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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lee Freaking Corso

Okay, what is the deal? I am about to watch the OSU vs. Iowa game and Lee Corso just picked Iowa to win. What is his problem? He picked Texas to beat us as well when we visited there for our last night game. Why can't we get any freaking respect from the TV talking heads?

I hope at the end of the game we can just say, "Scoreboard!"


At 10/02/2006 8:15 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

I really don't like that guy!

At 10/03/2006 10:35 AM, Blogger Kristi said...

He makes me laugh. The guy I can't stand is Brent Mussberger. He kisses so much Irish and Wolverine a**.


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Friday, September 29, 2006


Today didn't turn out to be such a bad day at work. It started out with our normal 9am Friday staff meeting. Normally, this meeting lasts 20-30 minutes. Today it took an hour. My boss (the owner) took some time to catch us up on what has been going on with the company. He gave us some really exciting feedback and had lots of good things to say about the parts of our future that are extremely certain.

At the end of the meeting, he asked if anyone had any questions. Many of my co-workers had been concerned about a certain issue with a current project and deadlines and I admit that I was a bit, too. I decided to be a leader and bring the concerns to the fore. The question was received well and my boss gave a very good explanation.

After lunch, I stopped by his office to let him know that I wasn't insinuating that he was an idiot or anything and I explained about some of the prevailing concerns among my co-workers that prompted the question. He thanked me for bringing it up and told me that he was glad that I spoke up because otherwise, he wouldn't know of these concerns.

After that meeting, I finished up some major pieces to my current programming assignment and was very pleased with the results. All in all, I'd say it wasn't a bad way to end the week!


At 9/29/2006 9:43 PM, Blogger Alex said...

I hear ya! My day ended pretty good too. My middle tier object I have been working so hard on is starting to pay off. Now I'm working on some "bells and whistles" on the application, and I made some huge strides in that today. Must be in the air!!

At 10/02/2006 10:14 PM, Anonymous nicole said...

You must work for the most level headed, well adjusted managers in existence. My peeps don't truck with any staff opposition.


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Thursday, September 28, 2006

When is a Flat Not a Flat?

So, I'm coming home from a friends house the other night and a truck on the freeway spills lots of crap on the road. I dodged most of it, but it sounded like I hit something. I braced myself for a blowout, but nothing came. I got home and everything looked good.

The next day, I drove the 40 miles to work and right before I pulled into my parking lot, I noticed a thunking noise. I checked it out and found what looked like a bent-up coat hanger sticking out of my back right tire. It was ridiculous. However, my tire was still inflated, so I was grateful. At the end of the day, I changed to my spare - just in case - and headed home.

I drove the minivan to work today and Lo took my car to the tire place. It turns out that the wire didn't even puncture my tire. It was only stuck superficially into the tread. The tire guy just pulled it out and remounted the tire.

If I had been brave, I could have just taken it out and been "spare"d the tire changing routine. Oh, well. It was good practice!


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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sad Sight

Yesterday, as I was leaving work to go hang out with some friends for about an hour, we passed a house right next to the freeway entrance ramp that had a bunch of police cars in front of it. As we got closer, we saw a ton of police in vests, guns drawn. Getting even closer, we saw that the police had a bunch of people face down on the ground, being cuffed while held at gunpoint.

That wasn't the saddest part, though. The saddest part was that another officer was carrying a young child (5 or under) away from the action and the child was reaching back for the adults who were on the ground, crying and screaming his head off.

I felt so bad for that kid. I hope that he has other, more solid relatives to go and live with and that he won't have to go in to foster care sad and alone.

That was so sad and disturbing that it bothered me all last night and into today.


At 9/27/2006 7:42 PM, Anonymous nicole said...

It's even sadder to think about what this poor child has been LEARNING from his or her parents all this time. I'm sure the ideology that led to the behavior that led to the arrest was probably passed on to the kid. :(

At 9/29/2006 2:12 PM, Anonymous Reluctant Kerry said...

This kind of thing is incredibly tragic. A couple minutes ago I just hung up after a telephone hearing with a family and the DHS. I'll spare you the details, suffice to say that I can totally relate.


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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cheap Gas

Shell Gas at $1.96 a Gallon

Who would have thought that I ever would have considered $1.96 a gallon "cheap", but the way things were about 6 weeks ago, it really is. And, as someone who has to drive 45 mins to an hour to work each way, I certainly appreciate it.

I don't know if you can tell from the phone picture or not, but that picture is of a Shell Station rocking the gas for $1.96. The place up the road actually had it for $1.95, but I couldn't get a good shot of that.

I hope it stays down at these levels for awhile!!!


At 9/26/2006 10:20 AM, Anonymous nicole said...

$1.96??? I am so jealous!

