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Friday, March 31, 2006

Misc. Things

Okay, so I just told you yesterday that I bought a used textbook from Amazon. I bought it on Wednesday and it was in my mailbox today. That is AWESOME! For the record, it was exactly as promised.

Also seVIIn, the band I run sound for, has a concert tomorrow night. I spent all day with the band setting up the stage, the equipment, sound checking, etc. It is going to be an awesome show. We did one back on October 22nd, and it went well, but we have two new members now and they are (IMHO) a much better fit for who we are. We also changed our name from Turning Point to seVIIn. I definintely like seVIIn much better.

We should be getting some nice photos from the concert, so I'll be sure to get them posted up here. Rock on, peeps!


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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Big Savings

I've preached it before, but I'm going to preach it again. I love buying used Amazon books. I had to get this book
Essentials of MIS

for a class at school. It is pretty new (2004) and only comes in hardcover. It retails for $126.67 on Amazon. WOW! I almost pooped a brick.

But, I scored that badboy for $34.00. I could have had it for a little bit less, but that copy was admittedly marked all over. This one is supposed to be in very good condition. In fact, I have bought from this particular bookseller in the past and was very pleased.

But shoot, for a savings of $92.67, as long as it had the right words inside in almost the right order, I'd be pretty happy!


At 3/31/2006 11:23 AM, Blogger Gooey said...

I would concur with you that Amazon is the cool for buying books for school. I remember last summer when it came time to buy books, my Discrete Math book was $115, but Steph found it new at Amazon for friggin' $6. SIX DOLLARS, BRAND NEW! The seller had a high score, and when the book came to me it was indeed new (albeit w/o a wrapping or something, but I didn't care, it was a steal).

At 4/03/2006 9:38 AM, Blogger Guru said...

Wow. That had to be stolen! :-)

Buying a new textbook is worse than buying a new car. A new car doesn't lose like 50% of it's value when you drive it for 3 months.

Ultimately, it is like this, "Hi, my name is Guru, and I am an Amazon addict."


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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bet G Had a Scare

Lisa Tucker (still bores me to tears) is gone, but not before I'm sure that G-Man got a little scare that McPheever might be gone.

Katherine McPhee

Bucky is still there (how?) and I think I heard them say that next week is country. Mama mia! Though, I would like it if Bucky got canned on country week!


At 3/30/2006 9:12 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

When we found out that McFever was in the bottom two, G about lost it! He was not a happy man last night!!!

And, I don't see Bucky going home next week since it is country week. That's his thang.

At 3/30/2006 11:25 AM, Blogger Guru said...

I don't really see Bucky going either, especially since he wasn't even bottom three this week. And HE isn't even the bad one that people from voteForTheWorst are pulling for (that is Kellie Pickler).

I wondered if G would even continue to watch Idol this season if his McPheever got bumped so early.

At 3/30/2006 2:07 PM, Blogger Princess21 said...

ok...i don't hate bucky. i know!!! but growing up in a country household....he is not that bad for his type of music. he could stop the blinking thing though. makes me dizzy!

i do NOT like paris. yuck!! Please go home now little girl!! shake that thing elsewhere!

love mandiva!!! you go girl! you rock!!!solid!!!

oh...and ace.....go home too!! The scar thing was too much...too too much! bye!!

At 3/31/2006 10:06 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

He said he would stop watching this season if that happened Guru! He said he wouldn't be able to take it...awwww, poor baby.

At 4/03/2006 9:41 AM, Blogger Guru said...

PJ: The blinking and the hair are precisely why he must go. That is not the stuff of idols! Lo was swooning over the open shirt thing, but it was a bit cheesy. I did think, however, that Paris did a good job shaking her groove thing!

Trin: Now I almost want her to go to see if he really does stop watching or if AI will ultimately call his bluff!


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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I'm so happy that House is back on. It may seem like I am a TV junkie since I talk about different shows weekly, but I only watch like 6 shows on TV. DH, GA, AI, House, Ghost Whisperer, and Numb3rs. But, I do love the ones I do watch.

That isn't to say I don't end up enjoying seeing something else on if I am available and bored some other time, but those are my must-sees. Other than that, I am so busy that I don't have a lot of time for the TV.

But, back to House. It was an okay episode, but I was so jonesing for a show that any new script would have done. I didn't know you could poison someone with gold. That crazy beeyatch. They never did say why she did it. Maybe it is just what they said, that she didn't want to be married, but didn't want to let people think she had a bad marriage. So, she slowly killed him. That makes sense.

Anyway, glad to have my routine back!


At 3/29/2006 10:20 AM, Blogger Princess21 said...

AI sucked last night, by the way!! Enjoyed House though!

At 3/29/2006 2:51 PM, Blogger Guru said...

Yeah, lots of peeps on there didn't do so well. Though, I thought it was messed up that they called Mandiva's song "indulgent".

That is a great song and she was repping who she is and who she loves. She also SANG it!


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Monday, March 27, 2006

Ocean's Thirteen

Okay. I loved the first one. I really liked the second one (though I know Trinity, for one, hated it). Now, they are coming out with a third in the series. That is right, Ocean's Thirteen.

All of the original cast members have signed back on except Julia Roberts. Catherine Zeta-Jones won't be in it, either. Ellen Barkin is the girl in this one. Steven Soderbergh will be returning as director.

The only plot point that has been leaked is that "There's going to be a heist". Thanks for that one. Couldn't figure that one out!

I don't care. I'm going to see it right after it comes out. I just enjoy spending some quality time with my good friends Danny Ocean and Rusty Ryan. Is that so wrong?


At 3/28/2006 7:36 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

No Julia?! Sounds like it's going to be like Speed 2 (when Keanu didn't return).

At 3/28/2006 10:22 AM, Blogger Guru said...

Slow down. I don't think it will be like that. Keanu was the STAR of Speed. Julia is merely a bit player in the movies. She does have the winning piece in Ocean's Twelve, but I would only make that comparison to Speed if George or Brad weren't in it. But, they have all of the members of the original heist team back for this.

Also, I thought about this later, but this will be a good gauge of how many people liked O12. Meaning, as you have said, many people saw O12 on the strength of O11. I do not dispute that. Now, if O13 makes over 300 million, then lots of people DID like O12. If it doesn't and makes say 150 million worldwide, then that is pretty damning stuff.

At 3/28/2006 12:24 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

You know what...I'll prob end up seeing this movie (eventually). I, like a lot of people, stop to look at a car wreck! :-p

At 3/28/2006 12:26 PM, Blogger Guru said...

As long as you pay your $$$, I'm fine with that. A good box office might ensure that more of these are made!

At 3/28/2006 5:18 PM, Blogger Guru said...

