49 PM, Blogger nicole said...

I'd wager that probably a third of them do and it blows me away. I mean, who are they calling? Who needs to get a hold of them in a crisis? Do 3rd graders really have such an active social life??

Well, judging by my, now, 11 year old niece, they do.

I can understand parents giving their kids a phone for emergencies but the majority of kids that I see with cell phones are not conversing with family. Talk about GENEROUS parents!

At 1/25/2006 4:58 PM, Blogger Guru said...

They are even marketing them to pre-teen kids and younger now.

I was hardly allowed to talk on the phone at 10, let alone own one that I could take with me anywhere!

At 1/26/2006 10:28 PM, Blogger Gooey said...

Do mommy and daddy use their cell phones a lot? That might be one area of influence for her. I think the kid-friendly phones you're talking about are perfect for them, since they only let you call them and them call you, and no one else. Granted, by the time she's abl to have a cell phone, she probably won't be caught dead with the kid-friendly model, but hey, it's still not a bad idea.

And hey, this obviously shows she's interested in tech, specifically gadgets and whatnot. She's becoming a geek dude! As Obi-wan once said, "this is your first step into a larger world . . . ."


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Monday, January 23, 2006

The Game

As I stated earlier today on the blog, yesterday was a wonderful day to be a Steeler fan. Everything was just clicking for the team.

Ben was All-Everything yesterday. He finished with 21/29 passing, 275 yards, 2 passing TDs and a rushing TD, and NO interceptions. He is now the only QB in history to take his team to the conference title game in his first two seasons. He will be the second youngest starting QB in Super Bowl history (Dan Marino was the youngest), but if he wins, he will be the youngest to win, since Dan lost.

Free Image Hosting at

The Bus gave an impassioned speech to the team and they responded. He returned this year because the Super Bowl is in his home city of Detroit, and he wanted to try to go. Ben promised him that they would go. And now, the Steelers are only the second team ever to win 3 road games to get to the Super Bowl. They are the only 6 seed to ever get to a Championship game and the only 6 seed to get to the Super Bowl. They did it for Jerome.

Free Image Hosting at

Our Defense was incredible. We got 4 turnovers, sacked Plummer 3 times, and were in his face all day. Joey Porter was exceptionally busy.

Free Image Hosting at

What a great time to be a Steeler fan... now let's get one for the thumb!


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Just a Quick Note

Check out my desk:
Free Image Hosting at

Brought in the football that I got from G and Trin's family for Christmas so that I could proclaim my Steelers to all passersby.

I'll talk a little more about the game later, but I was yelling my fool head off at the TV yesterday. Taunting the Denver players, cheering on the Steelers, basically doing all that I could to help my team win ;-)

Go Steelers!


At 1/23/2006 12:59 PM, Blogger loelsh said...

I see you have your diet coke and your robitussin readily available.

At 1/23/2006 10:39 PM, Blogger Guru said...

Gotta have Diet Coke!

And, it is very embarrassing to be hacking and coughing all the time. Gotta have the tussin.

At 1/23/2006 11:15 PM, Blogger nicole said...

Yeah, somebody's DEFINITELY ecstatic now! :)

At 1/25/2006 4:59 PM, Blogger Guru said...

I am on cloud NINE!


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Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Little Nervous

Steelers Logo

I'm a little nervous about today's game. I had a good feeling that we could beat Indy last week, but I don't feel good about this week. Being 1-4 in AFC Championship Games will do that to you!

I really want us to get there and win for Jerome Bettis in his last year and to give Bill Cowher his last piece of the puzzle that he needs to ensure his Hall of Fame coaching status.

Plus, if we win, my stated goal is to go to PA to watch the game in Hi-Def at my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Rick's house. They are huge Steelers fans and it would just be an awesome time, especially if we won.

Go Steelers!


At 1/23/2006 11:14 PM, Blogger nicole said...

Well I'm sure you're happy NOW right???

Meanwhile, my boyfriend is rooting for the Seahawks (so he says). Oh dear...

At 1/25/2006 4:59 PM, Blogger Guru said...

Your boyfriend is a bad, bad man.


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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Another Blast from the Past

My aunt sent me another picture to help reclaim my lost youth. Here is a picture of me in the hospital, taken the day I was born!

Free Image Hosting at
(I cropped off the bottom that has my full name on it. I want some anonymity!)