Though I'm thrilled to see prices plummeting out here, too, even if it's only to like $2.36. The lowest I've heard of out here is $1.99 but that's out in the boonies.

At 9/26/2006 10:21 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

G had to call me at the gas station last night to let me know he was getting gas for $1.95...he was so happy! :-P

At 9/27/2006 8:19 AM, Blogger Gooey said...

I just hope this isn't temporary.

I also hope it's not a ploy by the Republican party to try and regain some trust in the American people.

At 9/27/2006 9:01 AM, Blogger Guru said...

Nicole: You poor east coasters. Your cost of living is so high!

Trin: It is a happy happy time!

Gooey: Ummm, the Republican party has no say so in the gas dropping like this. The price of a barrel of oil has dropped to its lowest level in months on the open market. You give the Republicans if you think they can manipulate a market where the commodity is held by people that hate the United States. We are going through a cycle that I heard experts predict months ago (though we are about 2 months ahead of what I heard predicted at the time).


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Monday, September 25, 2006

The Weekend That Was

Well, I survived the single parent thing. No big problems arose and the children are all intact. I've already covered what I did Friday, so I'm just going to talk about the rest of the weekend.

Saturday, the kids and I ate at Wendy's and then went to Walmart where my oldest spent the last $25.00 of her birthday money on a boom box. It is pretty nice and she really wanted a radio that she could use to easily listen to music in her room (she only had her computer or her DVD player previously) or take outside so that she and her friends can practice their "dance routines".

After that, we visited with the girls' grandfather for about 20 minutes before I dropped my son off at his great grandparents' house so that the girls and I could go watch the OSU game at my co-worker's house. It was a good thing, because there were three large dogs there and my son would NOT have had a good time.

When I went back and picked my son up, he had been running a fever and just generally not feeling good. In fact, all night he had me up and down between medicine doses and getting his drink for him. Not good times, but I felt so bad for him!

Sunday we didn't go to church because my son was still running a fever. I did watch the abomination that was the Steeler game, however, though I wish that I didn't. The girls played most of the day and I took care of the sick one.

By the time that Lo got home, I had knocked out some chores, though. I had done three loads of laundry, a load of dishes, taken the trash out, cleaned the toilet, put my son's carseat back together (from when the outer layer had been washed), and put it back in the van. I also got the children to clean the living room, dining room, and their room. Whew!

Busy weekend. Glad I get to rest today... by going back to work!


At 9/25/2006 9:04 AM, Blogger loelsh said...

You did a great job, honey! I am glad I did not have to come back to a trashed home. That would have been stressful!

Hopefully the boy will be feeling much better soon!

At 9/26/2006 10:22 AM, Anonymous nicole said...

Yeah, you were definitely Mr. Mom this weekend. Great job! I'm thrilled that I've managed to keep CATS alive this long. ;)

At 9/27/2006 10:26 AM, Blogger Guru said...

Lo: Thanks. I wanted your homecoming to be as good as your trip!

Nicole: Cats! That is funny. I'm sure you could keep kids alive, they aren't that much different from cats, except for the fur, the hairballs, the litter box, the food, the tails.... okay they are nothing alike, nevermind!


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Sunday, September 24, 2006

OSU vs Penn State

Troy Smith vs Penn State
Well, it was a little scary at first, but we ended up putting it away at the end! Troy finished 12/22 with 115 yards, 1 TD and his first two INTs of the season. However, Smith's touchdown was a thing of beauty and showed why he is in the Heisman race. Antonio Pittman was our most consistent offensive performer and finished with 20 carries for 110 yards (a 5.5 ypc average) and a TD.

James Laurinaitis vs Penn State
For a second game, the defense was all over stuff. James Laurinaitis had another interception and was in on practically every running play or short pass (our new AJ Hawk?). The defense was also responsible for sealing the game for us. Back to back Penn State possessions were ruined when Malcolm Jenkins and Antonio Smith took interceptions back for touchdowns.

In fact, this defense that was supposed to be the Buckeye's weakness is allowing opponents only 8 points per game on average and has only allowed 3 touchdowns. Penn State only managed 2 field goals and we won 28-6.

Good game for the conditions and it showed that we can win when things aren't hitting on all cylinders.


At 9/24/2006 11:02 PM, Blogger Gooey said...

It was definately a beautiful game at the end. I was worried for a while, then Smith had his BEAUTIFUL throw into the end zone for an amazing TD, and followed by two interceptions that also resulted in TDs.

If Smith doesn't get the Heismen, I'll probably cry.

At 9/25/2006 7:40 AM, Blogger Guru said...

I agree. There wasn't a lot of yelling in my group until late in the game, but once that deluge started, you couldn't shut us up!

At 9/25/2006 12:09 PM, Blogger Witness Street said...