Oh, I just got another nugget. To quote, "It was a script issue. We didn't have a place to really use talent like theirs, two big stars like that," said Jerry Weintraub, the franchise's producer.
Weintraub said if the filmmakers hit on a good idea, Roberts and Zeta-Jones could return.

So, it wasn't that Julia and CZJ weren't down, the movie writers just didn't have a spot for their starness.

Here's hoping for quality.

At 3/29/2006 7:36 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Then why was Julia in O12?? Her role was re.tard.ed. In one part she was Julia Roberts playing Tess Ocean pretending to be Julia Roberts! What the...????

But I do hope this next one will be good. Maybe O12 was just like Die Hard 2, and O13 will be much better!

At 3/29/2006 8:08 AM, Blogger Guru said...

I'll admit that the Julia-Tess-Julia thing was dumb, but it was THE reason that they were able to make some moves at the end. That was the bulk of their plan.

I'm guessing that they realized that that was dumb and don't want to involve the women just for the sake of doing it.

btw... Die Hard 3 rocked!

At 3/29/2006 8:59 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Yeah baby!!! I loved DH3!!!!


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Sunday, March 26, 2006

I'm Getting Desperate

Man, oh man. What happened to Desperate Housewives? I used to be so enthralled in the show. It used to be that Sunday was all about DH and when they started Grey's Anatomy, I thought it was a nice additional diversion after DH.

Now, GA is my goal and DH is the road I must go through. What has happened to the stories? They used to be so action packed and suspenseful. Now, we are stuck with Bree being a drunk who has a mean, spiteful fruit for a son. It looks like even his boyfriend can't stand him sometimes.

I'm sick of just about everyone on the stupid show. What happened to the good times? The pregnant stripper storyline looks like it might have hope. Bree's daughter really screwed up handling Caleb. I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up getting attacked.

Sorry thing is, I'm almost like, "Who Cares"? Has anyone else changed their feelings about the show, or is it just me?


At 3/29/2006 7:42 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Maybe the writers had to re-work the script since the ladies haven't been getting along. Remember, they used to play cards all the time, but we haven't seen them do that in a while.

At 3/29/2006 8:08 AM, Blogger Guru said...

So you think maybe we are getting so many individual story lines because the real actresses don't like each other very much right now?

That is a very interesting theory....


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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Father-Daughter Dance

Tonight was my daughters' school's Father-Daughter Dance. It was kind of a formal occasion, so I got gussied up in my new "interview suit" and the girls put on nice dresses and got their hair and makeup done and we headed off. Here is a picture of us right before we left. (Note: I am the one in the middle!)

Guru and his daughters before the dance.

Once we got there, we got official pictures taken and then went to a craft area and the girls made purses. The theme of the dance was "A Night in Paris", so their purses had Eiffel Towers and poodles and "Ooh La La"s on them.

After that, we headed to the gym for the dance. My oldest (almost 9) didn't want to dance. She saw some friends and I let her go off and socialize. That was always such a huge part of the fun when I used to go to dances in middle school. My younger daughter (6), however, wanted to get down.

I had no idea this kid was going to go this nuts. We had a great time. She was just dancing and jumping and twisting with reckless abandon. After a few fast songs, they played a slow song so we could slow dance. She loved to be dipped and twirled. It was very cute.

Let me also say that she HAS to be the most popular kid in kindergarten. Like every 5-6 year old kid in the place was running up to her and giving her massive hugs. Their fathers would come up to me and introduce themselves and say "You are the famous girl's dad. My daughter talks about her all of the time." I had to continue to come up with fresh responses since my daughter hardly talks about any of these kids. Her teacher said she had a lot of friends, but I didn't know she had it like this. Kids were all over vying for her attention. Good for her. I hope she uses her power for good and not evil ;-).

After the slow dance, I decided to track down my oldest. I didn't want her to get home and be upset that she missed out on the fun that the younger one and I were having. Once we got back to the gym and I tried to get her to dance, she kept saying that she was embarrassed. I told her to watch her sister and the kids (and dads) around her. She can't be embarrassed to dance if we are at a dance and people are dancing!

Finally, a few songs later after she finally started dancing, she told me that this really wasn't embarrassing at all. In fact, she was having a lot of fun. She and I got to do a slow dance with dips and twirls, too. My younger daughter just slow-danced with one of her friends during the song, so there was plenty for all to do.

We then got some refreshments and did a little more dancing before collecting our crafts and heading home. We had a great time and it was nice to spend time together in such a unique way.

One final thought. The girls at the dance (K-4) LOVE Jesse McCartney. When they were ready to play his "Beautiful Soul" song, they screamed so loud you would have thought it was PAUL McCartney like 40 years ago. Who knew? Neither of my girls are huge fans, so I was unaware of the teeny-bopper love.


At 3/26/2006 8:30 AM, Blogger loelsh said...

Aw! So cute. I'm glad you guys had such a good time. I guess I have to wait a few years for the mother-son dance. But that's o.k. :)

At 3/26/2006 3:56 PM, Anonymous nicole said...

Again my POC (piece of crap) feed isn't picking up your new posts. I'm praying this problem gets rectified soon!

I just wanted you to know that I'm running across your blog on BlogMad (again). I like to let you know when that happens. :)

At 3/26/2006 3:57 PM, Anonymous nicole said...

By the way, I would NEVER have guessed that you were the one in the middle. ;)

At 5/20/2006 12:19 AM, Blogger E. said...

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Fun Night

This evening, my wife went out with her friends, so that left me with the littles. I called my father-in-law and asked the kids where they wanted to go. The girls wanted to go to McDonald's Playplace, so off we went. We let them play for about an hour and a half then came home.

They both passed out almost immediately. My son, however, was just getting started on the evening. Whenever he heard music from the movie the girls had been watching downstairs (that we have the soundtrack to and he hears over and over and sings to, etc), he would get up from almost being asleep to run downstairs and sing a little bit of the song.

Then, when his sisters were not to be found (because they were asleep), he would come back upstairs until the next song came on. Eventually, I had to just turn off the TV so that we could get the sleeping underway.

Good Times.


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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Oh, I Forgot

Did you know this....?

And now today's "American Idol" water-cooler topic: Rumors are flying on the show's set that finalist Kellie Pickler, 19, is dating last season's contestant Constantine Maroulis, 30, according to Us magazine The two met at Fox's Idol party on Feb. 18, where, a source says, they exchanged numbers. "She grew a serious crush on him," says the source. Still, Pickler tells Us she is single, saying "I'm on the market!" Fox declined to comment.

from here


At 3/23/2006 1:15 PM, Blogger Princess21 said...

I am shocked!!!

Mostly for the fact that he is 30...and that no longer seems old to me seeing as I am almost there myself!!