At 1/22/2006 7:23 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Awwww, it's little Guru!

At 1/23/2006 11:13 PM, Blogger nicole said...

Wow, you're so lucky to still have all these old photos hanging around. Those can go missing so easily.

At 1/25/2006 5:00 PM, Blogger Guru said...

I don't have too many of these, but all of my older relatives do, and I've been sending out an APB to get a few of them. I'd like to have some reminders of my past!


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10 Guru Trivia Tips

Took this from Trinity

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Guru!

  1. If you lick Guru ten times, you will consume one calorie!
  2. The average human spends about 30 days during their life in Guru.
  3. Britain's Millennium Dome is more than double the size of Guru.
  4. If the Sun were the size of a beach ball then Jupiter would be the size of a golf ball and Guru would be as small as a pea.
  5. Bananas don't grow on trees - they grow on Guru!
  6. In Japan, Guru can only be prepared by chefs specially trained and certified by the government!
  7. Guru is the world's smallest mammal.
  8. Guru will always turn right when leaving a cave!
  9. By tradition, a girl standing under Guru cannot refuse to be kissed by anyone who claims the privilege!
  10. Guru invented the wheel in the fourth millennium BC!
I am interested in - do tell me about

Oddly enough, 1, 8, 9, and 10 are all very true!


At 1/22/2006 7:24 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

HA! I love #8!!!

At 1/24/2006 12:12 AM, Blogger ghraper said...

[Brian Reagan]What other choice does he have? None!! [/Brian Reagan]

At 1/25/2006 5:00 PM, Blogger Guru said...



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Friday, January 20, 2006

Real Savings, My Friends

As my most loyal readers are aware, I switched from OSU and am now attending Franklin University. They offer their entire bachelors and masters in computer science online. If I take courses year 'round (much easier with online courses - I can take vacations, do my own schedule, etc), I can have both my bachelors and masters in a little less than 3.5 years. I wouldn't have even had my bachelors from OSU for another 2 years after that! There is more availability and flexibility, so I can take a heavier courseload.

Well, with that courseload comes books and money for books. I hit the Franklin University bookstore and the books for 2 of my classes would have been $200.00. Those of you who are "in the know" know that that is sickening, but a fact of life.

I was able to track down those books used and get them for $70.00. All I have to put up with is some highlighting (I don't care), some warped pages (got a little wet at some point), and some writing. Well, as long as I can read MOST of the pages, I'll take that 65% discount. Especially, since I only need these things for less than 3 months.

I think if you take the proper precautions and go through a reputable source, used online textbook buying is the way to go. I'm just too poor for it not to be!


At 1/21/2006 8:37 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Good deal...good deal!!!

At 1/23/2006 11:11 PM, Blogger nicole said...

Sounds like a plan! And congrats on the new school (if congrats are actually in order, here). :)

At 1/24/2006 2:17 PM, Blogger Killired said...

hey... linked to you from trinity... i too am in cols, ohio...

go check out my entry about cheap textbooks:

At 1/25/2006 5:17 PM, Blogger Guru said...

Trin: I know. I was happy not to get butt raped by the man.

Nicole: Congrats are in order. Ohio State wasn't offering my major at night, but at the new school, I can take courses at night and online. I'm very happy.

Killired: I appreciate the link. I definitely plan on getting all of my books online from now on. Nice to meet another Columbusonian.


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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Basketball Recap

Last night's game was awesome. G and I got to go see the sellout game thanks to my boss' generosity. I got great seats for the grand total cost of......... $0.00. Oh, yeah. I love when things are free, free, free! ;-)

Our View:
Free Image Hosting at

The picture makes it look a little worse than it was, mostly because my camera phone makes things look so blurry. We were able to see the game very well from our spots there in the lower bowl. Our biggest problem was the narrowness of the seats, since G and I have not-as-narrow seats! That enough is reason to stand to cheer. But, the crowd at Value City Arena doesn't stand too often. At least the sold out crowd was semi loud for this. But, I can tell why our venue is not considered one of the best in College Basketball - the crowd is not very rowdy.

But, the game itself was very exciting. We won 77-67 and handed Wisconsin their first conference loss. Two of the things that I liked best about the game were the hand motions that the student section does when "our guys" are shooting free throws. I watched them more than the players, which is good because we hit just over 50% from the line. If one guy didn't go 7-8, the team's average would have been even MORE awful. The other think I really enjoyed was this play...