I'm hardly an avid fan of American football, but could you imagine OSU with LeBron James as its running back? Hmm.. =)

At 9/25/2006 3:15 PM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

We just happen to have a new name for Penn State's coach...Joe Poop.


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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Socialist or Capitalist?

Not a bad description of how I feel about things...

You Are 72% Capitalist, 28% Socialist

In general, you support a free economy and business interests.

You tend to think people should fend for themselves, even when times get tough.

However, do think the government should help those who are truly in need.

Are You a Socialist or Capitalist?


At 9/26/2006 10:25 AM, Anonymous nicole said...

Wow, I got 44% Capitalist and 66% Socialist. I'm shocked!!!

It was probably all those "Legalize drugs and prostitution" answers I gave. ;)


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Friday, September 22, 2006

Busy Start

Wow. I've lead off this three-day weekend with a bang. I started off by going to breakfast with Lo and my son to Frisch's. Then, we came home and Lo got ready for her trip.

After I dropped her off with her ride, I took my son to go hang out with Alex and his daughter at Magic Mountain.

Did that for awhile, then I had to go be home to get my girls from the school bus. I gave them their present of the Cheetah Girls 2 soundtrack and ordered up some pizza. We watched some Disney Channel and when they started playing together, I went upstairs with my son and watched a bunch of episodes of Entourage.

Then, my oldest surprised me by cleaning her room. I went down there and told her what a good job she did. Then we wrestled around for about a half hour and then came upstairs to hang out some more.

Right now, we are watching some shows off of our DVR and getting ready to get some sleep so that we can get our OSU on tomorrow!

Go Bucks!!!


At 9/23/2006 2:10 PM, Blogger Alex said...

Waddup dawg? Hope your day as single parent is going well. Things are cool here, hanging out, cooked out on the grill, watching some TV, playing hide-and-seek. Right now things are quiet, the little one is watching Cat in the Hat and the older one is chillin upstairs. Well, until now, she's asking for ice cream from the ice cream truck. Gotta go!

At 9/25/2006 7:41 AM, Blogger Guru said...

Very cool. I hope the rest of your time went well, also. Thanks for passing that message along for me Sunday morning!


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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Guru's Thursday Thirteen
Thirteen Things that Guru is going to do this weekend

My wife is going out of town for a women's conference, so I'm taking tomorrow off and will do the solo parent thing until some time on Sunday. (These are not in any particular order).

  1. Order pizza on Friday night

  2. Watch a bunch of Disney Channel shows (we have some on DVR I haven't seen yet)

  3. Watch my Netflix movie

  4. Watch season two of Entourage

  5. Hopefully watch Alex's daughter during the day on Friday

  6. Try to sleep in on Saturday

  7. Watch the OSU game

  8. Two Words - McDonald's Playplace

  9. Practice my bass

  10. Catch up on some reading

  11. Work on some side projects

  12. Watch some shows that I need to catch up on my DVR

  13. Relax!

Links to other Thursday Thirteens!

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It's easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things. Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!


At 9/21/2006 10:50 AM, Blogger loelsh said...

Mines are up!

At 9/21/2006 11:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

take some purel to McD's playland. I call it RSV-land.
my kids love when dad is flying solo when i am out of town. i bet y'all will have a good weekend.
thanks fo visiting my tt this week.

At 9/21/2006 1:49 PM, Blogger Witness Street said...

Number ten is something I simply must get to. Cheers! =)

At 9/21/2006 6:51 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Wish I could run away and leave the kids with Dad!

Thanks for stopping by my 13!

At 9/21/2006 8:21 PM, Blogger Susan said...

Well, it sounds like you have a great weekend planned!! GO BUCKEYES!!! I have been to the Prime Outlet mall outside of Columbus when I come up from Florida. I love that one, too. Thanks for stopping by my TT today.

At 9/22/2006 8:39 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

What movie did you get from Netflix?

At 9/25/2006 7:44 AM, Blogger Guru said...

Lo: Checked and commented!

Laura: We never did make it out to there. However, I am a typical guy and don't do alot of sanitizing!

Witness: I think we all need to do more of that.

Lisa: You should try to hook up some alone time for yourself. It seems to make Lo a happy person.

Susan: Go Bucks!

Trin: Catch Me if You Can. Didn't watch it this weekend, though.


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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

4 Year Old Drummer

I shared this with my man Alex today and we agreed that he is better than some adult drummers that we know. If you actually view this video at the YouTube site, there is also a video of this 7 year old kid going off on The Tonight Show. But for now, I wanted to share this incredible 4 year old.


At 9/21/2006 8:52 AM, Blogger Alex said...

He is crazy talented for a 4 year old. Maybe he will grow up to be a programmer like me. ;-)

At 9/21/2006 8:59 AM, Blogger Guru said...

Hey! There are worse things he could be!!!