Oh! AND there is the fact that he is cheating on me!!! I am so disappointed in you Con!!


At 3/23/2006 2:00 PM, Blogger Guru said...

I can't believe you are so in love with him. He is a dirty, dirty looking man.

At 3/23/2006 3:10 PM, Blogger Princess21 said...

Ok....this I know....He did not look so great the other night....but you can't throw away love on account that he can't take a shower or cut his hair or buy new clothes!!!

Truth is...I was only "in love" when he sang!!! I am a sucker for a guy who can sing!!

Judge if you must!!! I so should have been a groupie!!

At 3/23/2006 3:42 PM, Blogger Guru said...

I won't judge, even though I thought he wasn't that great of a singer... :-P

I'm sure it is just like my Melissa love from this year, so I'm giving you a pass, since I understand.

At 3/23/2006 3:44 PM, Blogger Princess21 said...

Thanks!! I appreciate it!! :)

At 3/24/2006 12:55 AM, Anonymous nicole said...

I just can't stand Kellie.

Cannot STAND her dumb, southern blonde act. Can't stand how she's trying to emulate Carrie Underwood (last season's winner -- as if you didn't already know). I mean, I wasn't at all a fan of Carrie's but she had ACRES more talent than Pickler!

End rant.

At 3/24/2006 9:01 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

The girl didn't even know what ballsy meant!!! I think she is trying to be like Jessica Simpson.

At 3/24/2006 9:34 AM, Blogger Guru said...

PJ: You are welcome.

Nicole: I think she is trying to sing like Carrie and be dumb like Jessica Simpson. I can't belive that Simon thinks she will be in the final 3.

Trinity: No one is that dumb. It has to be an act!

At 3/24/2006 11:11 AM, Blogger Ashburnite said...

I agree....there is NO WAY she is so dumb that she didn't know what "ballsy" meant. As for her dating Constantine, she's annoying, but I think she could do better. They would be one of those couples that everyone looks at and thinks "what is SHE doing with HIM!!"


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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


They finally got it right. That would have been my bottom three, though I would have voted Bucky off first.

How do you all feel about that?


At 3/23/2006 9:43 AM, Blogger Ashburnite said...

I agree....the bottom 3 was what I would have picked as well, and I would have sent Bucky home, too. Now we have to look at his crooked teeth and semi-mullet for at least another week. Who in the hell is voting for the guy? I didn't think rednecks had cable and long-dastance phone service.

At 3/23/2006 9:43 AM, Blogger Princess21 said...

Even though I thought he was just the cutest little thing....he was not AI material! I do think that he was very good for his age....but he is NO Chris!!!

I am thinking the top 3 will be:
Katherine - she is just super talented and has done sooooo well!!
And maybe Mandisa or Paris - I love Mandisa. Paris I could totally leave her!

But I think Chris will win!!!

Oh...and I was so happy to see my boyfriend - Constantine - there the other night! Miss him!! :)

At 3/23/2006 10:01 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

I was very happy with the bottom three and I'm glad to see Chicken Little go. But, I think he should get a job with Disney. He would be great singing songs for their movies! :-)

At 3/23/2006 11:42 AM, Blogger loelsh said...

America actually got the bottom 3 right this time. Bucky and Kevin were definately bottom 2! I would have been disappointed if they had sent Lisa home before them.

I would have been happy either way as long as one of the two of them left and the other one leaves next week.

I think I prefer Bucky slightly over Kevin because I could not STAND Kevin's lisp. You just can't have a lisp and be a good singer. Not a good combo.

At 3/23/2006 2:07 PM, Blogger Guru said...

Ashburnite: You and I are very much alike. The teeth, the jacked up hair, and the opinion on rednecks and their technology.

PJ: Gotta be my DeeseDeese in that top 3. Did you know she was a backup singer for the Christian Musician Travis Cottrell? And on Travis' website ( he talks about her and is selling shirts? I also see that you saw my article today about your boyfriend Constantine, who also left his band to do a solo gig. Too bad. You ever see that video where he tries to do a leg kick and falls on his butt? It is great.

Trin: He definitely needs to cater to his audience of 11 year old girls.

Lo: I could have handled the lisp for another week, but Bucky's blinking is going to kill me.

At 3/23/2006 3:13 PM, Blogger Princess21 said...

I did not know that about her!! She is really talented!!!

I did not know that he was doing a solo album....nor did I see that video!!

Of course, things started going downhill with us when he did not "win" AI last year!! Love me a winner! :)

At 3/23/2006 3:45 PM, Blogger Guru said...

You can watch him fall here. Enjoy.

You are such a bandwagon groupie!

At 3/24/2006 12:57 AM, Anonymous nicole said...

Bucky has a fan club. Not because he's necessarily talented (he's not). Not because he's particularly attractive (he's DEFINITELY not). But because he's just so PITIFUL!

Don't laugh. You've got Beyonce. We've got Bucky!

At 3/24/2006 9:04 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

He's looks so very drunk in that video!

At 3/24/2006 9:35 AM, Blogger Guru said...

Nicole: You did NOT just make a comparison between Bucky and Beyonce. Beyonce is beautiful (is Bucky likely to be in any beauty ads - maybe as a before picture!). Beyonce has talent. I think you are just trying to get to me :-) Maybe Bucky is getting the pity vote.

Trin: What a winner he is, huh?


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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I went and visited my daughter's school for a little bit today. The third grade classes worked on biography projects of people that they admire.

She picked Helen Keller. She is actually a Helen Keller fiend. She has seen two "Miracle Worker" movies, read like four books about Helen, and knows all kinds of facts about her.

They then took and made tri-fold boards (like science projects) full of information about the person, including why they were famous, a timeline of their life, etc. There were a few other Helens there, some Rosa Parks, George Lucas, JK Rowling, Brett Favre, etc.

The final step was that all of the children were to dress up as the characters and stand with their projects in a large room as a sort of museum. You could walk around and ask each child questions about "themselves". It was pretty cool. Here is my daughter as Helen.

Daughter as Helen Keller in front of her project.

While I overheard a couple of kids say that they were a little embarrassed, most seemed to be having a good time and were quite knowledgeable about their people. It was pretty cool.


At 3/22/2006 8:21 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

She looks so grown up!

At 3/22/2006 10:04 AM, Blogger loelsh said...

So cute. All the kids did a great job on their projects.

At 3/24/2006 12:57 AM, Anonymous nicole said...

Wow, she's not a little girl is she! Is that totally wigging you out yet, Guru? ;)

At 3/24/2006 9:37 AM, Blogger Guru said...

Trinity: She is almost like a little person!

Lo: Yes, they did. I liked the Albert Einstein. Maybe we should put up some of the pics.

Nicole: Not wigging me out yet. I don't usually get too rattled by the growing up thing. It will probably all hit me when she is 20 or something.