Terence Dials Dunk

Terence Dials made a move toward the basket from the low post just as he got a quick, low pass through traffic. Dials scooped it up and put down a monster jam that got the crowd going WILD. Definitely the most exciting play of the night for me.

We parked for free with my OSU parking pass and got to and from the lot pretty quickly. Our biggest traffic headache was getting off of the freeway, but after that it was smooth sailing, including the trip home.

Good times.


At 1/19/2006 12:58 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Looks like you two had pretty good seats! And it's always nice to see OSU win!!!


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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

OSU Basketball

I got some tickets from my boss to go see the OSU Men's Basketball squad take on the undefeated (in the conference) Wisconsin Badgers. The seats seem pretty similar to the ones we had from my boss to go see hockey, I'll have to let you know.

I've heard that the game is sold out, so it should definitely be ON!!!

See you after the game!


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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A Real Fan

From here

I guess I'm not a big enough fan, since I didn't go out like this...

PITTSBURGH (AP) - Talk about a heart-stopping game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Indianapolis Colts.

Fifty-year-old Terry O'Neill of Pittsburgh says he was watching the game at a bar when he had a heart attack just seconds after Steelers player Jerome Bettis' fumble at the two-yard line late in the fourth quarter.

The play allowed the Colts to have a renewed chance at winning the game.

O'Neill says Bettis is his hero, and he was upset with the idea the player might have ended his career with an error.

"I wasn't upset that the Steelers might lose," O'Neill told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "I was upset because I didn't want to see him end his career like that. A guy like that deserves better. I guess it was a little too much for me to handle."

Doctors are planning to implant a pacemaker in O'Neill to help control an irregular heartbeat along with prescribing him medication to deal with hypertension.

When asked how he was feeling, O'Neill told the Tribune-Review: "The Steelers won the game and I'm still alive, so I guess I'm doing pretty good."

From now on, O'Neill says he will probably just take it easy and watch future games at home.


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Nice Gesture

Last Sunday, my Sunday School teacher - a man I greatly admire - mentioned in class that he was having some virus and spyware issues with his laptop. He had taken it to a service place and they said that they had seen what he had before and it required them to toast the computer to fix it.

After I went home for the day, I thought about it and called him and offered to take a look at it for him. I went to his house on Monday and got it from him and took it home with me (only because I was watching my young son and didn't want to have him run around their house at dinner time). I had it home for 45 minutes and I had completely repaired it. I removed over 200 viruses and the one particularly tricky piece of spyware/malware that was causing his most pressing problems.

I called him and he met me at the church (during our band practice). I gave it back to him and when he tried to pay me, I let him know that I did this for him as a friend, not as an agent of GAP i.t., and that I didn't want anything. He thanked me and went home.

Well, this Sunday he gave me a thank you card. Inside was a $50.00 gift card to Longhorn Steakhouse.

Longhorn Steakhouse

Needless to say, I was very appreciative. Fifty bones goes a long way toward a meal. Since Sunday was my FIL's birthday, and even though we threw him the large party as our present, this gift from my teacher allowed Lo and I to take him out for a nice lunch without too much of a hit to our wallet.

What a cool experience.


At 1/17/2006 12:27 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Well, that was very nice of him!!! Does he need anything else done?

At 1/17/2006 8:43 PM, Blogger nicole said...

Very nice of him and very nice of YOU for doing that without expecting anything in return. Doesn't it feel good?


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Monday, January 16, 2006

Dazzle Me, Baby

I bought a Dazzle video input device today (shown here).

I would like to be able to transfer video from my camera (not digital) to my computer and make VCDs and things from it. I don't use it often enough to buy a digital camcorder, nor do I do enough to buy a new video card with the capabilities to take RCA inputs for video. They are fairly expensive and at under $50.00, this baby should do the trick nicely.

Now I can send some of the cute things that my kids do to the relatives in PA and even to my dad on the other side of town. I can't wait to get started!


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Steeler Game - One Day Removed

Well, I was right. The NFL has come out today and said that the wrong call was made on the Troy Polamalu interception. From

Mike Pereira, the league's vice president of officiating, said in a statement that Morelli should have let the call on the field stand.