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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Doubly Painful

Man, the Steelers-Jaguars game was pretty good last night. It was too bad that we came out on the short end of the stick and lost 9-0. That looks like a one-sided baseball score. The game was well fought, though, and if you told me that our defense would only give up 9 points, I would have sworn that we would have won the darn thing. Hats off to Jacksonville.

The bad news was that I bet a lunch on the game. So, I had to buy my man Jeff lunch today since we lost. He and I also have a lunch on the outcome of Sunday's Steelers-Bengals game, so I hope we fair better then!!!


At 9/20/2006 8:56 PM, Anonymous nicole said...

I'll cross my fingers for you and your lunch money. ;)

At 9/25/2006 11:39 AM, Blogger Guru said...

Lost again!!!! Maybe my bets are making them lose!


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Monday, September 18, 2006


Bowling Ball
Okay, so we went bowling yesterday to celebrate G's birthday. I didn't do so well. The last time I went was over a year ago, so I was definitely rusty. If I didn't go so infrequently, I would really get my own ball. I have a very tough time bowling and holding the ball by my fingertips. They get sore and tired in a hurry.

However, that wasn't the problem in my first game. I bowled two strikes to start the game and finished up with a decent score. Even so, I lost to G in every game and even with a better fitting ball, I don't think that I could hang with his skiznills.

The kids had a good time bumper bowling and my younger daughter actually beat my older one in their games, though the older one got more spares. My son was a little crazy, trying to run all over the alley, but once we got him calmed down, it was a little easier on us!

However, even with that, it was good times had by all!


At 9/20/2006 10:42 PM, Anonymous nicole said...

Not on the ball this time, huh?

Sorry. Just couldn't let that one pass me by. ;)


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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Steelers Tickets

Today, we had a lunch with the family to celebrate mine and Lo's anniversary and G's birthday. The highlight of the lunch was that G and I got tickets to go see the Steelers and Browns game in mid-November.

I've never been to a Steelers game, so I am going to be very excited. And now, to get to go see us play our arch-rival Browns in enemy territory will be a good time. I'm just glad it is an afternoon game!!!

Thanks, Lo (best Lo ever!), for the great gift!


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Saturday, September 16, 2006


Since we weren't able to go out on our actual anniversary, my wife and I decided to make this a celebration weekend. Trin and G were nice enough to watch all three of our heathens last night. Lo and I took that opportunity to go to Logan's and to go see John Pinette at the Funny Bone comedy club. I had heard one of his CDs and seen him on TV and he didn't disappoint!

This morning, I helped a friend move and then we took the family to Lynd's Fruit Farm to pick apples. After that, we found two more suckers...errrr... nice people to take children and cover for us yet again. Tonight, we went to Outback Steakhouse and did some shopping.

Because of the move and the fruit farm, I could only listen to the OSU game on the radio. Fortunately, though, I DVRed it and was able to watch the entire 3.5 hour program in 1 hour and 10 minutes this evening. It was action packed!

Tomorrow has a whole different set of activities planned, but I'll save that for later!


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Friday, September 15, 2006

What a Punch in the Gut

Columbus Clippers

I heard on the drive home yesterday that the New York Yankees are going to cut ties with the Columbus Clippers as their Triple-A affiliate after 28 years. That doesn't mean that we won't have baseball in Columbus, however. The word is that the New York Mets, Washington Nationals, and Baltimore Orioles are all looking for a Triple-A team.

Additionally, in three years, the Clippers can try to sign an agreement with the Cleveland Indians or the Cincinnati Reds to be their affiliate. So, it may not end up all bad for us, but I was shocked and dismayed yesterday when I heard the news!


At 9/15/2006 9:10 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Columbus Clippers, our team is number one!
Columbus Clippers, our fans our half the fun!
No matter who they're playing, they'll always play 'em well!
Columbus Clippers, ring your bell!

At 9/18/2006 7:01 PM, Blogger The Great and Powerful Oz said...

I ALWAYS enjoy getting MY bell scalliwags!!!


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Thursday, September 14, 2006

I Missed It

Yesterday was National Programmer's Day. The day falls on September 13th (Sept. 12th in a leap year) as that is the 256th day of the year. 256 is, of course, 2^8 which represents a byte of data's capacity being that of an unsigned 8-bit integer.

Wikipedia has an article on it that was created two years ago but it has been marked for deletion because they don't believe that it is a real holiday. Apparently, they've never searched on it. I mean, e-card sites have cards for it, for goodness' sake.

Yet, no one got me anything. My boss did not celebrate it. In fact, I didn't know it had come until a day too late.

Underappreciated :'-(


At 9/16/2006 3:57 PM, Blogger Gooey said...

As are most programmers, until everything goes to pot and someone needs something written ASAP.

We make the things that control the world, and yet we're the, "losers," and, "outcasts," in life . . . .