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Monday, March 20, 2006

Grey's Anatomy

No new DH last night. They need to get with it or they are going to lose momentum.

I didn't appreciate the whole death cluster thing too much on GA, though there were some funny moments in the show. I liked George pursuing Christina like a hawk over that cap. It was funny when he just busted up in the girl's bathroom. That was quality.

I also liked that Izzie broke up with Alex. He is a dick. I also like that George finally got talking to that hot doctor. She isn't what Cosmo or the like might tell us is hot, but she is very good looking and sexy in my book. And, I like that George stepped up to the plate, spit some game, and got it going.

I also think Alex needed his arse beat for getting on George there at the end. Forget Alex, little punk beeyatch. I wish the show was real and I was there so I could kick the crap out of him. Of course, Lo wishes the show was real and I was McDreamy, so I guess we'll just have to deal in reality. (Sorry, Lo!)

Any thoughts on the episode?


At 3/21/2006 9:06 AM, Blogger loelsh said...

McDreamy is hot, but I think I prefer George. He's so cute!

And I've never thought Alex was all that great looking. I always see Massimo, from The Wedding Planner, when I see him.

At 3/21/2006 9:43 AM, Blogger Gooey said...

I'm sorry if I'm evil for saying this, but I was just laughing when that one chick died because of her bleeding pancreas or something, because she was afraid she would die if they operated on her before the next day. How ironic that she's a moron who thought the stars were dictating her life or something. Stupid bitch . . . .

And yay to George for finally proving he has some balls. Though, to be honest, I kind of connect with George the most, being the sort of shy, reserved, "don't want to ruin a good thing," kinda guy. DAMN MY FEEBLE RESERVATIONS! DAMN THEM I SAY!

At 3/21/2006 10:36 AM, Blogger Princess21 said... I am pretty finiky!! You have to keep me interested or else I will get bored and shut you off....which is what happened! No matter how awful it really is....I need the whole Mer/Dr. McDreamy thing!!!! Without that whole thing...I have nothing!! Bored!!

I are dissapointed in me!! :)

At 3/21/2006 3:28 PM, Blogger Guru said...

Lo: Yes, he is always going to be Massimo to me, as well.

Gooey: You are evil. That was very ironic and shows what happens when people try to control their life and "cheat death". I can definitely see you as a kind of George.

PJ: I'm so disappointed! Kidding. It is okay. But you are missing out. What could be better than G.A.? I look forward to it all week!

At 3/27/2006 7:37 PM, Blogger Kristi said...

GA is my fave right now! I hope George at least gets some from the hot doc...and kudos to casting for portraying a "real" looking woman!

I hope Denny doesn't die...he is extremely hot and perfect for Izzy.

I personally don't see what Burke sees in Christina.


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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Blog Mad

I was over at Nicole's place (she has a whole new shebang, check it out) when I read this story.

Blog Mad is a service like Blog Explosion, except that they promise a 1:1 ratio (you visit one site, your site gets seen once). They are still in invite-only beta (for another day), but it is getting a lot of viral play among bloggers.

Well, you can rate blogs as part of the service. I haven't been on there much, in fact, before earlier tonight, I'd only surfed 59 pages on there over the last 3 weeks or something. Yet, somehow, my blog was seen and voted on enough to be the fourth rated blog for today.

Guru 4th on BlogMad

Of course, Nicole is #1 (cuz she rocks), but somehow I got in the top 5 at number 4. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Even though hardly anyone comments on my blog, this is a little validation that I am getting some love.

Thank you any/everyone who made that possible. Made my day.


At 3/21/2006 10:23 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

You need to update you daily reads with her new address please!

At 3/21/2006 3:29 PM, Blogger Guru said...

Trin: Done. Though, her old address forwarded you automatically to, so I wasn't in the biggest hurry to fix it. But, for properness, I should, so I did, so I'm done. Ta da!

At 3/24/2006 12:46 AM, Anonymous nicole said...

Okay Guru, your blog is another one that's not showing any new posts in my feed. What the hell is going on???

Not blaming you but this whole feed this is annoying me. My hunch is that Blogger has screwed up yet AGAIN!

At 3/24/2006 9:38 AM, Blogger Guru said...

Nicole: Stupid blogger! Maybe I'll be cool like you and get my own place, too. I've been thinking of buying some webspace. I do web/server side programming for a living, so I'm sure I could manage a real blog engine....

Blogger, I'm about to put you on notice!


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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Taxes are Done

Knocked out my taxes today. A lot of things changed for the Casa de Guru this last year and I figured that it was possible that we might even owe this year. I took steps (ie changed my withholding) so that that probably wouldn't happen.

Instead, we are getting back the most money that I've ever gotten back. I think I might just change my withholding back a bit so that we can get more money on a month by month basis. While a lump sum is nice, giving Uncle Sam that much of an interest free loan isn't how I like to roll, either.

I love my TurboTax Deluxe. I used to do it all by hand, but that was a mistake. Walking through and just answering questions beats the crap out of trying to figure out all of the forms and whatnot.

You guys do your taxes yet? Do you do it by hand, use software, or hire a pro?

Holla at yo boy.


At 3/19/2006 9:20 PM, Blogger A Woman From Illinois said...

Done, got and spent! I have always done ours by hand except last 3 years I have used turbotax online. I do the W4's at work so they are ready on Jan 2nd or 3rd at the latest. And with only 9 employees it is pretty easy.

At 3/20/2006 10:37 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

We are using the online system...or so G tells me! We are hoping to get them finished up this week.

We will prob owe a little cause of the whole childcare thing. But, I have saved every grocery receipt from 2005, so we can claim alot!

At 3/20/2006 11:36 AM, Blogger Guru said...

AWFI: What did you spend it on? Anything fun?

Trin: If you are going with online, how are you going to do your state taxes? There is an additional charge to do state that takes the cost over just using the disk. That is why I stayed with the disk this year, until they get their pricing right.

At 3/20/2006 11:39 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Not sure how G is going to swing it (I have mentioned buying the Turbotax at Sam's, but he thought it would be just as easy to do it online)...but I'll be sure to mention the extra cost. Thanks!

At 3/20/2006 12:33 PM, Blogger Guru said...

Trin: No problem. I hope I didn't hold you guys up in getting those numbers to you when I did. For future reference, if you need them earlier, just hit me up, I'll gladly figure them whenever you need them.


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Friday, March 17, 2006

Side Effects of Today's Binge Drinking?

For those who are choosing to imbibe:

A herd of buffalo can only move as fast as the slowest buffalo and when the herd is hunted, it is the slowest and weakest ones that are killed first. This natural selection is good for the herd as a whole, because the general speed and health of the whole group keeps improving by the regular attrition of the weakest members.