"He maintained possession long enough to establish a catch," Pereira said. "Therefore, the replay review should have upheld the call on the field that it was a catch and fumble."

I won't dwell, though. We won the game and I need to let bygones be bygones and so does the team. Denver is no joke and we have them in six short days.

If we keep up the kind of work that we put in against Indy, we should be able to definitely give Denver a game. We had 21 first downs to Indy's 15 and had the ball almost 10 minutes more. If not for a certain bad call that I said I was over, Indy never would have gotten those 8 points to even make it close.

Play of the game had to be Ben Roethlisberger's tackle on the defender who got Bettis' fumble. The guy made a great cut and Ben kept control long enough to end up with a hold on the guy's ankle until Jerame Tuman finished him off. Very good stuff.

Ben's Saving Tackle

Jerome Bettis has been my favorite Steelers player for almost a decade, but with people like Hines Ward and Ben Roethlisberger in town, it will be hard to pick a new #1 after "The Bus" retires (probably after this season). I'm leaning toward Ben, though. He wears my number and is a very cool guy. This photo says it all about where he is taking the team...

Ben Victorious


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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Steelers Moving On

I didn't get to watch the game today the way I would have liked, but I did get to see most of it. The refs seemingly tried to GIVE the game to the Colts (that WAS an INT!), but thanks to some good play and some good luck (for us, not for the liquored-up kicker), we won anyway.

I bet a former co-worker lunch that the Steelers would win, so a free lunch is in my future! More on the game and my hopes for the future tomorrow.

See ya then.


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Saturday, January 14, 2006

New Potential Crime Wave

Free Image Hosting at


At 1/15/2006 11:33 PM, Blogger nicole said...

A crime wave with a very short shelf life!


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Friday, January 13, 2006

Counting Cards

Counting Cards
Okay. So, I'm watching Numb3rs tonight and the story focused around some kids who were counting cards. This is funny, because I was just thinking about this for the past few days and it gets brought up on one of my favorite shows.

What is the big deal about counting cards? I don't see how it is cheating. If someone can keep track of what they have seen to make educated guesses on the outcome of the next "random" card - and are willing to risk money on it - why is it so frowned upon? They are just smarter than you are, that's how I see it.

Does anyone have any insight into this? What's the big deal?


At 1/14/2006 1:20 AM, Blogger Annalee Blysse said...

I heard that some casinos have a computer hooked up to their auto-shuffler now... It reads a barcode and can tell computer when the deck is against them and they can change the deck. Guess that means they can count cards, but not the patrons? I never play BJ though.

At 1/14/2006 1:31 AM, Anonymous stranger said...

yeah i think you're absolutely right. the casinos call it "cheating" just because someone is smart enough to play the odds. just another way to insure the house always wins.

At 1/14/2006 11:46 PM, Blogger Gooey said...

You know how it is, dude. Dumb people don't like being outsmarted by smart people.

At 1/15/2006 11:30 PM, Blogger nicole said...

I'm totally with you on this one. It seems like the rules penalize people with photographic memories. Wait, isn't that discrimination???


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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cute Story

Whenever my son (20 months) wakes up, he calls for me to come get him. I open the door to his room and he is standing up in his crib and as I walk around to the front, I reach over and rub his head, ruffling his hair a bit. When I leave for the day, I kiss him and rub his head. When I get home, I kiss him and rub his head.

Well, tonight when I was watching him while Lo and the girls were at cheer practice, he dragged two baby dolls over to me. He gave me one and took one himself to sit at the other end of the couch.

He told me they were babies, pointed out their eyes and such, then he gave his a kiss and rubbed its head and set it down as he left the couch. Isn't that the cutest thing?

Just like his Daddy!


At 1/12/2006 11:36 PM, Blogger A Woman From Illinois said...

So Incredibly CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 1/12/2006 11:54 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Awwww, daddy's little boy!!!

At 1/15/2006 11:28 PM, Blogger nicole said...

That must be INSANELY cute when your kids take after you. AWWWWWW!!!!!


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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Homey-Land Security

From Nicole... Title and all

Homeyland Security


At 1/12/2006 1:47 PM, Blogger Princess21 said...

That is histerical!!! :) Word!


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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

Did anyone make any New Year's Resolutions? Are they anything that is going to make it through 1 month, 2, 6?