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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Frypod, from
Okay, so Burger King thinks they are funny now. They have introduced a new container for their french fries, called the Frypod (a play on words with the iPod, for you who didn't get it).

The point is supposed to be that you can put it in your cupholder and now your fries are portable! Problem is, my fries always were portable. Was anyone else having a ton of problems getting fries out of the bag that you need this contraption?


At 9/13/2006 4:41 PM, Blogger Princess21 said...

Now if it also played music...that would be cool! Musical fries! :)

At 9/14/2006 9:21 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Hmmm, I could use a ketcup container/cup for my cupholder.

At 9/14/2006 8:23 PM, Anonymous nicole said...

Meh, they've gotta do a better job on the design than that before they can pod anything. ;)

At 9/15/2006 12:09 PM, Anonymous Kerry said...

I really wish I was too cool to laugh at frypod, but alas . . . I am a sucker for the puns.

I notice a growing prevalence of silliness in fast food packaging (I am actually quite fond of the Taco Bell sauce packs)

My question: how do I get my foot into this professional-smart-ass-in-marketing door? If I could only get compensated for my obnoxiousness . . .

At 10/04/2006 6:26 PM, Blogger Benji said...

you are so right. lol

At 3/28/2007 8:40 PM, Blogger Tiffany said...

i think that it is a play on tripod, it would make a lot more sense.


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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Happy 8 Year Anniversary

Well, well, well. Here we are, September 12th. 8 years ago, Lo and I got married - so that makes today our 8 year anniversary (funny how that works).

Lo is the best mother and wife that a guy could ask for. That doesn't mean that I always get my way, but it does mean that she genuinely wants me to be happy, successful, and proud of her and my family. She cares for our children and loves them better than you could even hope for and she loves me "with so much love".

She definitely offers the other dimension of child care that I do not offer. Whereas I am all about "shake it off, it is just blood", she balances that out with the care and love that only a good mother can bring.

I'm very happy for the last eight years, and I hope we have many, many more.

I love you, Lo. Thanks for marrying me!


At 9/12/2006 8:10 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Happy anniversary!!!!!

So, any special plans for tonight...besides the obvious?

At 9/12/2006 9:15 AM, Blogger Guru said...

No special plans tonight, we will probably do something this weekend.

At 9/12/2006 12:00 PM, Blogger loelsh said...

You're welcome, thanks for asking me! ;)

At 9/12/2006 2:13 PM, Blogger Gooey said...

Congrats! May the two of you have many more happy years together.

At 9/14/2006 8:26 PM, Anonymous nicole said...


Wow, eight whole years?? That's truly admirable, dude.


At 9/14/2006 10:56 PM, Blogger Witness Street said...

Congratulations, and happy anniversary!!! Cheers! =)

At 9/15/2006 11:41 PM, Blogger Kristi said...

Happy Anniversary!


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Monday, September 11, 2006

Not All Good

Okay, so my Buckeyes won a great game on Saturday. I attended a get-together with some friends and had lots of good food. Everything seemed to be going all right. Then, as I stand to leave at midnight, I notice something... my keys aren't around.

I check, and yes, they were in my car! With my wife almost asleep at home and 3 kids already in bed, calling her out wasn't a good option, but it was all I had. Instead, though, one of my co-workers offered to drive me home (pretty much going big time out of his way and adding an hour to his trip home). We were able to head out on Sunday afternoon and use Lo's spare key to get in and get home. Thank goodness for my friend's generosity!


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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sweet, Sweet Victory

Take that, Matthew McConaughey! Get your stinky, non-washed arse back to your trailer. We just annexed your stadium for the great state of Ohio!

Bucks Sing Carmen Ohio

The Great Troy Smith
Troy Smith and the offense looked incredible last night. They pretty much did what they wanted to. Troy finished the game 17/26 (65%) for 269 yards with 2 touchdowns and 0 interceptions.

Ted Ginn had five catches for 97 yards and a touchdown. Antonio Pittman ran well, but didn't actually get that many carries. He had 74 yards on 16 carries (a 4.6 yards per carry average). Pittman also had one of our insurance touchdowns.

Super Gonzalez
THE weapon on offense (besides King Troy) was my man Anthony Gonzalez. He had 8 catches for 142 yards and a touchdown. His catches were also very clutch and had a high degree of difficulty. If you think about AG's career and how he has responded as we've seen him, he is always there at crunch time (remember the catch at the end of the Michigan game?). I can't decide if I have more of a man-crush on Troy or AG.

James Laurinaitis
Our defense took a very bend-but-don't-break mentality last night. They gave up a paltry 154 yards passing, but a whopping 172 yards on the ground. We couldn't decide why Texas was even bothering to throw the ball. They were getting over 5.5 yards per carry on the ground and we looked clueless to stop it. However, I'll take what I can get :-).