In much the same way, the human brain can only operate as fast as the slowest brain cells. Excessive intake of alcohol, we all know, kills brain cells, but naturally it attacks the slowest and weakest brain cells first. In this way, regular consumption of beer eliminates the weaker brain cells, making the brain a faster and more efficient machine. This is why you always feel smarter after a few beers!


At 3/20/2006 10:38 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...



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Muldoon Mourns his Mutt

In honor of St. Patrick's Day

Muldoon lived alone in the Irish countryside with only a pet dog for company. One day, the dog died, and Muldoon went to the parish priest and said, "Father, my dog is dead. Could ya' be sayin' a mass for the poor creature?"

Father Patrick replied, "I'm afraid not. We cannot have services for an animal in the church. But there is a new denomination down the lane, and there's no tellin' what they believe. Maybe they'll do something for the creature."Muldoon said, "I'll go right away Father. Do ya' think $5,000 is enough to donate for the service?"

Father Patrick exclaimed, "Sweet Mary, Mother of Jesus! Why didn't ya' tell me the dog was Catholic?"


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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Spent the Loot

I narrowed it down and finally decided what I was going to get with my gift certificate to Amazon (story here). I decided on getting used books because then I could get two instead of one. It is always a gamble, but one that I don't mind taking for such huge savings.

I have received both of them only a few days after ordering them and they are both in very good condition. Here's what I got:

Mythical Man-Month
The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering

The Pragmatic Programmer
The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master

The Mythical Man-Month is a classic book about the human side of programming and the Pragmatic Programmer is an entire book full of tips about how to write better code by better planning and execution.

I will definitely be smarter for having read them and I'm very grateful again to my work for hooking me up with the caish.


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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

She's Gone

My Melissa got voted off.

Melissa McGhee

This just doesn't make sense. How were Bucky and Kevin not even IN the bottom three? Are they the John Peter Lewis and Scott Savols of this competition? Who is voting for these people? Rednecks can't use the phone and 11 year old girls and grannies shouldn't be up that late. This is rediculous.

On a positive note, Ace didn't fare so well either, so really the voting is not all on talent and looks.

I was hoping beyond hope that they would send Lisa Tucker home, I even had my blog planned out for it, but it was not to be. There will be a country week soon and I hope Bucky is kicked off before then. That is almost a pass for him.

Please America, vote the bad ones off!


At 3/16/2006 9:38 AM, Blogger Ashburnite said...

I was really dissapointed that Melissa went home. Honestly, despite the fact that she forgot the lyrics, I thought her performance was much better than Kellie's. Just goes to show- a lot of the voting is based on likeability, not on their performances. I was really surprised about the bottom 3- I would have picked Bucky (hate him- someone please fix the boy's teeth), Kevin (the cute thing is getting very old), and Lisa (boring). I actually though Ace's performance wasn't that bad, certainly not bottom 3 bad.

At 3/16/2006 11:39 AM, Blogger Guru said...

Ashburnite: I agree 1000% with your idea for a bottom three. We have very similar idol tastes.

At 3/16/2006 3:42 PM, Blogger Princess21 said...

Sorry for your loss!!

At 3/16/2006 8:07 PM, Blogger A Woman From Illinois said...

I have not liked Kevin from the beginning. I can not say he can not sing but his voice just rubs me the wrong way. My pick is Chris. A rocker at heart and bald to boot!!!!!!!!

At 3/17/2006 4:38 AM, Blogger Guru said...

PJ: Thanks. Even if you don't really mean it.

AWFI: Chris is my pick, too. I fear that the "cuteness factor" will keep Chicken Little around for far too long!


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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

American Idol

Idol was pretty good tonight. I was excited to hear the Stevie Wonder stuff, but people avoided some of his bigger hits (maybe because they were too safe?).

Bucky did okay, but I reeeeaaalllly want him to go home this week. If they are doing two, the other should be Kevin Covais. What was up with the way he was moving his feet? It was like they were magnetized to the stage and he couldn't pick them up very far.

I know she's a pretty good singer, but Lisa Tucker bores me to death. She isn't the American Idol, so if she leaves any time soon, I won't be sad.

Ace wasn't that great. If they go by pure singing ability, he shouldn't even make the top 4.

Elliott Yamin sang well. "Pick Pickler" did, too. I understand that Kellie's song may not have had a ton of excitement in it, but she sang it.

"Deese Deese" (Mandisa) was good, too. I think she should keep singing her fine self to at least the top 4.

Chris knocked it out of the park again. He should really win. I think it is definitely his time.

Paris was pretty good. She brought back the things that I liked best about her, but she isn't in my ideal "Final Four" in this competition, either.

Taylor was great. He isn't in my "Final Four", either. In fact, I think that says something about this year's competition. There are a lot of talented people here this year. Record execs would be dumb not to hand out at least 6 or 7 contracts. Season two had 4 or 5 people make albums, so it isn't unheard of.

McPheever was good and she looked good. My girl Melissa forgot her words (I jumped up when she did it and pointed at the screen), but Simon said it was her best performance ever. Hmmm. Look. I love the girl, but I am worried she might go home. When she said she had been gurgling and swallowing before singing, I made a crude joke, but it was Lo who asked after Simon's comment if she had been gurgling him. :-)

For the record, my "Final Four" would be Deese Deese, Elliott, McPheever, and Chris, with Chris the Idol. You guys have any opinions?


At 3/15/2006 12:00 PM, Blogger Princess21 said...

I thought last night was a good show. I think this year is going to be super tough. Each one is so is just down to how many people like them...cause they can all sing!! But not all are AI material.

I have no guess on the top 4. I just think Chris should win!! He is so totally awesome!!

But I do think that we will be seeing most of these artists doing there thing one way or another!!

At 3/15/2006 1:24 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

I love Chris! He def deserves to win! And I think Kat will get second place to him.

I also love Mandisa and Paris. They both have fantastic singing voices (even though I hate Paris' talking voice).

Btw, I think your girl Melissa is going home tonight since Kevin is still a little too popular to be sent home.

At 3/15/2006 3:19 PM, Blogger Guru said...

PJ: Chris is the man, and Lo thinks he is a "gorgeous man", to boot. I hope we do see many of these artists again.

Trin: I actually want Deese Deese to come in second. If not her, then Elliott. McPheever doesn't get me going all the way to number 2. I hope you are wrong about Melissa, I really do.


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Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday, Monday

Just finished uploading this week's band practice to our website and I'm about to hit the hay. I have a big day ahead tomorrow (culminating in some serious American Idol watching tomorrow night!).

I got my rough draft back today for a persuasive essay that I wrote. Here were my professor's comments:

The paper on "Debt-Free Living" was superb! There were just two VERY
small errors. Your paper was quite persuasive and the organization was
strong; in fact, it was the best persuasive essay I've graded!