I didn't make any this year. It isn't that I don't want to change anything about me right now, it is just that I don't really want to change anything about me right now :-)

So how about you guys? Did anyone resolve to make a better them?


At 1/11/2006 4:16 PM, Blogger Gooey said...

I really don't actually make, "resolutions," for the New Year. Most people never really keep them, and it just seems like an old cliche to me. I would like to loose some weight and manage my money better, but knowing me, it's not going to happen.

At 1/11/2006 6:39 PM, Blogger A Woman From Illinois said...

I have vowed to be happier, have more sex and to lose more weight.

At 1/11/2006 7:46 PM, Blogger Guru said...

I agree, Gooey. I hate to ever say that I've made a resolution, because people barely take you seriously for the exact reason you mention.

AWFI... We should all try to be happier, have more sex and lose weight (except for Mary Kate Olsen, Lindsay Lohan, and other Hollywood Skeletons).


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Monday, January 09, 2006

Four Things

From Trin's Blog.

Four jobs you've had in your life:
1. Cook at KFC
2. Service Center Associate at Big Bear grocery store
3. Supervisor at Bank One's Vault
4. Computer Programmer, several places

Four movies you would watch over and over:
1. A Few Good Men
2. The Matrix (1 or 2, not 3!)
3. Harry Potter (any)
4. Major League

Four places you have lived:
1. Pennsylvania
2. Virginia
3. South Carolina
4. Ohio

Four TV shows you love to watch:
1. House
2. Numb3rs
3. Ghost Whisperer
4. Grey's Anatomy

Four websites you visit daily (non blog):
1. Google
2. Tek-Tips C# Forum
4. Wikipedia

Four of your favorite foods:
1. Pizza
2. Meatball Sandwiches
3. Syrian Rice
4. Meatloaf

Four places you would rather be right now:
1. On My Home PC (upstairs at my home)
2. Watching TV (in the living room at home)
3. Napping (in the bedroom at home)
4. At home with my family (anywhere at my home)


At 1/09/2006 9:11 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Hmmm, I take it you want to be at home right now, right?!

At 1/09/2006 9:48 PM, Blogger said...

OOH, fun!

Four jobs you've had in your life:
1. Conceirge at B&B in Key West
2. Pizza Hut driver
3. Systems Admin
4. Admin Asst.

Four movies you would watch over and over:
1. Officespace
2. Harry Potter (any)
3. Sleepless in Seattle
4. Clerks

Four places you have lived:
1. Raleigh, N.C.
2. Boone, N.C.
3. Burke, VA
4. Tampa, FL

Four TV shows you love to watch:
1. House
2. Lost
3. Desparate Housewives
4. Grey's Anatomy

Four websites you visit daily (non blog):
1. Google
2. the intranet website at work

Four of your favorite foods:
1. Pizza
2. sushi
3. chocolate chip cookies
4. chicken

Four places you would rather be right now:
1. on vacation in Europe
2. on my yacht ;)
3. on vacation in South America
4. on a cruise

At 1/09/2006 10:08 PM, Blogger Guru said...

Trin... yes, I really wanted to be home.

Sarah... I forgot OFFICESPACE!!! I can watch that movie over and over and never get tired of it.

At 1/09/2006 10:50 PM, Blogger nicole said...

I love Grey's Anatomy too!!!

And I could only watch the first Matrix movie more than once. I refuse to believe that any of the subsequent installments actually exist. ;)


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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Pittsburgh and Cincy

Today is the big day. My Steelers are taking on the Bengals in the first round of the AFC Playoffs. They split their matchups this year, each taking the other out in their own house.

The game the Steelers lost, they were injury ridden and not playing good team ball. But the last few games have had the Steelers rolling and the Bengals reeling. We'll see how this one plays out.

Here is how the ESPN experts have picked the game. Only Chris Mortensen has picked the Bengals. That has me a little worried for my Steelers, but I'm sure that they've got it under control.

Expert Picks


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Saturday, January 07, 2006

More Little Me

Another neat part about reconnecting with some family that I haven't talked to in awhile is that I am finally able to get some pictures of me when I was young. Here is one where I am about five, I think. The guy on the left is my brother, my great aunt is in the middle, and that leaves me as the turkey on the right in the Snoopy shirt.