James Laurinaitis was obviously the defensive whiz, forcing a fumble and intercepting a pass, the former stopping a sure drive into the end zone, and the latter putting momentum permanently on our side.

Pass defense does not seem to be a problem for us, however stopping the run does. I heard a commentator say last night that the linebackers weren't plugging the gaps quickly enough and were instead waiting for the runner to get through the hole to them. I imagine that is because of their youth and they don't want to be caught out of position by a play action pass. Experience can only make them better at that!

Next week is a home game against Cincinnati. In our run to our last national championship, Cincinnati was one of the teams that ended up giving us a hard time. We need to put teams away with no prejudice to their ranking or perceived skill.

Go Bucks!


At 9/11/2006 8:57 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

I def want to get G an AG, #11 jersey! Gonzalez was so the man...and he's bald! Gotta love the Mr Clean look!!!

At 9/11/2006 10:20 AM, Blogger Guru said...

I love AG. I've been screaming for him to get more passes for like 2 years. I couldn't wait for this season to start so he could prove wrong all of the people who thought he couldn't replace Santonio and be the good X receiver.

At 9/11/2006 9:39 PM, Anonymous nicole said...

HA! You had me at "stinky" and "non-washed". To this day I can't figure out why fools find that guy so attractive.

At 9/11/2006 10:45 PM, Blogger Guru said...

For some reason, my wife is one of those fools. She loves her some Matthew.


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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Tonight is the Night

My day has been all but ruined today, because I am doing nothing but looking forward to the OSU v. Texas showdown tonight at 8pm. We lost last year, but are looking to exact some revenge for that (I wonder if anyone has forgiven Ryan Hamby for dropping that TD pass?).

Lo and the kids went over to her friends house for the evening and I am off to a co-worker's house for an OSU party. Hopefully, it turns into a victory celebration, and Troy Smith continues his march toward a Heisman!

I'll get at you guys tomorrow with my joy (or - dread the thought - my agony).


At 9/09/2006 7:52 PM, Anonymous nicole said...

Here's hoping that you get to avoid the agony of defeat.

And you're not alone -- I totally wasted a perfectly good Saturday, too. Now I'm all bummed.

At 9/10/2006 4:24 PM, Blogger Guru said...

We won! We won! The day wasn't wasted!!!


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Friday, September 08, 2006


House Season 3 Promo
Oh, man, I was so glad to have House showing new episodes. I didn't know that it was the premiere night, however. I was out for wings and got word that the premiere was on after it had already started. It was too late to call Lo and have her DVR it for me, so I had to suffer for a day.

On Wednesday, I obtained a copy of the episode and watched it with my wife. So much stuff in there that was so much goodness. I don't want to spoil too much about it, but some of the changes that occurred could lead to a lot of interesting storylines. I have a feeling how several of them are going to end up, though. Can't have too many positive things going on, can we?

Did you watch? Did you like?


At 9/08/2006 9:18 PM, Anonymous nicole said...

I'm so sad that I had to stop watching House but I just had to. It wasn't keeping my attention anymore which sucks since I love Hugh Laurie and think he does a phenomenal job as the character.

Wonder if I'll break down and start watching again. Hey, when's CSI back on? ;)

At 9/10/2006 4:26 PM, Blogger Guru said...

HAD to stop watching House? Are you kidding? I actually ended up giving up CSI when faced with too much television watching. I haven't seen a new episode of CSI in like 3 seasons.

I don't know what drove me away, but I used to not be able to live without it and now I can.

I'll bet that will stand true for a lot of shows (but I don't want to find out!).

At 9/11/2006 8:53 AM, Blogger Trinity13 said...

Have you seen this...I love the part with House!


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Thursday, September 07, 2006

DVR Troubles

Last week, we went to use our DVR and all of our saved programs were gone. Back to zero percent. Wiped out. It sucked hardcore, let me say. Then, we had intermittent issues where it wouldn't change channels and it was just getting out of hand. So, we called for tech support.

After they had me "unplug it, wait, and plug it back in" (which I had done already), they decided to send out a tech. He was out on Tuesday and after a cursory check, he pulled up a diagnostic screen. There he found something interesting.

It turns out that our DVR had overheated 1195 times. That is about 10 times a day since we had it. No wonder the poor hard drive eventually decided to stop trying so hard! Something had to be done! No worries, though, we got a new one on the spot and everything is lovely again.

A friend of mine at work turned his computer into a DVR. With the exception of his up-front cost, he laughs at we who pay a monthly subscription, that we are suckers.

However, if his box overheats or his hard drive fails (and it will), he is stuck paying the entire cost himself. If new technology comes out, he has to pay to upgrade, I just have to complain and have a new one delivered. My quality is better and I have a dual tuner. All that is worth the small subscription fee to the cable company to me.