That doesn't suck. I'm like a human paper factory over here now. I had to churn out 4 of them for this past week and I have several more due this week. It is definitely getting easier. I can knock out two pages, APA format, with references and citations now in my sleep. Maybe this stuff is worthwhile after all. I am learning......


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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Grey's Anatomy

Man, George's haircut was really bad. He's still the man, and I like him being all cool with Burke, but the cut was bad.

Alex is acting like an arse again. Can't stand "teh 'Dith" right now. She is really wearing on my last nerve.

I really want to see George hook up with that one doctor chick. She is veryfine and George needs to be happy.

I'm glad now that McDreamy is going to pay his wife some attention. She didn't need to be chasing attention from some dumpy father-to-be.

What happened to McSteamy? I thought he was going to be trying to put in some time? Maybe he'll pop up again now that McDreamy is serious about being married.

I felt some respect for that hockey player at first and his willingness to play through pain for the dream. I even felt a little awed that he would chop off the finger and play a good game. But, at the end, when he kept going on about "the internet", "the internet", "but, the internet...", he just sounded dumber and dumber. Maybe that was the point?

Anyone have thoughts on the episode?


At 3/13/2006 12:02 PM, Blogger Princess21 said...

I did not watch this week! I was lead astray by the movie "How to Loose a Guy in 10 days"! Oooopps!!

I get bored way too easily!!!

At 3/13/2006 5:07 PM, Blogger Guru said...

Say it ain't so, PJ. We have that movie on DVD, I could have hooked you up. No need to miss Grey's. Oh, my.

At 3/15/2006 1:11 PM, Blogger Princess21 said...

I know!! Shame on me!! But I was fliping back and forth....but not to interested!!!

Meridith is getting on my nerves. I really want Dr. McDreamy to leave his wife. Lizzy is not on my good side right now!! You know, cause this is all real.....and I have a right to feel this way! :)


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Saturday, March 11, 2006

He's a Bad Motha...

I watched Shaft (with Samuel L.) for the first time today. I know, welcome to, like, six years ago! We were going out and I noticed that it would be on, so I set it for the DVR and caught it just now.

It was pretty good. Shaft is one bad motha... shut yo mouth! The story line was a little weak (they brought so much in, but didn't really fill it in), but the character (Shaft) kept me watching. To make it better, they should have spent more time and more scenes with Shaft.

My favorite moment was when he beat the crap out of that corner gang member for working with that 12 year old boy. That was hardcore bada$$.


At 3/13/2006 12:14 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

G and I saw the movie when it came out. He feel asleep and I was bored to tears.

At 3/13/2006 5:12 PM, Blogger Guru said...

Well, G falling asleep would never deter me from a movie! He has snoozed through some good ones.

I would have been mad had I payed for the movie.

Of course, I like movies that are all around good, but I think the reason why I can enjoy movies like Ocean's Twelve and this new Shaft is because I just enjoy spending time with familiar characters or characters that I like, even if they are in crappy situations.

I like Shaft. I like Daniel Ocean. I like Ford Prefect. That is how I get through less than perfect vehicles that they may be in.

I would definitely prefer that their movies BE better, but I takes whats I's cans gets.


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Fantasy Mousepad

Fantasy Mousepad


At 3/12/2006 2:01 AM, Blogger Gooey said...

This is the pad I use:

Kinda contradicts yours.

At 3/12/2006 11:41 AM, Blogger Guru said...

I should be ashamed of myself! Yours definitely is more wholesome.

Know what else would work? A picture of one's mom on a mousepad, maybe with a text balloon warning you about what you are surfing.

It is hard to try to find that latest celebrity sex tape or nipple slip with one's mom "watching" you.


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Friday, March 10, 2006

Off Work Today

I started feeling bad at the end of the day yesterday and figured that I was getting what my daughter has missed two days of school with, so I asked for today off.

Good thing, too. I am feeling really bad, coughing, pounding headaches, and a fever of 101 - over a half hour after taking Tylenol.

I don't like being sick, I want to go have fun and enjoy the nice weather. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow and can get to enjoying this weekend.

On a side note, my wife was very helpful this morning. I had promised that I would take my girls to school and get them donuts in the morning, like I used to when they attended private school. She took them for me so I could rest and then brought me back some donuts, too. That is love, baby.


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Thursday, March 09, 2006


Well, Kinnik is going home. Stevie Wonder could see that coming. Ayla, too. I'm glad that little Melissa is staying. Another week of eye candy for the Guru.

For the men, Will is gone and Lo is sad. She thinks he is a cutie-pitootie-bootie. Getting rid of Gedeon was a mistake. Bucky is crap. Complete and utter crap. Why is America doing this to me? Is he this year's Scott Savol? Please, Lord, no.

And as a side note, Bo Bice's song SUCKED OUT LOUD. He didn't sing well and the song itself was bad. Very bad. How has that mofo almost gone platinum?

Someone, explain this all to me! Please?!?!?


At 3/10/2006 9:17 AM, Blogger Ashburnite said...

I am actually VERY happy that Gideon is gone. If I had to look at that stupid grin for 1 more week I was going to hurl! Plus, he was cocky.
Don't worry- Bucky won't last long.

At 3/10/2006 10:31 AM, Blogger Princess21 said...

OMGosh!!! I was sooo excited to see Bo sing....and that is what I get???!!!! Seriously???

It was horrible.....the whole thing....flinging the mike stand around...the words....the notes....the EVERYTHING!!!! What happened to my sweet Bo Bise??? What???

I am heart broken!!! :)

Oh, and I am soooo glad Gideon is gone!! Not too fond of his attitude. I actually kinda like Bucky. He has heart!!!

And Melissa, Guru??? Ewwww!!! I want so bad to send her money to go and buy clothes at the big girl stores....not the toddler section!!! There is a way to look hot and sexy....and it is not wearing your baby sister's clothes!!! :)

Sorry Gu!


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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Idol - Final 8 Girls

Who is going home? Kinnik probably has to go. Who else? I am not the biggest Lisa Tucker fan in the world. She may be big some day, but she isn't really there yet, in my opinion.

I like "Pick Pickler", but I think Simon is nuts for saying that he prefers her to Carrie Underwood. Is she trying to "Jessica Simpson" us by saying "sal-mon"?

I love Mandisa as always and I love Melissa McGhee just for her body. She sings well, but if she went, I'd just miss getting to see her every week. Lo gets Ace and Chris, can't I have my Melissa?

The judges seem to really want Ayla to get through. I like her, too, but if she doesn't make it in the singing world, she should do modeling. She is tall, very pretty, and she could do lots of markets because I think guys would respect her athleticism.