Free Image Hosting at

Before this, I only had one picture of me before age 15, and that was a picture of me at age 9 in my Hulkamania Workout Gear.

Thankfully, my aunt is pretty tech-savvy, so she can send me these kinds of things as she runs across them.


At 1/07/2006 7:07 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

That's so nice of her!

And good grief, your kids look like denying it!

At 1/08/2006 8:52 PM, Blogger nicole said...

Aww, that's great. I love family photos! :)


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Friday, January 06, 2006

Busy Week

Don't get me wrong, it has been a good week. Like I said earlier, my project launched and has done really well. At close of business today, 126 people had signed up and we've had no issues. In about two weeks, we will have a marketing blitz, but for now we are enjoying the slow rollout.

Every night this week has been something exciting. Monday was the Fiesta Bowl, Tuesday we visited my new niece, Wednesday was busy with family time, Thursday was cheerleading practice for the kids and tonight was tonight. I mean, it is the end of the week already. Zip... Zoom! There went my week. I'm sure that the weekend is going to go just as fast. If only there was a way to speed up the week and slow down the weekend.... I'll get working on that!


At 1/08/2006 8:52 PM, Blogger nicole said...

PLEASE let me know when you get that last bit accomplished. You'd be my eternal best friend. ;)


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Thursday, January 05, 2006

750 Pound Man

Have you seen the 750 pound man show on TLC? If you don't know who he is, check out this Google search. My boss told me about him, but I didn't get the totality of the story until I started watching the show at 9 tonight.

This guy was so fat that he couldn't do anything on his own and - for instance - lying on his back almost suffocated him. I can't imagine being that fat. There is a tipping point out there for individuals, I think, and once you go past that, you can just go on forever.

I'll tell you this... I don't ever want to leave Lo a widow because I died of fatness. I need to move my butt, or something.


At 1/06/2006 10:05 PM, Blogger nicole said...

I think this is the same guy they featured on the Discovery Health Channel. If so, that guy was a total JERK.

I started off feeling kind of sorry for him. But as the show wore on, I saw how he treated his poor wife and I lost just about all my pity for him.

In the end, he lost a lot of that weight but there was no guarantee that he would keep it off.

Does any of that sound familiar??

At 1/07/2006 12:24 AM, Blogger Guru said...

Not the same guy. This guy ended up dying in some fat hospital here in Ohio.

Never lost any kind of weight.

At 4/06/2006 12:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When he died, he weighed 715 pounds so he was losing. That means, while he was in Ohio, he lost 35 pounds in 3 weeks.


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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Fiesta Bowl Recap

Dizang! Phooey to all the OSU haters (over 50% of fans - and several analysts - picked ND to win the game)! OSU showed Notre Dame the kind of work that Charlie Weis has in front of him to rebuild the program. The key was merely talent, as OSU obviously had the better athletes. Kudos to OSU coach Jim Tressel for game planning Notre Dame perfectly as well. I think #47 said it best.

"I been hearing a lot about how are you guys going to beat a Notre Dame team when you give Charlie Weis four weeks to prepare for it," Buckeyes senior linebacker A.J. Hawk said. "That kind of upset me because I thought, 'What about giving coach Tressel four weeks to prepare for you?''

Word. Speaking of Hawk, he was a monster on Monday night, providing two of the five sacks on Brady Quinn. Did you know that he was dating Quinn's sister? :-P If you didn't before the game, you did afterward as they showed her more than Jim Tressel, Charlie Weis, and the broadcasters put together. Insane. What matters though is that the Irish offense was held to only 348 yards and really couldn't do much after the first couple of drives.

Free Image Hosting at

Oh, how the first half of the game was the Ted Ginn show! He scored on a long receiving TD for our first score, then again on a long run to put us up big at the half. More speed. I love the picture on the right here of him and Datish racing down the sideline, before Ginn had to blow past him. Ginn finished with 73 yards rushing and 167 yards receiving.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Antonio Pittman was awesome as well. The Irish took away the running game at first, but after the passing game had been established, we just pounded away at the run. Pittman finished with 136 yards on 21 carries and a touchdown. He sealed the game at the end with a 60 yard touchdown rush, shown here.