At 9/08/2006 9:20 PM, Anonymous nicole said...

Wait...OVERHEATED?? I've never heard of that happening!

I know that there have been complaints about these new-fangled DVRs lately. Apparently the manufacturers are trying to pack in so many new features that they're becoming less and less reliable yet more and more expensive. Go figure.

At 9/10/2006 4:28 PM, Blogger Guru said...

Yeah, DVRs are basically computers and the fan inside never worked. So, the components would get warm and the heat couldn't be whisked away. The same think will happen to your computer, too. If you unplug the fan that is on your processor, your computer will shut down in no time flat, because the CPU gets too darn hot!


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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wing Night

Okay, so the crew from work went out to Quaker Steak and Lube for all you can eat wings. It was a good time and I ate way too many. I finished in 2nd place, which was okay, I only wanted to beat this guy who kept calling me a girl!

For the record, he called off today cuz hims widdle tummy hurt.

The best part of the evening was that my boss elected to pick up the tab. What a great guy!

Another interesting tidbit. The first 20 wings or so were delicious. After that, it was all duty! I even made the mistake of taunting my opponent by eating some fries in-between helpings of wings and drinking lots of Diet Coke. It almost brought me down.

I think at future gatherings I will elect to only eat a comfortable amount of wings!


At 9/06/2006 6:54 PM, Blogger Alex said...

You is a madman. I can't imagine eating that many wings, my wife would kick me out of the house because of what it would do to me.

You da man!

At 9/07/2006 6:34 AM, Blogger Kristi said...

I'll have you know, after reading this, I will be sending my husband out for some hotwings today!

I used to live near Quaker Steak and Lube. Very dangerous that they have a drive thru window!

At 9/10/2006 4:29 PM, Blogger Guru said...

Alex: I'm the man because I am a fat pig? The will probably be the last time I hear that!

Kristi: Sorry, but wings are so good, that I actually feel like I've done you a favor!


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Tuesday, September 05, 2006



Okay, so I don't have HBO so I am a little slow to the game. I didn't find out how cool the Sopranos were until I borrowed the first season's DVDs from a former co-worker right after they came out. Then, I remained caught up for a few seasons by borrowing the seasons from the library.

With that kind of lag in mind, I just obtained the first season of Entourage this weekend and watched it.

I really liked it. How much? I went and got the second season with the plan that I would watch it and then catch up on the third (current) season, hopefully before it ends.

For the uninitiated, the show follows Vincent Chase, a young Hollywood star, and his crew of childhood friends from his hood in Queens, NY. The crew consists of Eric (E) - who acts as Vince's manager, Johnny - Vince's brother and less successful actor who is Vince's cook and trainer, and Turtle - an obnoxious little guy who is Vince's driver and gofer. Jeremy Piven plays Vince's agent Ari, who has made famous the catchphrase, "Let's hug it out, b*tch".

What attracts me most to the show is the dialog and interaction between the characters. Like the Sopranos, it is just very "real" and the problems that they encounter not only include stuff that actors would care about, but situations that everyone gets into.

Since I'm so late to the game, I'm sure that most of you have seen it already. Do you like it? Why? Who is your favorite character? While I may have some things in common with Turtle, I see a lot of myself in Eric, who is trying hard to play catchup in a business where he is in over his head.


At 9/05/2006 11:17 AM, Blogger Gooey said...

A friend of mine just bought this over the weekend, and said that it's very good from what he's seen/heard.

At 9/05/2006 2:21 PM, Blogger Jane Lake said...

You missed the final episode of the third season. It was last week. The show is good, I admit, but is getting a little formulaic as many shows do. They are going to need to do some rebuilding in season 4 to retain their fans.


At 9/05/2006 2:58 PM, Blogger Guru said...

Gooey: Yeah it is. You should check it out.

Jane: Crap. I was going by some site that had listed some different information about the 3rd season. Oh, well. I guess I can make my new goal to watch all the way through until before the 4th season begins! Thanks for stopping by.

At 9/05/2006 8:53 PM, Blogger Alex said...

I like cheese...

At 9/07/2006 10:46 AM, Blogger Witness Street said...

I love Johnny, but he's way too over his head on those calves. Haha. Cheers! =)

At 9/10/2006 4:30 PM, Blogger Guru said...

Alex: Cheese is good stuff...

Witness: Johnny's character is funny to me because he really is a famous actor's lesser known brother. That in and of itself cracks me up.


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Monday, September 04, 2006

RIP Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin 1962-2006

The Crocodile Hunter died today while shooting a segment for an upcoming documentary. He was attacked by a stingray, whose poisonous tail barb pierced his chest and went into his heart.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that this was only the 3rd known case of a stingray fatality, the other two being in 1938 and 1945. How ironic that someone who dealt with such deadly creatures on a daily basis would get killed by an animal so relatively harmless?