I love Paris, too, but she isn't singing the kinds of songs that bring out the aspect of her voice that I like the best. The part that was in full display during her audition. It showed up for a short few notes last night, but then she killed it.

What do you all say? Who is going home? Who did the best? ('Disa!)


At 3/08/2006 8:42 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

I think Ayla should go on home. She has that basketball scholarship, so she doesn't need a singing career.

And, Kinnik should def be going home tomorrow!!!

At 3/08/2006 9:15 PM, Blogger nicole said...

I'm expecting it to be Kinnik and that random Rockergirl (whose name I can never remember). They're not necessarily the least talented but neither of them have managed to successfully connect to the audience. I really don't think they'll pull in many votes.

But if I had my way, it would be Kellie and Ayla.

At 3/09/2006 1:46 PM, Blogger Ashburnite said...

I think that there is no way Kinnik is not going home tonight.
I used to like Kellie, but now I'm starting to think that "I'm such a cute, dumb country girl" thing she has going on is an act. No one is that naive.

At 3/09/2006 4:00 PM, Blogger Guru said...

Trin: Not Ayla. Hers is pretty!

Nicole: Kinnik seems to be a consensus. I think random Rockergirl you want to ditch is my great-bodied Melissa. She needs to stay around a bit longer.

Ashburnite: If it is up to us, Kinnik is gone, I guess. I'm sure Pickler's shtick is an act, that is her attempt at appeal. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett

Man, what a sad day for baseball fans. Kirby Puckett has died at age 45. Kirby was a fantastic player whose career was cut short by glaucoma. He hit for average, was a great teammate, and played an awesome center field. When the big game was on the line, he was there. In the 1991 World Series Game 6, he robbed Ron Gant of extra bases with a great catch and then hit the walk off homer in the bottom of the eleventh after promising his team that he would take care of things.

He was also my dad's favorite player. My dad was a fan because Kirby was a short "big guy", who loved to play the game. We had nicknames for him like "The Rotund Stump of Thump" and "Pucky Kirbett".

Kirby was a Hall of Famer who, in 12 seasons, had a career batting average of .318, six Gold Gloves, and 10 All-Star game appearances.

Some Kirby-related thoughts

  • I know what was alleged against him and I know that the courts found him not guilty, but I hope most of it also wasn't true.

  • Kirby is the second youngest Hall of Famer to die, behind the great Lou Gehrig.

  • Kirby had the most hits of any 20th-century player in the first 10 calendar years of his career A nice indicator of his greatness.

  • Chris Rock was talking once about white people on welfare. He gave Minnesota as an example. According to Rock, the only black people in Minnesota are Prince and Kirby Puckett. That cracks me up to this day.


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Brokeback Jokes

I know you are all tired of Brokeback Mountain jokes, but I hadn't seen these and some of them made me chuckle, so I'm sharing..

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at


At 3/08/2006 1:45 PM, Blogger Princess21 said...

Love the John Wayne one!!!

At 3/08/2006 8:53 PM, Blogger nicole said...

We forgive you since they're funny. ;)

At 3/08/2006 11:00 PM, Blogger The Great and Powerful Oz said...

"I wish I could quit these jokes!"


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I Never Sleep, Cause Sleep is the Cousin of Death

I am normally not a fan of sleep. But recently, I am wearing myself out and trying to sleep all of the time.

I actually took a three hour nap on Sunday afternoon and then went back to bed at the normal time. I then actually overslept my alarm on Monday morning.

A vacation is looking more and more inviting....


At 3/08/2006 8:51 PM, Blogger nicole said...

I froze at that first sentence -- not like SLEEP??? How is that possible?

It's actually alarming how much I adore slumber. I can't get enough of it.

But I shouldn't be shocked. My mother's not much of a sleep fan either. I guess I didn't inherit any of this from HER!


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Monday, March 06, 2006

Big Ten Champs

Congrats to the Men's Basketball Buckeyes. While the eyes of Columbus were on next year, when the famed "Thad Five" of Gred Oden, Mike Conley, David Lighty, Daequan Cook, and Othello Hunter comes in as the best ranked recruiting class in the nation. But this year's four seniors had something to say about it.

Here is Thad Matta greeting the four seniors (JJ Sullinger, Terrence Dials, Matt Sylvester, and Je'Kel Foster) as they came off the floor Sunday in our win over Purdue to clinch the outright Big Ten title.

Free Image Hosting at

This is the first time that the OSU men have won an outright Big Ten title since 1992 and only the second time since 1971, so this is a big deal. We are also the first Big Ten school to have the championship in both men's and women's hoops! Big ups to the ladies as well.

OSU is definitely a football school, but it is really great to have our hoops program get some national attention. With the way that Thad Matta recruits and coaches, this should be the norm for years to come. He is a lock for Big Ten Coach of the Year and could win National Coach of the Year if the cards fall right.

As always, Go Bucks!


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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Stupid Oscars

I was so excited. I thought, "Okay, crazy weekend. I still have my DH and Grey's Anatomy to get me through."


Freaking Oscars. A bunch of movies that critics like getting noticed. Ernest Goes to Camp never won an Oscar so the whole process is suspect if you ask me.

Did anyone watch it? Why?


At 3/06/2006 12:05 AM, Blogger nicole said...

Yes, we watched it.

Why? Two words: Jon and Stewart. He rocked it.

It was actually an appropriate venue for him since he's used to doing the deadpan schtick in front of a live and sometimes unresponsive audience.

We were also thrilled to see the first rap ensemble walk away with the first, ever "Original Song" trophy. Jon was equally thrilled.

All in all, it wasn't bad this year. And this is coming from a fellow Grey's fanatic!

At 3/06/2006 12:06 AM, Blogger nicole said...

And by "first every 'Original Song'" trophy I mean the first rap ensemble to ever win one. Not that I researched this fact. You could just tell by everyone else's stunned response that it was probably the case.

At 3/06/2006 9:46 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

I watched part of it. I really wanted to see if my man Joaquin would win best actor (he should have, but it went to a dork instead). But, Reese won best actress, so I'm happy!


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Saturday, March 04, 2006


Today was a tad hectic. I was up for several hours in the middle of the night because my son woke up screaming and only wanted me. I ended up having to get up, take him downstairs, and play and watch some TV with him.

Then, I was up again to receive the daughter of a friend of ours since we were going to watch her today. Then, at 10am, it was off to band practice. Practice was supposed to be 10-2, then I arrive and it is 10-3, but I didn't leave there until 4pm and after taking our gear back to the one guy's house, I didn't get back home until 4:40.

I had to be at my nephew's birthday party at 6pm, where I stayed for over 2 hrs (and got some good news that some of you will no doubt be hearing about soon - you gets no more than that, though!).