Free Image Hosting at

Troy Smith. Troy Smith. What else can be said about the man? He was brilliant. Troy Smith for Heisman! He finished the day with 342 yards passing, 68 % completion percentage, 2 touchdowns, and 66 yards rushing. He had more offense by himself than the entire Notre Dame team! I just love how he has grown as a quarterback and by next year, he is going to be SICK!!!! I love that guy.

Free Image Hosting at

So that is that for another year of Buckeye Football. We are losing a lot of players, but have more ready to step up. Losing Santonio Holmes will be a big loss, but with Ginn and Gonzales ready to go, we won't be hurting too much. I think the most important thing to say here is .... GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


At 1/04/2006 5:51 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Ahhhh, gotta love my man Hawk!!!

At 1/05/2006 11:22 PM, Blogger Kristi said...

Go Bucks!

I heard that quote from AJ as I listened to 610 after the game on the net. Tressel is such an overlooked and underrated coach. The lack of respect that man is given makes me sick at times.


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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Well, my big project launched today and so far, we are having no issues. This is, of course, a far cry from how our first pilot went back on October 4th and I am very grateful for that. Very important people are funding this project (and consequently my position) and are very interested in seeing it succeed. I do not want to get my butt blamed for any failures!

But, lets kill the failure talk. Success (so far) is the order of the day, so Hip-Hip-Hooray!


At 1/03/2006 6:57 PM, Blogger Gooey said...

What is this "project" you speak of?

At 1/03/2006 8:36 PM, Blogger nicole said...

Congrats on the launch of your magical project, Guru! :)

I totally know where you're coming from. I had a big ass project breathing down my neck since October that just launched yesterday. It's not totally over and done yet but that's still a huge weight off my shoulders.

At 1/03/2006 9:19 PM, Blogger Guru said...

El Project is a Patient Portal for the hospital that I work for.


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Religion as Baseball

Calvinists believe the game is fixed.

Lutherans believe they can't win, but trust the Scorekeeper.

Quakers won't swing.

Unitarians can catch anything.

Amish walk a lot.

Pagans sacrifice.

Jehovah's Witnesses are thrown out often.

Televangelists get caught stealing.Episcopalians pass the plate.

Evangelicals make effective pitches.

Fundamentalists balk.

Adventists have a seventh-inning stretch.

Atheists refuse to have an Umpire.

Baptists want to play hardball.

Premillenialists expect the game to be called soon on account of darkness.

The Pope claims never to have committed an error.


At 1/03/2006 12:38 PM, Blogger loelsh said...


At 1/03/2006 7:09 PM, Blogger Gooey said...

Holy crap this is hilarious. Being a fan of the great game that is baseball, this is truly hilarious.


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Monday, January 02, 2006

OSU v Notre Dame

Today is the day. I can't wait for the game to happen. We are heading to G and Trin's house for a Mexican Fiesta and some good ol' game watchin'.

We're about to show Notre Dame exactly why they never wanted to join the Big Ten. The competition would expose them as the mediocre program that they've become! Go Bucks!


At 1/02/2006 9:42 PM, Blogger Kristi said...

Woo hoo!!!!! Go Bucks! Overrated Irish!

At 1/04/2006 12:29 AM, Blogger mrshife said...

The Bucks kicked some Irish butt. I was totally impressed with Troy Smith.

At 1/04/2006 9:09 AM, Blogger Guru said...

Troy Smith for Heisman!


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You're a Wizard, Guru

My Inner Hero - Wizard!

I'm a Wizard!

There are many types of magic, but all require a sharp mind and a cool head. There is no puzzle I can't solve, no problem I can't think my way out of. When you feel confused or uncertain, you can always rely on me to untangle the knots and put everything back in order for you.

How about you? Click here to find your own inner hero.


At 1/03/2006 12:18 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Consider yourself not alone.


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Sunday, January 01, 2006

My New Year's Resolutions

Your New Year's Resolutions

1) Get a pet chinchilla
2) Eat more sushi
3) Travel to Brazil
4) Study abnormal psychology
5) Get in shape with midget tossing


At 1/02/2006 1:21 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

I'll have to remember that chinchilla for your b-day!

At 1/03/2006 8:19 PM, Blogger nicole said...

I got:

1) Get a pet monkey
2) Eat more Cheetos
3) Travel to Switzerland
4) Study Latin
5) Get in shape with pilates

I have NO problems with #2 and I honestly need to get started on #5.


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