The Story


At 9/04/2006 7:20 PM, Blogger loelsh said...

That is so sad! And very ironic. He works with all kinds of dangerous, poisonous animals and he gets killed by a stingray?!!! Wow!

At 9/05/2006 11:16 AM, Blogger Gooey said...

Well, it's like I told everyone: at least he went out doing what he loved doing, instead of something lame like a plane crash.

At 9/05/2006 11:28 PM, Blogger Kristi said...

I kept thinking about the exhibit at the zoo where you can pet a stingray.

He will definitely be missed.

At 9/08/2006 9:40 PM, Anonymous nicole said...

I'm STILL sad about this!

At 9/10/2006 4:32 PM, Blogger Guru said...

Lo: I guess it can happen to anyone at any time...

Gooey: That is true. It is better than most of us will get, I'll wager.

Kristi and Nicole: The public outpouring is kind of surprising. I had no idea so many people cared.


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Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Game

Well, my son was excited to sit and watch the game yesterday. He knows what the Buckeyes are and always points out my Buckeye jersey to me in the closet and whenever he sees any pictures. Well, yesterday at kickoff he was freaking out because the "Bye-ties were on the TeeBee". He also kept yelling things at the TV, just like dear old dad. Where last year, he would yell, "Oooooooohhh, Baaaallllll" whenever he saw football on TV, now he yells various things like, "Nice" and "Dude, come on!". It totally rules.

Anyhow, we won the game. No surprise there. We looked really good for the first 20 minutes. Then, the defense lost their edge a bit and seemingly stopped playing so hard with a 28 point lead. The offense also seemingly went into coast mode and just seemed to not want to rub it in.

Ted Ginn

We obviously need to work on keeping that intensity, because Texas won't let up. I feel good, though, especially after seeing Troy Smith throw those beautiful passes!

Go Bucks!


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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Today is the Day

Today, at 3:30pm, the Buckeyes kick off their 2006 college season. They are ranked pre-season #1, so they can't exceed expectations, only meet or fall short of them.

Jim Tressel isn't scared of the expectations, though, because he will have the team ready regardless. Northern Illinois is favored to win the MAC and will not just come to OSU expecting to lose.

Their number one player is a Playboy Pre-Season All America running back named Garrett Wolfe. Their quarterback Phil Horvath was injured last year, but he had a 70% completion percentage when his season was ended.

NIU played Michigan and Northwestern last year and actually only lost to Northwestern by only one point (38-37). Northwestern may not be the cream of the Big Ten, but anyone can beat anyone in the Big Ten so that game isn't to be taken lightly.

Troy Smith's SI Cover

I am very fond of how Troy Smith has turned out. He has moved 180 degrees away from the brash attitude that had marked him early in his OSU career and now sounds like a mini Jim Tressel with his sound bites.

I heard an interview with him on the radio and he was very fond of the SI cover (left) because it wasn't just about him, but instead featured two of his O-Linemen, who he acknowledged are his key to success.

I can't wait for this season to get going. You know where I'll be for today's kickoff - right in front of the tube cheering my Buckeyes on!


At 9/02/2006 10:09 PM, Blogger Kristi said...

They looked good today. Especially Troy. You are right about him sounding like a mini Tressel. It is nice to hear humility from a team star. I hope he wins the Heisman. I love his story.


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Friday, September 01, 2006


As Alex can attest to, last night's praise team practice was kind of infuriating. In a way, it was good times. We played the song that our pastor wrote that has a great bass part in it (which means that I get interested :-) ) and we were doing a brand spanking new song that our worship leader wrote. That means that I got to invent the bass part for it. That was a lot of fun. I'm pretty pleased with what I came up with. I wish I could do a thing or two more, but that will have to come with time.

The part that was infuriating was when this annoying woman showed up. She is on the team that is on weeks 2 and 4, but shows up when she isn't on to tell people what to do. She wandered all over the stage while we were doing the new song, trying to inject her opinion on what we should all be doing.

Problem is that she really isn't the musical expert that she thinks that she is. Most people can't stand her. I know that isn't the best attitude to be prevailing in a church band, but being Christian doesn't mean we can't get frustrated with people.

I wanted to talk to our music leader after practice last night, but the annoying woman monopolized her time and I couldn't wait around afterward forever. I had even told the music leader that I wanted some time and she agreed. Then the lady started being her bossy self and the time wasn't available anymore.

Here's to hoping the whole thing gets better. I really want to say some things to the worship leader, I just need to make sure I say it in the best way possible.


At 9/02/2006 9:03 PM, Blogger Alex said...

Dude, I was going off on a tangent about this less than an hour ago. I CAN'T STAND ATTITUDES LIKE THAT! Drive me absolutely crazy!!!

I think I should just be an independent musician...that way there is no one to get mad at except myself.


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