I then came home and watched a little TV. Now it is bed time. I still have some homework that I need to get done, but fortunately, it should be pretty easy. We'll see. Another weekend of unrest.

I'm going to need to take a vacation from my weekends now!


At 3/05/2006 11:17 PM, Blogger nicole said...

Wowzers! Sounds like your work week won't be quite THAT hectic!

But how sweet was it that you were the only one who could console your son? Awwww!

At 3/06/2006 10:03 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

The news has been posted!

At 3/06/2006 1:40 PM, Blogger Guru said...

And what wonderful news it is. For those who aren't regular readers to both blogs, Trinity is preggers. If you follow her blog, she has wanted this for a very long time.

Check her out.

At 3/06/2006 1:41 PM, Blogger Guru said...

Yeah, my son is starting to be a real daddy's boy. My girls are that way, too. Usually, it is quite an honor. Then, sometimes (meaning middle of the night emergencies) it can be a tad difficult.


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Friday, March 03, 2006

I Love My DVR

I am free from the hassles of "The Man's" TV schedules. I finally got rid of my 11 year old VCR and joined the 21st century and got a DVR through our cable company.

Motorola DCT6412

Their service is $13.00 a month and that includes the box. TiVo is $12.00 a month, but you have to buy your own box. I can know that if anything ever goes wrong, it gets replaced. If a new one comes out, it gets replaced. That is worth $1.00 a month to me.

As it is, this has a 120 GB Hard Drive that lets me record 90 hours of TV, and the dual tuner so I can record one thing and watch another. I have already put it to good use, watching 2 hours of TV last night in 1 hour and 25 mins. That is a time saver right there. At my hourly wage, I've saved well over two years of the difference in service costs right there!

We had a little trouble with it the first night, though. Everything was great, we were pausing live TV and life was good. I recorded Jeopardy and was set to record Tuesday's Idol, except everytime I tried to record, all of a sudden it was talking about going to VCR instead of DVR.

I called support and the guy talked to me like I was a moron. ("Move two buttons to the left, the one with the square, do you see it?") Problem was, he was the moron. Everything he said was contrary to the manual. He was going to hang up with me after having me program a recording (to VCR, btw) an hour in advance, telling me it would be on the DVR when the show was over.

That was the biggest lie ever. I snapped and called him on it. I told him I shouldn't see the letters VCR, the "My DVR" button on the remote should work, and there should be DVR menus off of the main menu. He had no reply and promised someone would call me on Wednesday.

After I hung up and was about to check the machine out a little more closely, I noticed something. Rather, I noticed a lack of something. No hard drive noise. In order to record live TV, the DVR is always taping a 2 hour loop of shows. No noise. No hard drive == no DVR features. So, I unplugged the box, waited 30 seconds and plugged it back in. It booted up and what do you know? The menus were there, the button worked, and no more mention of VCRs. Tech support, my hiney!

But, besides that, it is very cool and easy to use. My wife even set it up to record! :-) I highly recommend it to the 5 people out there who don't yet own one.


At 3/05/2006 9:11 PM, Blogger A Woman From Illinois said...

We also love our DVR. Wish we had one years ago.

At 3/05/2006 11:15 PM, Blogger nicole said...

I'm jealous!

I wish I could have my DVR back. Instead I'm stuck with this unecessarily complicated and overly illogical TiVo that DirecTV stuck me with. UGH!!!


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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Wednesday's American Idol

First let me start by saying that my wife called the Chicken Little reference a week ago. We think Ryan Seacrest must read her blog!

Secondly, let me say that I think that the men are much more deep in talent than the ladies. I wish that 8 men and 4 women could go to the finals rather than the 6 and 6.

Chris Daughtry was incredible. The judges had it exactly right when they said that what he did on stage was "for real", meaning you could tape that and play it on the radio now. Many of the other songs weren't ready for that kind of action.

Elliot Yamin was very good, too. I have never voted in any of the American Idol seasons before this, but Chris was so good that I felt like I was doing the world a disservice by not slapping in some votes. So, I voted 8 times for him and 5 times for Elliot for good measure.

This Idol was the first show that we watched using our new DVR. I had school stuff to do and Lo had church stuff, so we were going to miss Idol. I finished up and saw the last three contestants and as a tribute to how good Chris was, I sat and could not wait for his performance to come on again. Sometimes, when something happens, you build it up in your head that it was really great and when you hear it back - not so much. Not this time. I know I said it earlier, but that was a PRO performance.

Who should go this week? I don't know. If you go by who did the worst, Chicken Little and the crooner should go, though cases could be made for Ace and Sway, too. The problem is that Ace isn't going anywhere, and the same people that voted last year's crooner through are likely to do it again. And if Chicken Little is getting that much 11 year old love, he might be safe. That worries me. I worry that some really deserving talented individual will get cut so that some of this teenybopper crap can continue.

What do you guys think?


At 3/05/2006 11:14 PM, Blogger nicole said...

First off, congrats on your DVR -- isn't it great?? Just between you and me (and everyone else who reads this blog) I like the generic DVRs much more than the name brand TiVo. This thing has been a pain in my *bleep* in more ways than one.

Second, I (and possibly every other Idol viewer) totally agree with you on the guys being way better than the girls.

I've actually liked Chris since the auditions but I'm probably the ONLY one that thought Wednesday night was owned by Elliott's performance.


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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


My boss bought us all Chipotle yesterday, and man was it good. We faxed ahead our order, so it was just in and out at the restaurant. But, that results in the best burritos, also.

They are good when they are fresh, no doubt, but I like them best when they have been prepared for ten minutes or more. My theory is this: you take a fresh hot burrito and wrap it in foil, it marinates in itself. The juices from the meat and (in my case) hot salsa soak into the rice and into each other. It is such a good thing, made better by the fact that it was FREE.

Chipotle is the fuel from which programmers do their best work. - Guru


At 3/01/2006 11:21 PM, Blogger nicole said...

I love Chipotle. It amazes me that anything made by a McDonald's-owned company could POSSIBLY taste that good. Still fattening as hell, though.

So what'd you think of tonight's American Idol...?

At 3/01/2006 11:22 PM, Blogger loelsh said...

Mmmmm, Chipotle! Yum!

At 3/02/2006 9:58 AM, Blogger Guru said...


I just my Idol thoughts up. Chris was great. I'd pay money for his album now. And, FWIW, Randy Jackson does drop a lot of names, doesn't he?

Lo, Yum, indeed.

At 3/02/2006 10:42 AM, Blogger Princess21 said...

I luv Chipotle!!!! YUMMM!

At 3/03/2006 8:06 AM, Blogger cube said...

I've never heard of the franchise. We don't have them here in Florida, but they sure sound tasty.


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